Cookie Decorating Table For Kids

Cookie Decorating Table For Kids – Hello everyone!! Today I am very excited to share with you a wonderful Christmas party themed “Santa Cookies”. This party is easy to recreate and I bet your guests will love being a part of it and will enjoy making some cookies.

First of all, I want my dessert table to be colorful and beautiful, but also have delicious food, that’s when I decided to call my friend Olga from Polkadot Cupcake Factory and ask her if she can draw me and I will make her a cake. I use themed cookies for my party. Look how they turn out! Perhaps my favorite cookie is the Gingerbread Man!

Cookie Decorating Table For Kids

Cookie Decorating Table For Kids

Moving on to dessert and because I was going to make multiple options, instead of serving too many, I knew I needed to call Marta’s Carousel Cakes and order some. Kids always love Reindeer, so I order Rice Krispies and treat them like Reindeer, with cake; but not ordinary, but a Christmas Tree mug. I also asked her to make me Snowflake Marshmallow Cookies.

Tobins’ Tastes: Holiday Cookie Decorating Party {easy Entertaining With Nestle}

Once I got my dessert order, I proceeded to buy all my party supplies. One of my favorite places to order online is Paper Eskimo, their party supplies are so cute, that it’s easy to choose what I want. Find plates, cups, napkins, straws, small wooden spoons and other cups for baking!

Cookie Decorating Table For Kids

When the kids finished decorating their cakes and were ready to go home, I prepared a goody bag for them to take home. For the goody bag, I used paper bags from Paper Eskimo, if you can find them here, I also added a cute candy peeper to the front of the bag, this cute thing is made by Lisa Frank Parties and you can have it. Instagram page here.

As a nice touch, I added a “Thank you” sign with a red bow. This tag is part of the Just A Little Sparkle Gingerbread Party printable set and you can find it here. Alyssa is very good at making printables, and when I called her to see if she could design some for this party, she accepted the assignment and got to work! You got my ideas right and I really like your design.

Cookie Decorating Table For Kids

Grace’s Cake Decorating Party

To add more Holiday decorations, I also ordered the Gingerbread Man Pinatas from Lisa Frank, as well as the Gingerbread shaped cupcakes.

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Before the guests arrived, I set up the cake table again and bought a variety of frosting and candies for the children to use. I put the frosting in an icing bag and topped it with a cute red bow and other print, I actually used the napkin rings from the print set to wrap the icing bags! If you don’t know, you should know that I like to put things together little by little, there are no absolute rules, so I always recommend that you use your imagination! Candy, I used baking cups. I also added the Gingerbread House as a centerpiece and it helped tie the whole theme together.

Cookie Decorating Table For Kids

I hope you all enjoyed reading all the details about these “Cookies For Santa” and that I inspired you to create your own!

A Cookie Decorating Party And Simple Valentine’s Day Home Décor

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Cookie Decorating Table For Kids

Mint Event DesignSanta Cookies, Kids Christmas Party, Cookie Decorations, Vintage Christmas Party Ideas, Mint Event Design, Christmas Party Ideas, Kids Christmas Party Ideas, Vintage Christmas, Gingerbread, Cookie Decorating For Kids, Cookies santa’s, adoption, for, gbread, cmas, llama7 Comments If you’re looking for a fun party idea for your kids, why not host a cookie decorating party. There are so many fun themes to choose from, but I wanted to use these cute Santa and reindeer party supplies. So, I decided on a Santa + Reindeer Cookie Decorating Party with reds, greens, and greens.

I love making my own cookies, but you can always get them made at the grocery store or order from a bakery. The same goes for ice cream, but I chose to make my own. Below is the recipe I used if you want to make cookies and frosting.

Cookie Decorating Table For Kids

Easy Cookie Recipes For Kids

I found this great recipe on Check out the site for more details on this recipe and Janelle’s taste test to make these sugar cookies the best.

The first group seen in the picture below is slightly brown at the bottom. The recipe says 10 minutes of cooking time, but the oven bakes very quickly, so I baked the cookies in 8 minutes. The second batch we did for the team lasted 7 minutes, and they came out perfect.

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Cookie Decorating Table For Kids

The cookies are really good and not too sweet, but once you add the icing, it’s the perfect combination without being too sweet.

Toddler Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating Party

To make the royal icing, I used this recipe I found on Visit the site for more information on how to make royal icing and the exact measurements needed to decorate cookies like a pro. I plan to do more training after the break. But for my kid’s cookie party, I just wanted a frosting that would be firm and not spoil.

Cookie Decorating Table For Kids

Also, instead of putting the icing in piping bags, I used 4oz plastic bottles. These are small enough for little hands and hold the amount of icing needed for this size party. You can also find different sizes at

I found most of the sprinkles at Michaels, but you can get them anywhere that sells Wilton products. White and gold baking cups are a stylish way to display each different stack.

Cookie Decorating Table For Kids

Christmas Party Ideas For Kids

For the background, I decorated the balloon using colors to tie and paper goods but also a Jadeite cake made by Mosser Glass. I also added a candy banner with a striped pennant and a gold glitter deer flag to fill the space under the balloons.

I used kraft paper as a table runner to tie the brown from the paper reindeer. Then I covered the table with snow, dirty sprinkles, red and green. There was a lot of space between the table and the banners on the back wall, so I added meat fans (partially open) and these DIY meat decorations.

Cookie Decorating Table For Kids

Santa and reindeer gift tags worked well to decorate the drink bottles. Milk would be the perfect drink for a cookie decorating party!

Christmas Cookies For Kids

I picked up a small cake from a local bakery to use for this cute reindeer cake.

Cookie Decorating Table For Kids

Walmart (Bakery) always has great pre-made holiday foods, so I picked up some colorful popcorn and snacks. Show me these Santa and reindeer mugs. These would also make perfect Christmas gifts. Just wrap in cellophane and tie with a ribbon.

For holiday treats, I made Reindeer Treats and Santa’s Hot Cocoa Mix. Download your free Santa and Reindeer stickers.

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Cookie Decorating Table For Kids

How To Decorate Cookies With Kids This Christmas

It’s easy to make reindeer food. Use whole grains (for deer food), powdered sugar (flying powder), and shining sugar (for deer to see the glow at night).

My husband mixed cocoa but you can use store bought if you prefer. Fill a cone-shaped piping bag with cocoa and a handful of small chocolate chips and small marshmallows. Close with a twist tie and add a ribbon tag. Now you have a simple but beautiful gift for your guests.

Cookie Decorating Table For Kids

At the kid’s cookie decorating station, cover with kraft paper to protect your table. Set a plate with a plastic knife on each side. Place the cookies on a metal plate in the center of the table and place a layer of icing and sprinkles in the center of the table. Don’t forget wet wipes and paper towels for any problems.

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Cookie Decorating Table For Kids

I wanted the perfect dining table touch for my granddaughter’s birthday party. These tablecloths and serving trays are perfect to make it special. Good quality and fast shipping!

I used these decorations for my daughter’s first birthday and loved it. It’s beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful. The train is fast. One of my favorite family traditions during the holidays is to make lots of cookies using my favorite Christmas cookie recipe and mix a bunch of frosting and Christmas cookie decorations together. and my family. I’ve had it in my heart for years to host a cookie decorating party when the girls are old enough to really enjoy it and this is the year! Our family has been big on cookie decorating since the beginning. Every year, a few days before Christmas,

Cookie Decorating Table For Kids

Easy Christmas Cookies To Bake With Kids

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