Cone Decoration Table

Cone Decoration Table – It’s really starting to feel like fall and winter is creeping up on us. We have already had several snow showers and most of the leaves are done. All of this makes me even more excited for the holiday season. Today I’m sharing some of the first Christmas table settings for the events I have planned over the holidays. This simple woodland and pinecone Christmas table setting was super easy to make and will be perfect for the think and drink function I’m hosting tomorrow.

You’re probably thinking… what the heck is “think and drink”?! This year, I am once again hosting the Morgan Adams Foundation Concours d’Elegance event to raise money for pediatric cancer research. It has been a tradition in the past for the Executive Committee to hold functions for cocktail collaboration and brainstorming (“think and drink”). On Thursday I will be hosting our auction team to do just that!

Cone Decoration Table

Cone Decoration Table

Whenever you can, I always recommend setting up your table ahead of time for several reasons. One… no need for last minute hassle. Two… you can make sure you have everything you need to complete the look you want. Three… if you work your table ahead, you can focus on what you’re serving before your event. Practice…less stress before the meeting. I’m less stressed than ever!

Pine Cone Decor

All of my table settings start with inspiration. Last week I attended a Holiday Open House at one of my favorite local stores…t is for table (they have one location here and two in Florida). I found these gorgeous Pine Bough linen napkinsĀ that I just had to bring home!

Cone Decoration Table

They are very classic and can be used in many different ways to decorate your holiday table. I’m sure you’ll see them again in my future table settings. Pine trees and pine cones remind me of winter, and luckily for us, we have hundreds of them in our yard every year. Bonus!

You may have seen me use table covers before. They are great to reuse for the look I was trying to achieve. I love using runners instead of diapers not only to clear things up but also save you a bit of money if you buy them wisely. They are less than $10 each.

Cone Decoration Table

Buy 40 Pcs Pine Cones Decorations, Natural Pine Cones Bulk Package

After deciding to use pine cones, I pulled out this large faux Christmas garland that I’ve had for years. She already had little pine cones spread over the garland so it was perfect. Plus, I love the little snow crystals on the ends of the pine needles for a special touch!

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Since we actually had a meeting, I felt it was important to keep the centerpiece low. I simply folded the garland in a wavy pattern so I could easily fit a couple of hurricanes and a few other elements.

Cone Decoration Table

Part of what made this centerpiece so easy was that I only used a few items to make it. Garland, pine cones, rattan ornament balls, a cake dome filled with pine cones and some candles.

Christmas Handmade Candle Holder Table Decor With Pine Cone Berries

For the focal point, I simply filled my glass cake dome with pine cones from my backyard… super easy and organic!

Cone Decoration Table

To finish off the place settings, I added these gorgeous acorn ornaments from Hobby Lobby for my team to take home for their trees. I am deeply grateful for all the hard work of our auction committee!

I used my Coventry stoneware salad plates to break up the white plates and then layered the square white bowls on top. Voila!

Cone Decoration Table

Pine Cone Table Decorations

Huge sugar pine cones at the ends of the centerpiece added a little drama to the table decoration and finished things off nicely.

Good luck tomorrow night as we think and drink to help raise more money for pediatric cancer research! I hope you enjoyed the details of this easy woodland and pine cone Christmas table setting. What’s your favorite part?! I would love to hear your feedback. This is a fun, beautiful and surprisingly easy project that makes a great table decoration. You can make it your decor for year-round use or you can choose colors that are holiday themed. My living room has teal, lime green and white, so I chose a paint that would work well with my furniture and decor.

Cone Decoration Table

I was happy to do it and it was almost instant gratification. The project only takes 20-30 minutes to complete. You can’t beat that!

Fresh, Real Christmas Yule Log *perfect Table Decoration* Pine Cones, Ivy, Fir

I have three scrub pine trees in my yard that produce tons of pine needles and lots of pine cones. Every time we get high winds, my driveway and lawn are covered. I use pine needles as mulch and when I use them up I put them in a bag and give them to my friends for their garden.

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Cone Decoration Table

I used pine cones as buffers for the areas where the rain comes from the roof. You can only use so many pine cones for this, so I was trying to think of other ways to use them. So this is a project I came up with – and I really like it.

First, and perhaps most importantly, do it outside! When you use spray paint, it should be in a well-ventilated area. I also recommend not trying to do this when it’s windy outside or the spray paint will just mess everything up.

Cone Decoration Table

Spring Waffle Cone Centerpiece Galantines

When picking pine cones, look for ones that are undamaged and fully opened. Clean up any stray seeds, pine needles and cobwebs (I’ve had a few with small spiders too) before you spray paint them as the paint will make any dirt stand out more.

I used an old, broken pot to hold the pine cones and paint, but you could put newspaper down to keep the paint from getting everywhere. Then I opened the can of spray paint (they had a plastic seal and the nozzle had to be opened) and shook it vigorously.

Cone Decoration Table

Some of the dye is absorbed into the pine cones, so to get a deeper, richer color, apply a lot of dye. Start by spray painting one side of the cone and spray it from the top of the cone and then the bottom for even coverage. Wait a few seconds and then flip the cone over and repeat on the other side. Continue turning the cone until it is completely covered with paint. Handling the wet cones may get a little paint on your fingers, but just keep it tasty.

Lit Pine Cone & Berry Tree Table Decoration

It took about 20-30 minutes for the pine cones to dry thoroughly. Place them on a clean surface, making sure not to touch each other, and allow to dry. It’s as simple as that!

Cone Decoration Table

I placed mine in this modern white bowl which allows the paint colors to really pop. However, if you have a glass container, this would also be a great place to add pine cones. You may also want to throw in some Christmas ball ornaments in matching colors for the holidays. For a more rustic look, place pine cones in the basket. The possibilities are truly endless – you just have to try different options to see what suits your decor.

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I hope you have fun making this project! I like the results so much that I sent my mom a photo of the finished product and will be making it for her house this weekend.

Cone Decoration Table

Pine Cone Centerpiece For Christmas Table Decoration Stock Image

We use cookies to ensure that we provide you with the best experience on our website. If you continue to use the site, we will assume that you are satisfied with it. Well read more. Follow my step-by-step guide to create this woodland pine centerpiece. Perfect for all levels of self!

I love to celebrate every day, especially in the festive seasons. A weekend dinner at home feels more special with a beautiful table! Check out my easy centerpieces and fun ideas to make every day special.

Cone Decoration Table

In fact, I have a complete guide to both Christmas centerpieces and fall centerpieces! It’s an incredible collection of inspiration from the past few years that I just know you’ll enjoy.

Best Christmas Table Decorations

When my relatives were in town for Thanksgiving, I bought some berries for the guest bedroom. They were so bright and bold that I wanted to use them again. So I created this centerpiece in just a few minutes using things I already had. And it lasted all week!

Cone Decoration Table

This is a great project for cutting pine cones and pine tree branches from your yard. Just add some bright berries and you have a beautiful pine table decoration that can be used on the dining table, coffee table, dresser, piano, sideboard, etc.

And if you end up collecting extra pinecones and branches, try making this easy mailbox for more holiday decorations.

Cone Decoration Table

Winter Table Decoration With Mini Christmas Tree, Pine Cones And Toys Stock Image

Follow my steps

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