Decor For Pool Table Room

Decor For Pool Table Room – A pool hall (or pool room) is an entertainment room, such as a home or recreation center, that has billiards, billiards, or snooker tables. A pool room with one table needs enough space around the table to accommodate the range of cue moves from all angles, and also takes into account chairs, storage shelves, and other furniture that may or may not be there. There must be at least 6 feet (1.8 m) of clear space between tables and walls, furniture or other objects, and between all sides and all corners of tables.

Lighting is important for billiards room design. Billiard rooms require ceiling lighting, most often multi-bulb lighting fixtures designed specifically to illuminate pool tables. These fixtures are available in incandescent and fluorescent models, ranging from raw to extravagant, and can be installed almost anywhere with one of our top-rated cordless drills. Pool rooms with windows usually have curtains or blinds to prevent excessive glare during daytime use.

Decor For Pool Table Room

Decor For Pool Table Room

You have endless possibilities when designing your pool room. It all depends on your desire and home decoration. All colors look great when used correctly. Just before the pandemic hit, we completed a low-level cremation for a vacant couple in Fairfax, Virginia. The pool room design transforms an empty board into a warm, casual entertaining space. The pool hall proved to be a special blessing last year. It provided the perfect setting for a family game night with the grown children of a local couple.

Tribeca H Series Dining Pool Table (white)

Planning a billiards room can be tricky. To create a comfortable playing field, leave a few feet of clearance around the table. Let’s look at the plan.

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Decor For Pool Table Room

Of course, the most important component of a pool room is the pool table, so that’s where we started. We worked with New York-based Blatt Billiards to find the perfect product for the space. The people there are pool experts! I highly recommend them. We chose a beautiful oak table with a finish.

We also ordered a companion wall hook in the same oak finish that holds rods and other pulling tools.

Decor For Pool Table Room

A Billiards Room Design To Bank On

Good lighting above the pool table is also important (especially in a windowless space like this one). The choice of lighting is also not bad, even if you deal with the style. We decorated the table with a bronze linear pendant from the Kelly Wearstler collection for visual comfort. The photos don’t show the stunning pendant in all its glory, so here’s the full view:

With these pool room basics anchored, we set out to add warmth and meaning to a rather bland low-level space. The couple loves earthy colors, so we decided early on to cover the walls with a textured fabric from Phillip Jeffries.

Decor For Pool Table Room

The photo wall art that we select is the one that sets the tone for the entire space. Our clients have taken many special family trips over the years. They wanted to incorporate photographs that evoked faraway adventures in Africa, the Galapagos Islands and the American West. We initially researched using personal photos from these trips. But in the end I decided to buy professional pictures that could evoke memories of my travels.

Modern Placemats Set Of 4 Entertainment Room In Mansion Pool Table Billiard Lifestyle Photo Print, Washable Fabric Place Mats For Dining Room Kitchen Table Decor,cinnamon Brown Green, By Ambesonne

The colorful baskets are handmade by female weavers in Senegal. The owner wanted a bar area and already had 4 stools for seating. The space was a bit tight considering the required table spacing. We asked the artisans at Michael James Furniture to create custom wall shelves to our specifications.

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Decor For Pool Table Room

The bar design combines burl maple with matte black metal consoles. Visual Comfort sconces reflect the metal details of the bar.

Michael James Furniture also made this console table and floating shelf. All of these pieces feature a custom combination of burl maple and rough-looking metal. On the surface, emotional mementos of a family trip are shown.

Decor For Pool Table Room

Stylish And Winning Game Room Ideas

This tangerine table lamp is by Christopher Spitzmiller. The Hickory Chair wing cover fabric is Lotusland, a large paisley print from Fabricut. I love rich, earthy tones.

Our pool room design incorporates a number of natural textures. Artwork and accessories add a pop of color. This fun illustration shows a pair of seaweed ottomans from the Carrier & Company case collection for Century Furniture.

Decor For Pool Table Room

The basic TV in the game room is missing from this photo. Do not be scared. One hangs above the console on the wall opposite the two wing chairs.

Sleek Private Pool Room

In the end, what I love most about this pool room design is that it took a nondescript box and created a warm and inviting space for customers to gather with friends and family. Luring the grown children back to the nest is a bonus! This low-level playroom served as a cozy cocoon during the winter shutdown, but will provide an ideal escape from the Washington heat in the coming months. We hope you find a great place to cool off this summer.

Decor For Pool Table Room

Andrea Houck is from Washington, D.C. Renowned interior designer based in the region. She founded A. Houck Designs, a full service residential interior design and construction consulting firm. She is also the founder of Creating Spaces, where she shares her latest design inspirations and tips, as well as behind-the-scenes project updates.

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Coming from an artistic background, Andrea is known for carefully crafted pieces that prioritize balance, scale and proportion. Her design portfolio spans styles from traditional to contemporary. Andrea’s extensive work

Decor For Pool Table Room

The White Lion Pub Pool Table Stock Photo

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