Console Table Behind Couch Decor

Console Table Behind Couch Decor – Having trouble decorating a table behind a sofa? Get 4 different ways to style your sofa table here!

When we moved into our new house last year, the living room was the room I was most concerned about decorating. We bought a sectional sofa for our old house, but it took so long to arrive that we shipped it to a new house.

Console Table Behind Couch Decor

Console Table Behind Couch Decor

Fortunately, I love the new part of this room. (I brought a tape measure to the mirror house to make sure it would fit). And I was pleasantly surprised to see that my beloved Everett console table fit perfectly behind it! I love our new cozy living room layout, which is less open space than we had before.

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But the new challenge for me was how to design the console behind the sofa and in the middle of the room. It should be functional (with reading lamps) and beautiful (ah!) and not look like a wall in the middle of the room.

Console Table Behind Couch Decor

I’ve pretty much styled it in one direction since I set it up, but I decided to play around with some other styles and found 3

Also draw! So I thought I’d share them with you in case you also have a console table behind a sofa! These home decor ideas will also work for any flatware!

Console Table Behind Couch Decor

Corner Sofa Tables

So what do you do differently when you decorate a table and when you push it against the wall? Well, for example, you wouldn’t want to fill the table with a bunch of decor that was too tall because then you wouldn’t be able to see over it.

So keep that in mind when designing them. For example, when I designed this console table against a wall in my old house, I placed a large piece of art in the middle. But it won’t work in this situation.

Console Table Behind Couch Decor

While each style is a little different, I like to include at least one of each of these elements in my design when decorating any horizontal space.

Console Table Decorating Ideas For Every Room In The House

Drawing things symmetrically is probably my favorite way to decorate, but it’s not always the most pleasing to my eyes. I just think it’s easy. So this formula is what I’ve been using the most in our console behind the couch.

Console Table Behind Couch Decor

It features my two favorite lamps on each side of the table and then a small pile of books and home decor accessories in the middle. The small brass tortoise on top of the books brings out the organic element.

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The fake plant on the right and the quilt that comes over the edge of the basket in the bottom left corner give it just enough asymmetry to make it look a little more interesting and less “plain jane”.

Console Table Behind Couch Decor

Handcrafted Farmhouse Sofa Table (plus My Tip On How To Hide Cords!)

And then at the bottom I have two of my favorite console baskets. It’s a very simple but classic style and we use these lamps every night when the sun goes down to give our living room a nice atmosphere.

In this mirror, I kept the two baskets at the bottom, but I removed one of the lamps. It still needed to look balanced with something tall on the right, so I moved the pile of books under my faux spider plant to give it some height.

Console Table Behind Couch Decor

So I added an organic shape through this dry tree branch. It’s not just interesting, but low enough to see.

Fresh Spring Console Table Decor Ideas

I think I like this look better, but we like having both lamps on the table for lighting. But if I were to change our current look, I would change to this one! 🇧🇷

Console Table Behind Couch Decor

I took one of the baskets and added some decor underneath. I loved how this tray brought these 3 items together in the lower left corner.

The lime knot decoration at the bottom gives the organic interest. And the bowl on top of the table can be used as a place to store keys or remote controls. If your console table is next to a door, you may need the bowl for everyday items.

Console Table Behind Couch Decor

Tribesigns 70.9 Inches Extra Long Sofa Table Behind Couch, Industrial Entry Console Table For Hallway, Entryway & Living Room, Brown

See how I balanced it by putting the big lamp on one side and the big basket on the bottom on the other side? It would be funny if the two biggest items were just on one side.

If you don’t need or want baskets, I’d like to share a way to decorate your console without them! I’ve also placed a tray on top to attach a remote if you need it.

Console Table Behind Couch Decor

Moving the lamp to the other side of the table also allows for a clearer line of sight! Do what works best in your living room design.

Premium Home Farmhouse Console Table

I hope these different styles have helped you find a way to decorate the sofa table behind you. I just walked around my house and grabbed a bunch of items and moved them around until they looked good. So get creative and use items in your home too! He participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates program. As Amazon Associates, we earn on qualifying purchases. It also participates in affiliate programs with ShareASale, Avantlink, Impact and other sites. You receive compensation for driving traffic and business to these companies.

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Console Table Behind Couch Decor

Coffee tables are one of my favorite ways to bring life and functionality to a living room or entryway. They can be adapted to virtually any space, providing functional and stylish accent furniture that will effortlessly elevate the overall look, giving plenty of creative sofa table ideas.

For most people, the sofa table is a design element, but it can also easily create a place for storage or provide a good buffer between the wall and the back of the sofa. As such, the height of the sofa table should be just below the top of the sofa’s backrest.

Console Table Behind Couch Decor

Thrifty And Chic

Because they look great, you can place them anywhere, but many people place sofa tables right behind their sofas, hence the name. In this case, make sure that it is shorter than the sofa itself, otherwise the length can be visually jarring.

Given that not all of these tables are behind a sofa, it makes sense that they are often referred to by other names. Another popular name for these types of furniture is console table. The terms can be used interchangeably, so don’t worry about making a mistake!

Console Table Behind Couch Decor

If you decide to decorate your sofa table, a beautiful lamp can be the envy of the rest of the room. As for the size of your sofa table, you’ll want to base it on the height of the table and sofa. For the biggest ones, find a bulb that’s about 30 to 35 inches tall. For smaller units, 26-30 inches is the best bet.

Behind Sofa Console Table: Photos, Designs & Ideas

Some other sofa table ideas for decorating sofa (or console) tables include placing vases or flower pots on top, decorating the shelves with small sculptures, wicker baskets, candles or even using them as bookcases.

Console Table Behind Couch Decor

From classic wood to teak or even metal designs, the 35 coffee table ideas here offer a wide range of design options for any space in your home, from traditional and contemporary to shabby chic, rustic, and mid-century modern.

The Chandler Coffee Table brings a rustic, heavy feel to your living room or hallway with distressed wood finishes and metal hardware. This sofa table is a great example of country living and brings life and practicality to your home.

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Console Table Behind Couch Decor

Awesome Sofa Table Ideas That Tie The Whole Room Together

This solid pine table is hand-finished, so you know it’s good. It comes with a dark tobacco brown lacquer and lacquer to seal and protect it for years to come.

This antique accent table is classic and chic at the same time. The open shelf space below provides space for your decorative elements, and the drawers offer added practicality as well.

Console Table Behind Couch Decor

If the smooth, natural honey finish wasn’t enough, this coffee table comes with two beautiful shelf spaces and four roomy drawers with brushed nickel pulls for a subtle touch.

How Far Should The Coffee Table Be From The Couch?

Talk about modern! I love this table idea because there’s nothing quite like it. You place this stunning piece of glass anywhere in your home and people will talk about it. Living room, hallway, bedroom. It’s perfect.

Console Table Behind Couch Decor

If you’re looking for something that will liven up your entryway but also live and breathe traditional, look no further. The legs are all rubbed with oil to give that dark bronze finish.

There’s something absolutely timeless about ball feet on a console table. With a timeless elegance and a simple yet sophisticated air, this piece conveys a rich sense of tradition and beauty.

Console Table Behind Couch Decor

Diy Sofa Table Plans To Build Your Own Behind Couch Table

Simple, simple, simple. The very definition of minimalist. This sofa table easily fits anywhere in the house. The legs are slim but sturdy, and both shelves are made of glass, so it goes with just about anything.

Classic and direct. The appearance of this table is understated and completely traditional. The parquet finish and oak veneer give the wood a luxurious finish that does not draw attention to itself.

Console Table Behind Couch Decor

With some engineered wood tables, the finish doesn’t go all the way. Yes, which means you can place it anywhere and it will look fantastic, clean and

Inch Extra Long Sofa Table Behind Couch, Industrial Entry Console Table

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