Decor For Console Tables

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Are you looking for modern console tables for your home? Console tables are wonderful pieces of furniture because you can use them in many areas of your home. From the back of the sofa to the entrance to the hall, the possibilities are endless when it comes to tall and thin tables.

Decor For Console Tables

Decor For Console Tables

For elegant and sophisticated decor and glam style, the more fall the better! Glam furniture is often mirrored or at least has a shiny surface. You can also find glam furniture made of white lacquer or clear acrylic. But in my opinion, metal reigns supreme in this regard!

Amazing Ways To Style Your Console Table With Fall Decor

Let’s take a look at some of the best glam console tables you can buy online! As you can see, the choice is very diverse. Some of these consoles offer multiple levels for displaying items, while others are very simple with just one top surface. The design can be simple or elaborate – the choice is yours!

Decor For Console Tables

I love the way @thedecordiet organized the entryway to her home with this white and gold console table. It’s a perfect glamor accent on a solid wall.

I hope this post has helped you find the perfect, eye-catching console table for your home or space! If you love glam decor, don’t miss our other related articles to help you choose the perfect glam decor. Here are some other ideas:

Decor For Console Tables

Ways To Decorate A Console Table

Built-in internal affiliate links are used and we may receive a small commission if you make a purchase from an affiliate seller at no cost. We only recommend products from vendors we know and love. As an Amazon affiliate, we earn money from qualified purchases. When it comes to styling surfaces in the home, a lot of attention is paid to coffee tables that steal the spotlight. But console tables are just as important – in fact, even more important, because they are often found in the hallway, where a good first impression is very important (although we have console table decorating ideas around the house see you too). So read on to find out how to style them professionally with nineteen console table decorating ideas. Trust us—these simple styling tricks bring the whole space together.

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Sculptural, subtle and definitely avant-garde accents are the name of the game in Athena Calderon’s salon. A rustic wooden console is the perfect surface for carved vases and a place for anything (palo santo in this case), as well as a great place to store extra chairs underneath—always a good idea in a host’s entertaining space.

Decor For Console Tables

Take a page from Tamsin Johnson’s console table decorating book and place floral designs that reflect the artwork – it’s a great way to bring artwork to life. Even better if you place your arrangement in such delicious vases. The contrast between playful elements and classic furniture is refreshingly stylish.

Best Entryway Tables For Every Space 2022

The dining room is another great place for console tables, because you can always use the extra space for extra things and flowers. Whether you choose a classic console or buffet like the Damien Jenkins one here (the latter is a popular choice because of its extra storage capacity), consider adding a stylish lamp for additional task lighting.

Decor For Console Tables

The space between the console and the floor looks a little odd when it’s empty, especially in a space as clean and thoughtful as this hallway in designer Mali Schock’s home. So she decided to fill the gap with two decorative baskets that complement the tableware while adding a more casual touch.

As stylish decorative items can be seen in this space zone, you can also choose a more functional piece like a bench. In this case, Catherine Kwong chose a bench that fits perfectly under the console, so it can be removed when in use for cleaning. The angled image above draws our attention to the well-styled console. This is a perfect use of the space under the stairs.

Decor For Console Tables

Stylish Console Table Decor: Make Your Home Look Expensive

Unexpected, striking bright pink walls deserve an equally dramatic console with them. In a 19th-century Brooklyn townhouse by Jonathan Berger, it’s got an ultra-classic design that features a wide-gilded mirror and console, a traditional Chinoiserie vase filled with towering cherry branches, and a chandelier. A fashionable armchair imitates the vanity of a decorative shell. All together they will work wonders to provide a happy surprise.

Just don’t have room for a console? Try a walker instead. In this contemporary brick Santa Barbara home designed by Corinne Matheren Studio, it fits perfectly behind the stairs and adds extra charm without looking scale. This is the perfect solution for entering an apartment, when the front door opens to the living room, kitchen and even the bedroom.

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Decor For Console Tables

Tamsin Johnson chose a low, rustic console that doubles as a bench. Thanks to its narrow profile, it fits perfectly in tight spaces, but still provides an additional decorative surface. The reflective wall behind it strengthens the space, making it more open and airy. A large mirror leaning against the wall along with modern lighting and a minimalist garden add a touch of elegance.

Glam Console Tables You’ll Love

Don’t like the look of your console? Or maybe you just want to change something? Leave a comment on the post by Sand Design. They covered the existing console with a checkered fabric, emphasizing the eclectic tone and style of the rest of the house. The upper stick and metal vase make the vignette even more expressive.

Decor For Console Tables

A two-tiered console table has the added benefit of having more space for extra books on the coffee table, and the top shelf can be used for essentials, such as storing keys for anyone coming home late. Pro tip: Hang a long mirror horizontally to mimic the proportions of a console table, as designer Heidi Keller did.

If you don’t have a two-tiered console table, you can still make room for extra books and decorative items. Get creative and use an accent stool when not being used as a chair.

Decor For Console Tables

Designers Share How To Style A Console Table

And here’s a third idea that doesn’t require any extra furniture: just lift books off the floor until they reach the bottom of the table, as Nick Olsen did here. It is incredibly stylish and clean. Then use the top of the console as a tray with bar essentials, especially in your study, home office or living room.

Decorate your console table the same way you decorate your fireplace with flowers, decorative items and candle holders for mood lighting. Linen upholstery on this living room by Heather Hilliard Design adds a nice traditional and subtle touch to balance the modern playful lucite green coffee table.

Decor For Console Tables

Demelon (French for “crescent”) is the perfect console option for small apartments or nooks and crannies. Additionally, the rounded crescent shape is smoother than some angled console designs. Here, Daniel Kolding’s design has simplified everything by placing it in two design books and a transparent vase that takes up minimal visual space.

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Home Decor Ideas

If you work from home a lot, consider repurposing the console for a desk or dressing table. In this Tom Shearer-designed bedroom, a side table provides space for extra office supplies and bedroom essentials, while an adjustable lamp is perfect for studying at the desk and reading in bed.

Decor For Console Tables

The fabric on the lower floor of this console in a sand-designed space is perfect for casual items like scarves and sweaters, but also looks stylish.

If you want something in your entryway that gives you the look of a console, but with the added benefit of more storage space, choose a narrow dresser like interior designer Raji Radhakrishnan’s. Drawers will allow you to hide the ugly essentials.

Decor For Console Tables

Spring Inspired Console Table

If you only have room for a narrow console table in a small hallway, the style details are even more important because it’s the only way to make a good impression. Here, the antique console strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and sophistication, lively and accessible. Thanks to the combination of polished frames and classic portraits (a great combination with a houndstooth table runner), gently leaning against the floor, as well as a typical group of wildflowers in a country jog. With only a few items, we already know how the atmosphere will be in the rest of the house, and we are here for it.

If you have chosen a floating sofa or sectional arrangement in a large living room, then placing a console table behind it will be a great visual reference during use, while also providing additional light for reading. . Use this space designed by Heather Hillard as your blueprint.

Decor For Console Tables

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Console Table Decorating Ideas That Tie The Whole Room Together

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