Cool Beach Thanksgiving Table Decor

Cool Beach Thanksgiving Table Decor – It’s that time of year to start planning your Thanksgiving tablescape and we’ve decided to feature some fantastic tables that showcase lots of natural elements. These fall-inspired staples are full of DIY ideas and plenty of found supplies to make holiday decorating super budget-friendly. Remember, you don’t have to use real pumpkins, you can always substitute faux ones that you can use again next year! Today we have collected some of the most attractive table decorations with natural elements.

You’ll find things like fruit, nuts, pine cones, berries, leaves, corn husks, moss, succulents, air plants, pumpkins and jute. You can start by laying down a table runner and work from there. Bowls or pieces of wood for a rustic look can be placed in the center and add to it. Add candles for a cooler aesthetic and some mercury pillars for a bit of glamour. Don’t forget the place settings, glassware, silverware and napkin rings! Browse through our huge collection of stunning tables with lots of tips on how to get the look!

Cool Beach Thanksgiving Table Decor

Cool Beach Thanksgiving Table Decor

1. A white tablecloth is used as a neutral background for this natural scheme. A central tray is filled with pumpkins, pine cones and eucalyptus seeds. The natural napkin rings are DIY, made up of empty toilet paper rolls covered in burlap and finished with a stylized flower on top. The flower is made of pine cones and finished with berries. Get the DIY tutorial here. A touch of glamor is added to the natural elements with mercury glass candle holders, some topped with little white pumpkins.

Beautiful Fall Table Settings For Your Neutral Coastal Home

2. Wooden discs used as chargers help to give a natural look in this beautiful table setting. Pine cones and greenery mix with mercury holders topped with pillar candles, creating a rustic-luxe aesthetic.

Cool Beach Thanksgiving Table Decor

3. Want to design a Thanksgiving centerpiece that will stop guests in their tracks? Start by placing a store-bought moss runner the length of the table uncovered so you’re out and about in no time. Instead of expensive flower arrangements that won’t last more than a day, stack pumpkins and gourds in a low serving platter and place them in the center of the table – there’s no easier way to bring a fall feel to your dinner party. and bring, and when the meal is over, all these items are ready for more seasonal cooking.

4. This dining table is a combination of rustic and chic. This blogger chose a deep, restrained palette of white with brown and green accents. She made the tablecloth from a $10 full size flat sheet. The runner is a piece of burlap purchased at JoAnn’s and cut to size. Champagne chargers and faux greenery were picked up at Michaels. The rest of the material was found objects, such as pieces of old aspen trees.

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Cool Beach Thanksgiving Table Decor

Dollar Store Holiday Table Decor

5. This blogger used a neutral background for the dining table to highlight the beautiful fall colors. A jute runner was used for the beginning of the rows. Mercury adds some warmth and glow. Natural elements are integrated into the scheme, such as leaves, cranberries, orange and white pumpkins. White plates show small pies wrapped with ribbons and a small leaf. Place cards can also be added to your decorating scheme, written with DecoColor Gold or Silver Marker.

6. For this Thanksgiving-inspired table, start with a simple wreath of fresh magnolia leaves, but feel free to add anything you like. To complement this natural approach, try seasonal fruits and vegetables. Put some persimmons on a finger! White pillar candles also integrate well and add an intimate feel.

Cool Beach Thanksgiving Table Decor

7. Pumpkins and gourds are the main thematic element that decorates this table with a simple white tablecloth. Fresh sprigs of greenery add color and naturalness, and pillar candles add ambiance.

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8. Place a large wooden tray in the center of your table space and add festive elements. Add several heights of white pillar candles, supported by natural elements of fresh fruit, gourds and stalks of wheat.

Cool Beach Thanksgiving Table Decor

9. Many hymns go with this Thanksgiving table. Natural elements include items picked up at a craft store, a burlap table runner on the bottom, with plenty of tablecloths on top. They also have moss. Log discs were placed under each of the boards. Cornucopias are also filled with moss. Luxury napkin ring holders were placed on each of the plates. More information and tips on designing this table can be found here.

10. Real and faux elements decorate this holiday table. Pages are spray painted with a touch of gold. You can also add other natural ingredients such as pine cones and berries. While beautiful flowers create a beautiful centerpiece. A rustic twig table runner complements the natural scheme (get the how-to instructions here). A chalkboard can be used as an extra touch, whether it says “Happy Thanksgiving” or it can be used to write down the menu plan for the enjoyment of your guests. The board can also be mounted on your wall!

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Cool Beach Thanksgiving Table Decor

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11. Three floral centerpieces were created by this blogger from her favorite place to buy flowers, Trader Joe’s. White pumpkins with copper stripes are her signature creation, with instructions here. Around the flower stands, candle holders with copper strips (DIY instructions here) are arranged on top of pieces of birch. The last row was the branches of seeded eucalyptus trees.

12. This delicious pumpkin centerpiece requires moss and succulents. You don’t even have to put out the pumpkins for this look! With a little DIY, you just use spray adhesive to create a moss hat on your pumpkins. Buy some juice and hot glue them to the moss. Be sure to mist your eyelids with a spray bottle every day (wait 24 hours after you first mist). For the full guide, click here.

Cool Beach Thanksgiving Table Decor

13. The center of a fallen tree stump creates a beautiful, natural look on your table. Use a drill bit (1.5 inch diameter) to make the holes in the log for the tea lights. Add leaves (fresh or faux), gourds, mini pumpkins, berries and pine cones for a fresh look.

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14. A rustic rustic tableau, perfect for those who live in warmer climates! Rustic wooden carved chargers create an attractive natural element. Napkin rings are small twigs. In the center there is a sloping table runner, wooden rounds with pillar candles of different heights and a variety of pumpkins.

Cool Beach Thanksgiving Table Decor

15. A modern organic-inspired Thanksgiving table with air plants and glass terrariums filled with succulents. These items offer a fresh alternative to decorating with floral arrangements. Not to mention, they last longer! This blogger also included a vase full of eucalyptus pods, which she said added a nice scent to their home. Deer antlers were also added…tools are from West Elm.

16. This Thanksgiving dinner table was inspired by food. It takes minutes to create and lasts for weeks! The table runner is cheese cloth. Add fresh sprigs of eucalyptus, white pillar candles and fresh red apples for a pop of color.

Cool Beach Thanksgiving Table Decor

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17. This table has an organic beauty, mixing green and white pumpkins and fresh flowers. Some pumpkins can be dedicated to use as vases for your flowers. Include corn and wheat as a compliment. If you’re looking for a more rustic look, try weaving vines through the pumpkins. These could include: Russian olive oil, bay leaf or grapes picked from your garden. To add a formal feel to the table, add candles and mercury glass pumpkins. The flatware is from West Elm.

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18. Pumpkins and tree branches are the main element of this beautiful tableau. White and blue-green pumpkins are alternated to create visual appeal.

Cool Beach Thanksgiving Table Decor

19. The title of this album by the designer is “Enchanted Autumn”. This rustic-natural chalkboard is filled with heirloom pumpkins and wooden pillars to hold different candles. Card holders have wooden columns with slits in the middle. Chargers are also round pieces of wood (all the wood was taken from fallen trees on this rustic property). Notice how some of the pumpkins were sprinkled with gold to add some sparkle? Beautiful.

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20. A center table filled with white pumpkins, silver antler candles, dried hydrangeas, chasteberry tree branches and birch bark. The natural elements were found materials, but you can buy faux versions in a craft store if the real ones are not accessible to you. A burlap table runner completes the look.

Cool Beach Thanksgiving Table Decor

21. “Count your blessings” is the subject of this blogger’s photo album. With a cream colored jute tablecloth with hand painted lettering on the sides. You can basically replace what the blogger has done here with any message you want to convey. At the center of a large cornucopia, Indian corn, corn cobs, dried seed pods and pumpkins of various sizes spill out. Yellow walnuts can be seen scattered throughout the table as well. You can make your own by sprinkling gold on purchased walnuts.

22. What we love most about this centerpiece is the creativity that has been created, like the musical notes. A wooden tray is placed in the center with additional decorations on top. The theme was gray neutrals and pumpkins. Gourds, hydrangeas, bleached pine cones and dusty miller plants

Cool Beach Thanksgiving Table Decor

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