Decor Coffee Table Ideas

Decor Coffee Table Ideas – Coffee table decoration is easy to do yourself and really adds personality to your living room. If you’ve always thought you needed a stylist to show you how it’s done, you’ll be happy to know that’s simply not true. Check out these awesome coffee table decor ideas and you’ll be ready to redecorate yourself.

Choosing just two colors for your table decor ties everything together, creating a cohesive look.

Decor Coffee Table Ideas

Decor Coffee Table Ideas

A small live plant is the perfect thing to put on your coffee table. I love this idea!

How To Decorate Your Coffee Table Like A Pro– La Muse

A basket case is the perfect place to store your favorite magazines with a small vase of flowers.

Decor Coffee Table Ideas

These tall orchids tower over the dog statue and I love how well the books tie in with both.

Bright red flowers really stand out from the rest of the table’s neutrals.

Decor Coffee Table Ideas

Tips To Style A Round Coffee Table In Your Living Room

I love how this silver skull makes the coffee table look edgy. Especially with the spike details on its edges.

The size and color of these flowers, when combined with candles, give the room a romantic feel.

Decor Coffee Table Ideas

I love how the bird on the books ties in with the robin’s eggs in the glass jar.

Clever Coffee Table Decor Ideas In India

My house is full of kids and pets, so my coffee table is often covered in their stuff. I dream of such a look one day. Which one do you like? Discover new arrivals and explore our latest looks, plus get 10% off your first order on full-priced products.

Decor Coffee Table Ideas

Throughout its life, a coffee table will hold everything from cups and plates to discarded keys and loose laundry, but in addition to their functional benefits, these integral living room features also make stunning decorative platforms. As the focal point of most living spaces, coffee tables are the perfect opportunity to bring out your inner stylist.

What is the secret of decorating beautiful tables? Fortunately, there is a tried and tested formula that is seen in the best interior design projects to answer this. The formula in question is a carefully crafted combination of four key elements: varying heights, organic elements, tray vignette, and a personal touch.

Decor Coffee Table Ideas

How To Create An Elegant Look With Coffee Table Decor

Once you’ve chosen the coffee table style you want, check out our illustrated step-by-step guide on how to up your style game.

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The coffee table always comes alive with something organic, so it’s best to start there. Divide the coffee table into four squares and place a plant, flower vase or moss pot together for some color and vibrancy.

Decor Coffee Table Ideas

If you have a modern coffee table, try strong shapes and clean lines; if it’s more decorative, delicate flowers in an attractive vase work really well. And remember, even artificial flowers can work—with less maintenance.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas For Every Home

Next, height. While most coffee table decorations should be relatively low-profile (practicality), there’s no reason why you can’t play with height, or even subtlety. Decorations decorated with different sculptures will make your table more interesting.

Decor Coffee Table Ideas

A delicious candle in an attractive container, a beautiful jar or bowl (storage and beauty in one) and a patterned marble disc are a killer trifecta.

Elegant yet utilitarian, the coffee table tray is a style staple. A tray prevents small items from getting lost among large pieces, balances proportion and emphasis, and creates an easy, instant vignette.

Decor Coffee Table Ideas

Coffee Table Decor Ideas Interior Designers Approve Of

The shape and size is completely up to you. Match the shape of your drawer with the shape of your coffee table for a nice repeat; contrast the textures of a rustic coffee table with the interesting undulations of an antique silver tray; or choose an oversized statement request.

A well-curated collection of coffee tables isn’t complete without a little something personal. A pile of favorite coffee table books, a sculpture, a small memory box, or an interesting rock you saw on the beach during a special vacation are just a few options.

Decor Coffee Table Ideas

Non-pointy items – the ones that look good from any angle – are key here and will complete your coffee table style on a strong note.

Best Ways To Decorate A Coffee Table

ByJade Bloomfield, Editor Jade is an editor. She writes about exclusive collections, Studio projects and interior design styles for The Luxurist.

Decor Coffee Table Ideas

By Joanne Quinn, Senior Interior Designer Joanne is Senior Interior Designer. She writes for The Luxurist about interior design ideas and tips for creating a beautiful home.

By continuing to browse the site, you agree to our use of first and third party cookies. More info I love beautiful table decorations! After taking a good look at the two coffee tables in our house, I realized that there are five main decorations that I always use, and today I’m going to share each of those coffee table decor ideas with you!

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Decor Coffee Table Ideas

Round Coffee Table Décor Ideas For 2022

I always use a large tray on my coffee tables. Always. I love how they keep everything neatly organized and if you want to clear your table to use for games or cooking, you can put everything away with a simple lift of the tray. Drawers are also a great way to add some contrasting texture or color to keep things interesting.

For the coffee table in our family room, I went with a 28-inch square wooden tray that takes up most of the coffee table, but still leaves room for my husband to put his feet up (we keep a designated “leg pad”. Do it with him – lol!):

Decor Coffee Table Ideas

Sources: White Corner Pillow Case | Textured Gray Cushion Cover | Antelope Cushion Cover  | Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig | Carpet | A pair of floor poufs  | Acrylic Coffee Table ( similar ) | Black and White Striped Box  | Brass Faucets | White Coral (similar)

Cocktail Table Decor Ideas From Designers

I had a hard time finding a large handle square that I liked, but I finally found the perfect one on Etsy. The store I bought it from is no longer there, but you can find an almost identical tray here. They are offered in a wide variety of velvet matte or glossy colors. Such a large tray is expensive, but will be mine for YEARS. I love that if I change my color scheme in the future, I can just repaint it instead of buying a new tray.

Decor Coffee Table Ideas

I often use light woven pots to add some brightness and texture to our living room ottoman/coffee table. What I like best is the nice size and great price for such a large tray:

FYI, don’t forget to add felt pads under the woven bowls to avoid scratching your coffee table! These are a few other cute coffee table coasters that would work beautifully (

Decor Coffee Table Ideas

Fall Coffee Table Décor Ideas

I use flowers and natural elements in my home because they bring life in a way that nothing else can, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of my favorite coffee table decor ideas! In the summer, when tons of flowers bloom in our yard, I keep a small bouquet of fresh flowers on our table:

You can add more life and personality by placing your flowers in something unique like my copper swan planter (you can find similar planters too) that I’m obsessed with:

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Decor Coffee Table Ideas

If you don’t have flowers to cut from your yard, pick up a $5 bunch of tulips at the grocery store or add a low-maintenance plant. This snake plant on our living room coffee table is the best—seriously indestructible:

Coffee Table Decor Ideas (to Liven Up Your Coffee Table)

And I love having a stack of books at the end of our coffee table—another way to bring nature into this space.

Decor Coffee Table Ideas

And there’s no shame in cheating! I recently bought some raspberries and two of them make the cutest little arrangement:

And after moving my snake plant upstairs, I used three of these fake eucalyptus branches (found) on our living room ottoman:

Decor Coffee Table Ideas

How To Decorate Your Coffee Table: 7 Gorgeous Coffee Table Decor Ideas

You can also use other natural elements to add life – a bowl of blueberries, feathers or marine elements such as trees, shells and coral are just a few ideas. The great thing about natural elements is that there are so many things you can find and use for free right outside your door!

Books are one of my favorite ideas for coffee table decor. They’re perfect for adding a layered look, plus it’s nice to have interesting coffee table books that your family and guests can pick up and read. Being a design junkie, most of mine (big surprise) focuses on design. Books about the area you live in, your favorite state or country to vacation in, or your favorite hobby are other great options.

Decor Coffee Table Ideas

You might also want to take a bunch of photos from your phone and computer and consider including one – those are future coffee table goals for me! If you want to add color or pattern to your coffee table, a simple way to do it is to use a favorite piece of fabric:

Rustic Coffee Table Decor Ideas You Will Love

If you are a design lover like me

Decor Coffee Table Ideas

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