Cross Decoration On A Table

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We remember the suffering of our Lord on Calvary with our Calvary Cross. The three crosses represent Jesus and the two robbers on his right and left (Luke 23:33). There is a base of nails commemorating his crucifixion.

Cross Decoration On A Table

Cross Decoration On A Table

All orders are shipped via USPS First Class Mail or UPS, which take approximately 7-10 days to arrive.

Wood Catholic Crucifix Cross With Stand Holy Land Market Standing Table Altar Olive Wood Cross Religious Home Decor

International orders arrive between 7 and 9 business days. Please note that local taxes and import duties may apply to your purchase.

Cross Decoration On A Table

At House of Joppa, we know how important it is to be good stewards, which is why we constantly work with small producers who produce products from ethical standards.

We proudly support over 36 Catholic small businesses and creators in the United States whose products we carry. We also work with craftsmen and artisans in different countries, some of whom share our Catholic faith.

Cross Decoration On A Table

Wooden Cross Ornaments Christ Wall Hanging Table Cross For Home Altar Chapel Church Decoration Christian Gift Crafts 10 Inches

We hope that our products will inspire you to live your faith boldly in a world that so desperately needs beauty, and because of this, many will believe in our Lord!

I teach elementary catechesis for 3-4 grades. My students wondered why these three were crossed out. It was a great lesson for them!

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Cross Decoration On A Table

I am very satisfied with this piece. A simple reminder of Calvary and the source of all our joy and hope, Jesus Christ.

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I just wish it wasn’t made in China and I would have made a different decision if I had thought to look before I bought. I hope it was at least ethically done.

Cross Decoration On A Table

When you shop at House of Joppa, you support not only our small, family-run Catholic business, but the more than 36 other Catholic artisans and creators whose products we carry. This is a purchase you can feel good about!

Looking for a faith-filled Catholic gift? Our gift sets combine from our store to make a cute and thoughtful gift for any occasion.

Cross Decoration On A Table

Big Dot Of Happiness Pink Elegant Cross

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