Craft Fair Table Decorations

Craft Fair Table Decorations – One of my favorite pastimes? Participating in trade shows. Whether it’s women’s fairs, book fairs or craft fairs, I love them all. I love attending craft fairs for many reasons, including getting out of the house without my husband and kids. Hahaha! I spend time wandering, browsing, admiring and buying other crafters’ creations and getting new ideas for my own home.

Vendor fair, I will go back. As a child, I attended countless trade shows and helped out at my mom’s booth. I helped set up and saw how important it was for him to run the booth during his bathroom breaks and mingle with the other vendors for long periods of time. If you’re planning to be a vendor at your first craft show, there are some dos and don’ts for setting up your booth, how to deal with your customers, and how to interact with other vendors!

Craft Fair Table Decorations

Craft Fair Table Decorations

The obvious purpose of paying a craft fair entry fee is to sell your items and cover your expenses (and then some). But you want people to remember you and your name so they can find you later on your Facebook page, website, or Etsy. Follow these tips to make sure you can’t get away with your next craft. Feeling fair like a boss.

Tables Available For Local Craft Fair

Presentation is everything! Your buyer’s first impression often makes or breaks a sale. When setting up, consider how your booth will look to passersby. You want to offer a wide range of products at a wide range of prices without crowding the table. This isn’t a hoarder’s episode, but you want to use all the space you have, including vertical space.

Craft Fair Table Decorations

Get a tablecloth (cheap flat sheets from Walmart also work well), tape the table, use wooden boxes to add depth and “shelves”, make an old open suitcase attractive, buy a doll, buy an old picture frame. Staple wire to the back (with mini clothes pins) for hanging things…the more attractive (without being overwhelming) to your booth, the better.

Give me a mirror! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left what I bought if I’ve seen it myself. Try holding a good-sized (if possible full-length) mirror instead of holding it by hand. However, if a large mirror is not possible, a hand mirror is better than nothing, but again, presentation is everything. If you don’t have a cute, decorative mirror, check out the sales (or use your coupons!) at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Jones, and more!

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Craft Fair Table Decorations

Craft Fairs & Events

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a business card in many places. When packing your purchases, place them in a pile at the front of the table and one in a bag. If they don’t buy, you can give them a business card for your guide.

There are many places to find cheap business cards online. Write where to find you online and how to contact you.

Craft Fair Table Decorations

As a customer, I don’t want to ask for a price. In fact, most times I don’t ask, I skip. Don’t do this to your customers or yourself!

Artists Share Their Craft Fair Tips!

Do you need a better way to price your products? Use your business card as a price tag (although some are available in this stock). Make a small hole and attach the items. Think of it this way: if someone likes your work and pays for it, they automatically get a business card, which they’ll have to take out later (and hopefully keep in their wallet, purse, wallet). In my view, this is better than putting the card in a bag and throwing it away.

Craft Fair Table Decorations

Be available, but don’t push. My main craft has always been crochet, so I bring my yarn and hook and crochet when I’m at my booth. (I try not to sit because it’s boring) This allows me to be present and ready to ask questions, but not too annoying to the buyer. Plus I’m building more products!

Or communicating with your customers is important. I want to be left alone when I shop, but I want to know if I have any questions for the seller (like, can you make it in a different color?). However, when I am on the other side of the table, my attitude is different. Naturally, make eye contact, smile, say hello and read the person’s reaction. Their body language will tell you if they want to carry on a conversation or shop.

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Craft Fair Table Decorations

Craft Show At Destin Community Center Draws More Than 300 People

Think a little and think ahead! What will people want in the next few months? While October is probably best for Thanksgiving or Christmas, in March you may want to stock your desk with Easter, spring cleaning/utility, and 4th of July items.

You also want to have a wide variety of items, including unique items that you can’t find at Walmart. Keep it simple and stylish for the most part. Smaller items like Aldi neighborhood guards, dishtowels, keychains, and mini-blind cleaners sell better than scarves and blankets because they cost just a few bucks and those sales add up! If they buy something small, don’t forget it

Craft Fair Table Decorations

If they need something big like a blanket or poncho with your business card attached, they’ll remember you (and contact you)!

The Fiercely Precise World Of Competitive Table Setting

Do you have really cute hats to sell? Wear one! If that’s not possible, or if you have a lot of different items that don’t look like a walking board, try to display them in the best way to wear/use them. A towel placed on a table doesn’t have an action on Catherine (like my doll) as much as it does an aesthetic one.

Craft Fair Table Decorations

Spending a little money to provide quality packaging can make a big difference in the professionalism of your brand. Packaging doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective. These good bags fit, and between you and me, Hobby Lobby is the best value on paper (yes, even better than the dollar store). Also provide care instructions printed on plain paper and cut to size (and be sure to include your business name for marketing purposes).

I bought a Catherine (named after Henry VIII’s second wife) doll to use as a photo prop for my crochet patterns listed at Heart Hook Home. She is cute (a little shy) and has a great sense of humor. She’s also one of the cheapest and best looking dolls I’ve found online. I’m a good bargain hunter and Kathryn and I are now BFFs.

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Craft Fair Table Decorations

Excited To Be Back To Findley Lake Annual Craft Fair

If you have the space, you can have several heads to display. Here is a reasonably priced head. Ha!

If possible, accept credit cards (Square is a great tool) and encourage acceptance. Take some space to promote a sign like mine below. I did this using a free online photo editing tool called Canva. I added my most popular designs to attract people. Create your own to express that you accept cash and credit cards as well as other colors.

Craft Fair Table Decorations

Tip: Place a bag of different colored yarn under the table. If someone likes that hat and wants it purple instead of blue, you can make it in an hour (depending on how fast you can crochet).

How To Get Noticed At Craft Fairs

When it comes to craft fairs, you have limited space. Why not create a hardcover photo book featuring items from Shutterfly, Snapfish, Walgreens, or CVS that you’ve made in the past but aren’t available today? Fill your book with quilts and crocheted amigurumi (stuffed animals) and use them to show off the different stitches you know and/or the colors you have. Leave it open on the page with your most popular template(s).

Craft Fair Table Decorations

If you have a lot of small dishtowels or baby rings, put some in a separate basket labeled “Free gift with purchase over $50.” You set the amount you want, but if someone is spending $40 or $45, they can buy another $10 worth of items to get free.

You can spin it a little differently and offer a spinning wheel for a small prize. Please see

Craft Fair Table Decorations

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