Cute Bridal Shower Table Decorations Animal Crossing

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Wedding season has begun in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, so check out everything in June’s update.

Cute Bridal Shower Table Decorations Animal Crossing

Cute Bridal Shower Table Decorations Animal Crossing

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wedding Event will take place from June 1 to 30, and you’ll be able to visit Harrow Island to take romantic photos of in-game couple Rhys and Cyrus in exchange for your trading heart crystals. To get great rewards

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New clothes, wall and floor designs and many new things are waiting for you, so let’s see what you can get.

Cute Bridal Shower Table Decorations Animal Crossing

As soon as you load the game on June 1st, you will get a call from Haru, a travel photographer. Who needs your help

When you land on Haru’s island, you will be asked to help him set up a room for Reese and Cyrus. You can open the storage box. In the activity tab you will see good things. A few pieces you can put around the room for happy couples. You can also add your own furniture if it matches the colors Reese wants.

Cute Bridal Shower Table Decorations Animal Crossing

Bridal Shower Template

Although everything is displayed only once in the storage box. But you can have several pieces of the same furniture. This also works for your own furniture. Even if you only have one piece you can add as many as you want to the set!

You can set it as you want. Then talk to Reese and you will be asked to take a picture of them to complete the mission. You will receive your wedding table. You can exchange them for furniture from Cyrus, including the Heart Crystal.

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Cute Bridal Shower Table Decorations Animal Crossing

You can return every day to get Heart Crystals and extra items from Cyrus. Each day is wedding themed and depending on how you arrange the room, you can earn between five and eleven Heart Crystals for each photo you take.

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There are more than 20 things to collect during the wedding season. Which is similar to the Easter event rewards. Some of them may be qualified and some you will collect from Cyrus.

Cute Bridal Shower Table Decorations Animal Crossing

Many items are all pink but there are custom color options. So even though it may not be the wedding decoration of your dreams, it makes for a very beautiful wedding.

In addition to decorations and accessories, there are also some special wedding gowns to choose from and wedding gowns. The magic wand will get you after completing the final shot.

Cute Bridal Shower Table Decorations Animal Crossing

Flowerpot Chocolate Chip Cupcakes With Sugar Paste Flowers

You need to take one to seven pictures to unlock each item. The wedding dress was opened for the last time.

At the beginning of each photo shoot, Reese gives you a theme for the day. She will talk about the color schemes they want you to use, such as pink and white. You can change the color of an item by selecting it and pressing X to open the customization screen.

Cute Bridal Shower Table Decorations Animal Crossing

Then you will need to place items that match the theme. For the wedding reception style you will need to set up several wedding tables. Including chairs and flowers for decoration

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Eucalyptus & Gardenia Teardrop

When placing items using the floor layout view you can also pick up your partner and character and move them around. Room and chair and you can put yourself in the picture or remove your character from the shot.

Cute Bridal Shower Table Decorations Animal Crossing

Changing the exposure and applying photo filters such as black and white or soft. This can affect how your partner feels about your photos. Reese will see the last picture out of all. So try different lighting and filters and angles. To get the best picture

If you’re new to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, here are some of our best guides to help you build your paradise. There is a ceremony during the wedding season in New Horizons. Players who visit Harrow’s Island will have the opportunity to take special wedding photos with Reese and Cyrus. Players will be awarded items on the wedding theme for the best wedding photo shoot.

Cute Bridal Shower Table Decorations Animal Crossing

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During the first six days of the wedding season, players can receive 11 Heart Crystals from Reis per day after completing the 7th shot. The maximum number of Heart Crystals that can be obtained from Rays is 15 per day. They can be used to buy wedding items from Cyrus every day. Let’s talk about the theme of the photo shoot. The theme will alternate between the ceremony and the reception for the first six days. During this time Reese will prepare one thing every day after the shoot: a wedding bench. Wedding Tables Wedding Flower Stands Wedding Head Decorations Table Wedding Pipe Organs and an Arch for Weddings Seven days later Reese will no longer ask for themed photos of ceremonies and receptions. Instead, it alternates between three ideas: pink and white, chic and garden, and hints at the color scheme you prefer for that set. Players can use as much or as little wedding furniture as they want. As long as the furniture matches the desired theme.

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June 30, the last day of the event. After taking the last photo of the day and collecting the heart crystals, talk to Reese again. Reese asks the player to create additional photo sets for him and Cyrus, but they are not provided. Extra heart crystals for reward exchange after the number earned for the first picture.

Cute Bridal Shower Table Decorations Animal Crossing

There are three more wedding items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons which cannot be obtained with Heart Crystals, but can be unlocked during a certain number of shots.

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Cute Bridal Shower Table Decorations Animal Crossing

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