Crystal Rock Table Decor

Crystal Rock Table Decor – Stop reserving stones and pearls for your ring finger and start incorporating them into your decor. Jewelery and the like are absolutely gorgeous, so why not splurge on your special day? The wedding world has a thing for organic accents, and a love affair is about flowers and greenery. Crystals and stones make beautiful ornaments and blend right in with other natural accessories. Saturated jewels and jewel tones contribute to stunning colorful landscapes, as do metallics and earthy neutrals. Plus, rocks and stones are completely versatile – use them as accents, centerpieces, and more.

From shimmering half-geodes and vivid agate pieces to rustic rock embellishments and majestic marble slabs, the possibilities are endless and entirely up to you. Ready to see all the minerals and gems on offer? These examples of real marriages will surprise you. Who knew geology could be so cool and romantic?

Crystal Rock Table Decor

Crystal Rock Table Decor

These rough quartz tongs serve double duty: accent the office seating and tie in the wedding decor.

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Turn your gemstone obsession into an edible confection with a deliciously decorated wedding cake. This one (from the Sweet and Saucy Shop) was covered in rock candy and topped with paper jewels.

Crystal Rock Table Decor

This bride gave each member of her entourage a necklace with a different stone. This one – made of quartz – came from Mimi and Lou.

These sparkling purple crystals (from World of Rocks) accompanied the succulents as guest favors. In addition, they are tied with escort cards – jewel-shaped tags with names inscribed in gold.

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Crystal Rock Table Decor

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Another great photo idea? Style your ring shot with stones. This pair has their chinchar/maloney bands set on contrasting rocks.

Rock candy is perhaps the most delicious way to crystallize your wedding. These chic black cherry blossoms were part of the settings at this celebration.

Crystal Rock Table Decor

Not convinced of amethyst or quartz? Marble slabs can be right next to your street. These elegant cuts were calligraphed by Anna Robin.

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This large rock displayed the couple’s initials and sat in the center of the head table at the wedding reception.

Crystal Rock Table Decor

Holly Fox baked jewel-shaped cookies for this bridal bachelorette party. If these pastel cuties aren’t Pinterest-worthy, we don’t know what is.

For a nature-inspired look, greenery and geodes go hand-in-hand – these cracked stones (styled with help from Alex Branyan) shared their bowls with simple twigs.

Crystal Rock Table Decor

Diy Dinner Party Decorations

Sure, your bling is already photogenic, but why not up the ante? This bride prepared her rings for the camera by setting them on crystals. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve noticed the recent meteoric rise in popularity of crystals, minerals and geodes. Fueled by the New Age revival of gemstones and healing crystals, these natural elements create good vibes at home in the form of decorative accents, accessories and more.

Before we go any further, a short science lesson may be useful. What exactly are geodes? They begin as air bubbles in a layer of volcanic rock. When the rain hits the rock, the rock slowly releases chemicals and the small amount of water that seeps through it. Over millions of years, this water forms small crystals such as pure quartz or purple amethyst crystals. The process can also form the stripes or bands seen in agate. Believe it or not, there is no easy way to tell what is inside a geode until it is opened or disintegrated. But geodes look similar when uncovered from the same geographic area.

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Crystal Rock Table Decor

We love that geodes offer a raw, natural vibe and that no two are exactly alike in shape or color. From lamps to tables, bottle stoppers to card holders, these organic geode decor ideas bring energy, creativity and a sense of history to your home.

Quartz Crystal Lamp

Whether you prefer brown agate, rose quartz or a mix of marble, we’ve got you (and your table) covered. Other stylish ways to use plates: Top them with lanterns and small succulents for an earthy, friendly look. Or add sage or sage for witchy vibes.

Crystal Rock Table Decor

Large pieces of white agate create a clean, elegant surface. Soft natural materials contrast hard natural objects beautifully, so consider a plush rug near the table, hang woven wall art above it, or place the table next to a soft leather sofa chair or ottoman.

A beautiful piece of agate – woven in gray, blue, ivory and brown – fantasizes a simple brass fixture. We love that this design has an elegant yet down-to-earth vibe.

Crystal Rock Table Decor Natural Rock Quartz Pink Stone Crystal Tree For Good Luck, Wealth & Prosperity Home Office Table Decor

How classic yet cool are these simple gray agate holders? Ideal for buffet or place settings, they look extra fresh mixed with other contemporary table materials such as rose gold and copper.

This double brass number is already stunning before you add the agate crystals. Fill it with dried food or nuts during a cocktail party, or consider displaying it with air plants (stones and pearls naturally pair with plants and stones).

Crystal Rock Table Decor

Decorate the shelves in your living room or home office with special accents that help hold books, serve as paperweights or just sit there and look pretty.

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An easy way to freshen up a room, new geodesic knobs complement the marble and white tiles in the bathrooms, as well as the white cabinets in the kitchen. Really enhance their roughness by adding textured furniture, like a rattan nightstand or a high-relief chest of drawers.

Crystal Rock Table Decor

A special addition to any bar, the bright purple amethyst stone just looks like it costs a fortune.

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