Cookie Decorating Table

Cookie Decorating Table – Decorating cookies this Christmas season? To start a fun new family tradition, I hosted an easy Christmas cookie decorating party for my kids! I’ll be sharing easy cookie decorating tips, ideas for delicious toppings, and where to find party supplies!

Party favors were provided by Jolly and Co! Be sure to check out their company to discover their beautiful party line and holiday collection!

Cookie Decorating Table

Cookie Decorating Table

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Snowflake Cookie Cake Tutorial With Recipe

Children’s tables are one of my favorite things to decorate! For the most part, I kept this table picture very simple for the kids. I set out pink plates, red cups and Jolly and Go Gingerbread trays for each place setting! Each child got sugar cookies and a glass of milk!

Cookie Decorating Table

Want a recipe for delicious sugar cookies? I found some amazing Christmas sugar cookies and an easy frosting recipe on Sally’s blog, Baking Addiction! To make it easier for the kids to decorate the cookies, I filled squeeze bottles (from Hobby Lobby!) with frosting! It worked beautifully!

Let’s talk about table decorations! When decorating a kids table, I like to use practical items like sprinkles, colorful frosting bottles, decorations, and honeycomb decorations! It reduces stress and there are no worries if the kids play with something or bump into something!

Cookie Decorating Table

Square Cakes Made The Table Top Covered In Fondant Pizza Is A Large Sugar Cookie With Butter Cream Frosting As Sauce Green Sour Belt

Of course my kids loved the variety of toppings! Here are some for you to try! Sweets and Treats Shop provided all the sprinkles for this party! We loved them all!

My kids had fun decorating their own sugar cookies with little help from me! The squeeze bottles made it easy for them to start decorating and enjoy the time!

Cookie Decorating Table

If you plan to decorate cookies with your kids, don’t worry about getting everything right. Honestly, kids are more than happy to decorate, frost, and sprinkle a few sugar cookies. Decorations are nice, but not always necessary!

A Christmas Cookie Decorating Party Will Be Sweet Fun This Season!

Are you decorating a dessert table? Here’s my advice: keep it simple! All you need is some candy, cute cupcake stands, and fun backgrounds!

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Cookie Decorating Table

I used paper fans in various colors from Jollity & Co to create the background!

First I ordered red, pink, white and green paper fans! They came folded so I opened them up and taped the ends together.

Cookie Decorating Table

Acrylic Cookie & Cupcake Turntable โ€” Caljavaonline

These fans had wires and a brown border so I cut it off. I rolled duct tape and attached it to the wall to make a fun arrangement!

If you need some easy snack ideas, set out some donuts and decorated sugar cookies! I picked up donuts at Walmart and it was so easy! All to save time, right?

Cookie Decorating Table

Need a way to show off your toppings? Festive cupcake liners are the perfect solution! Check out Walmart,, or any supermarket to find them.

Host A Christmas Cookie Decorating Party For Kids!

Although I am not a professional cookie decorator, I enjoyed decorating some sugar cookies on my own. They were so cute on a fun cake stand! I love these racks because you can incorporate any color of ribbon!

Cookie Decorating Table

If you want to create fun memories for the special kids in your life, a Christmas cookie decorating party is a super fun and easy idea! My kids enjoyed every minute and it didn’t take long to set up! This business is owned by Collective Bias, Inc. and its promoter. All opinions are my own. #LoveAmericanHome #cbias #CollectiveBias

I was so inspired to create a party post in honor of a candle company that I have loved for years. One of my first (and still favorite) jobs when I was in high school was working at a craft and home decor store that had one of the largest selections of Yankee Candles in town. I would use any excuse to help shoppers in the department set new sights, and I loved learning about new scents as they arrived. These fun memories, inspired by the warmth of candles, inspired me to create a party called Warm Hearts, Warm Homes, Warm Holidays, and holiday party decor is the perfect excuse to get together with friends and family and enjoy each other during the busy holidays. Season.. Read on to see how great this party turned out and get some ideas for your own holiday party.

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Cookie Decorating Table

Christmas Tree Cookies

I loved that the look of this party focused on a vintage touch, and I found such vibrant colors in red and aqua. I loved using this white Christmas tree and wreath and made this super adorable tree wreath (inspired by Scandinavian design). The frosting colors I mixed together match perfectly!

For this particular party table setting, I thought back to my days selling at craft fairs, where I set up (and researched) many different craft fair table settings. I noticed that the best settings created different heights on their tables so that everything was at eye level of the guests. I saw how many people used wooden boxes to make these heights, so I “shopped” around my own house to find wooden boxes, cutting boards, serving plates, and an antique-looking wire basket. I look forward to creating fun little boxes and vignettes to hold party supplies and decorations and bring smiles to my guests’ faces.

Cookie Decorating Table

To create different heights on my party table, I flipped over a wooden box, placed my white Christmas tree on top, then sprinkled candies on the bottom and added a cute fox ornament. I love this personal touch!

How To Host A Kids Holiday Decorating Party This Holiday Season

I totally agree that Yankee Candles ยฎ are the best candles. The scent of the candles stays true throughout the life of the candles, and there are so many different scents that there really is something for everyone. I enjoy picking up these candles when I buy my holiday supplies and other holiday decorations and groceries at Walmart, and you can find my candles there too โ€“ they make perfect holiday gifts and come in 3 sizes. I have shown a small size and a large design size.

Cookie Decorating Table

Find these candles in the home decor/candle section of your local Walmart – they have so many scents that it’s fun to spend some time smelling them all. It’s a candle lover’s paradise.

I picked up three types of frosting at Walmart – white vanilla, chocolate and red. I’ve tried mixing my own red frosting before, and if I didn’t pick one that was already red, I’d mix more colors. I dyed the white vanilla frosting lime green and watercolored it and it almost matched my plates and dishes! How cute ๐Ÿ™‚ I also got these plastic frosting bottles from the party decorating section at Walmart and after I colored my frostings, I put each color into a ziplock bag, cut off the top, and then squeezed the frosting into the bottles. Almost no mess!

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Cookie Decorating Table

Hosting A Kids Christmas Cookie Decorating Party ยป Glammed Events

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you got some inspiration for your next holiday party, and if you use any of these ideas, feel free to tag me on social media with #LWGcreates! This business is owned by Collective Bias, Inc. and its promoter. All opinions are my own. #HolidayMadeSimple #CollectiveBias

When it comes to the holidays, Justin and I love to party. We always throw a big annual Christmas party for family and friends, but we also love having our family over for dinner or dessert in season. Our family loves spending time together – if you spend three days together they love to see you, and they love you more than spending time together. We joke with my mom because every year she says the only thing she wants for Christmas is to have the whole family under one roof – it’s corny, but she really says it every year.

Cookie Decorating Table

The only thing that stops me from meeting people more often is time. And my aversion to washing dishes. Between our party, baking for gifts, and making food to take to other people’s parties, the last thing I want to do is cook or bake again. Every year I like to decorate a cookie, but when I think about the process of making sugar cookies and gingerbread, I’m sure next year will be better.

Pink Cotton Candy Meringue Cookies

This year things were different. My brother and my cousin Rob were both in town for Thanksgiving this year, as were my parents, sister and her husband, Justin’s parents, and our aunts and uncles. I knew I had to pull myself together and invite everyone. I’ve mentioned before that our family is competitive and cookie decorating is no different.

Cookie Decorating Table

When I

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