Crate And Barrel Dining Table Decorations

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If you’ve been setting the table for more dinner parties at home lately, we’ve got good news for you: Today, Leanne Ford is launching a travel-inspired tableware collection for Crate & Barrel. “This is the first tabletop collection I’ve designed, and I was lucky enough to travel to Portugal with the Crate & Barrel team to explore and be inspired by the endless design options of this collection,” says Fords, star. HGTV has recovered.

Crate And Barrel Dining Table Decorations

Crate And Barrel Dining Table Decorations

Designed to mimic the look of an everyday collection, the 28-piece line features ceramic tableware and a “flawless” unique textured finish. The collection comes in Ford’s neutral color palette of black, white and cream, making it easy to mix and match. “I wanted to create something that would stack in the sink and look good,” says Ford.

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Focusing on the functionality of the line beyond food, Ford created parts that served more than one purpose. Jugs can double as plates, for example. Filled with flowers, they make beautiful centerpieces for a dining room table or accent pieces on a shelf.

Crate And Barrel Dining Table Decorations

Ford’s tip for styling his pieces? Do not be scared. The collection’s sleek, affordable designs take the guesswork out of creating a table that’s perfect for any occasion.

In addition to its tabletop collection, Ford has launched a new children’s furniture collection for Crate & Kids. Ford was inspired by his now 18-month-old daughter, Ever, to develop the collection. Incorporating Ford’s cool, casual style with polished playfulness, the line features more than 60 pieces in a variety of children’s spaces, including bedrooms, nurseries and playrooms. “The whole line reflects the joy of life, but clean, straight lines bring (much-needed) calmness to a child’s space,” she says.

Crate And Barrel Dining Table Decorations

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Ford designed the line with parents in mind, creating comfortable, stylish pieces that don’t detract from the style of the rest of the home. “My inspiration is more about the parents than the kids; to be honest, we have to stare at this piece of furniture all night, that is, if we can keep our eyes open for the first few months,” he jokes. I wanted to create pieces that are kid-friendly and fun.” From a whimsical guitar-shaped rug (Ford loves rock ‘n’ roll) and a playful asymmetrical heart mirror to a cozy swivel chair and matching ottoman, the line has pieces the whole family will love.

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Crate And Barrel Dining Table Decorations

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Crate And Barrel Dining Table Decorations

Blog post. What was I thinking? Of course it should have its own post! For those of you who voted yes in my Instagram poll, this one is for you.

Just enough to photograph, but I love every bit of it so it’s officially done! I get a simple x farm and school house here. Since the kitchen is open to the dining room, I didn’t want to create an overly formal space. This space is where we eat dinner every day and also host friends and family. This space holds many memories over the years.

Crate And Barrel Dining Table Decorations

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Flashlight. To be honest, I don’t even know if I had a key to the house before I ordered this. I knew I wanted something fun, bold and brass in the kitchen! I put a lot of effort into all the lighting fixtures in the house, and this is the kitchen

There is an amazing chandelier. We’ve had it for over a year now and everyone who walks into our home comments on how unique it is. This is the “Tangled Chandelier” from Schoolhouse Electric and I can’t recommend this light fixture enough. You can choose colors, cords, bulbs and lengths!

Crate And Barrel Dining Table Decorations

After adding a fun bold light fixture, I wanted to add some elements to compliment it. I am in love with all things brass and black, so the floor lamp and clock seemed like the perfect addition to the kitchen. They also give off that subtle “schoolhouse” feel that I was going for. The lamp is a “Mile Floor Lamp” and the clock is a “Kennedy Clock”, both with school electricity. I was hesitant to put a floor lamp in the kitchen, and the lamp creates the perfect soft light at night. I also like the way it looks at the corner it used to be

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Now let’s get to that kitchen set! I have my heart set on minimalism with clean lines. Large table, chair and sideboard

Crate And Barrel Dining Table Decorations

It was everything I wanted and more. It even has a matching wine rack! It is made of solid European white oak with light smoke stains. It also comes in dark and natural finishes, but I felt the smoke stain looked better in our space. For the chairs I wanted something different so I went with the Marlo chair in black. This is a modern take on the classic Windsor back chair in solid maple. I think the dining room chairs add a modern farmhouse charm to the space. They also remind me of the rocking chairs on our front porch! When designing every room in our house, I chose vintage items. Something we have enjoyed for years.

Last but not least, we created a small wall with wallpaper to act as a backdrop to the kitchen. We had leftovers in the living room and I didn’t want something so beautiful to go to waste! Adding a touch of wallpaper gave the kitchen the dimension it needed. It’s also the perfect background for a sideboard, isn’t it! The print was inspired by Farrow and Ball and is still my favorite print to date. The wall color is Purbeck stone and the woodwork is wet with lanterns and balloons!

Crate And Barrel Dining Table Decorations

Crate & Barrel’s New Concept Design Studio Will Inspire Your Next Stylish Home Makeover

Did you like what you saw? Get it here.chandelier | Floor lamp | Hour | kitchen table | Dining Bench | Dining Chairs | Side panel | Wine Rack | Carpet | Pots | Candlesticks | sheepskin rugs | Wallpaper | Wall paint | Use paint

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It’s July, but today I’m sharing all the design details! This room sat empty for the first year as our focus was on finishing the main living areas of the modest home. Once they’re done, it’s time to plan the final retreat for future guests. My focus was to keep the design minimal, monochromatic and cozy or HYGGE! Okay, let’s go to the details.

Crate And Barrel Dining Table Decorations

The first thing we decided on was the furniture for the space. When I came across this Usher bedroom designed by Rowe Concepts, it was everything I could think of for a space. I created the rest of the space around this beautiful piece of furniture. The Asher line has a modern mid-century style and rose gold dresser and nightstand pulls! Rove Concepts creates pieces that are so simple and clean to suit any style. Since we didn’t have much closet space in our old house, I chose the Usher wide closet, so it’s the perfect piece of furniture to store our extra clothes. The Usher Nightstand comes in two styles; One drawer or two drawers. I chose two drawers to minimize clutter because I think maximizing storage space is always best! The quality of the furniture is everything I could hope for and more. The bunk bed is low to the floor, making it easy for Holly to access the space as she looks around the house. Wait a minute, is that the living room or Holly’s room?!

Crate And Barrel Span Gateleg Dining Table

When deciding on a wall color for the living room, white was the obvious choice, giving the hygge Scandinavian vibes I was going for! But what is white?! Literally, the most stressful paint color to choose is choosing white. You don’t realize how many options you have and what each one is

Crate And Barrel Dining Table Decorations

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