Decor For Side Tables

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Glam side tables are useful in many different areas of your home. You can use side tables next to your sofa, reading chair or even your bed. These are practical pieces of furniture and also incredibly practical! If you love the glamorous decorating style, you will definitely need some eye-catching side tables when decorating your space.

Decor For Side Tables

Decor For Side Tables

We’ve prepared a small selection of our favorite stylish tables. Like all flashy furniture, these attractive side tables will feature a metallic finish. Finishes like champagne, gold and silver are common when it comes to eye-catching products and accessories. The design will be feminine and stylish with an old Hollywood look! Come on, tell me what you think.

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Here is a beautifully decorated gold side table by blogger The Pink Dream in the living room. I love how it lets you see what’s under the clear glass! This vignette was easily created with a table lamp, gold leaf art, lots of books, and a white vase with pink flowers! It seems so easy to recreate in your home.

Decor For Side Tables

Curated Interior uses affiliate links and we may receive a small commission from affiliate vendors at no cost to you. We only recommend products from dealers we know and love. As an Amazon Employee, we earn from eligible purchases. Have a console table, coffee table or coffee table that needs some decorating style? Not sure how to give your tables a cohesive look? Remove the clutter and decorate your accent tables like a pro! Add a dose of style to your rooms with simple, elegant looks and my 5 decorating tips!

Hello friends! Today I’m sharing 5 tips for decorating accent tables like a pro and giving you a little tour of our family room!

Decor For Side Tables

How To Style Bedside Tables: 7 Professional Tips

Decorating accent tables can be a little tricky. It’s all about using baskets to decorate messy items and repeating accent colors in your room to give your tables a meaningful look!

Tip #1: Add a handmade basket to the coffee table to enhance your decorative accents and add color and color to your room. Here I used a rattan basket that echoes the color of the wooden floors (remember to echo the colors in the room to give it a ‘designer’ look!). I put a few decorative books in there and I like to regularly roll them in the basket and place my books on top of a white bowl filled with piles of straw. The moss adds a beautiful shade of green (I love this shade of emerald green!). I also added a pot and a gold octagonal paperweight.

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Decor For Side Tables

Tip 2: Add flowers – fresh or fake! Adding flowers to your tables is a beautiful way to decorate, they add softness and ‘life’ to your room! Marsada tulips are a fake arrangement (I usually use fresh tulips, but when I shot, the local shops were out of stock!). It’s okay to use fake flowers as long as they look real, and most fake flowers today are realistic! I always like to sit in my vases with a book or two – this makes it more in tune with the table.

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Recommendation No. 3: Add two table lamps to add task light to the room and add height to create a separate space in the open concept home. Our family room and dining room are open concept. By adding this console to the back of the sectional sofa, I created two different zones and separated the rooms to create a cozy look. Two crystal chandeliers add light here (no overhead lighting) and help separate the living room and family room from the dining room area.

Decor For Side Tables

Tip #4: Decorate the coffee table next to the wall with tall objects such as this tall vase of cranberry blossoms. Adding a tall vase softens the corner of the sofa and makes the wall art a cozy and inviting ensemble. If you have a tall table lamp that will work too!

Here is a photo of the TV unit in the family room – I’ll show you again how to decorate the TV units!

Decor For Side Tables

Donati Ii Coffee Table

Recommendation No. 5: Adding a decorative console table to the stair wall is a great way to decorate that homely space! When decorating your console table, make sure nothing is attached to the ladder or it will topple over! Add a vase of branches or flowers, add a piece of art, and add a basket or two to the low shelf console to store pillows and linens! Be sure to use two small baskets or one tall basket to fill the shelf space.

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I added a covered chair (with cushions and throw pillows) and a garden stool to the stair area to create a beautiful space – the chair and garden stool can be pulled out if we need extra seating and an extra coffee table.

Decor For Side Tables

Do you like my 5 tips for stylishly decorating your accent tables? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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If you have questions about decorating and are having trouble decorating your home – send me an email! I offer online style training and makeup services – see all the details here! Good day to everyone!

Decor For Side Tables

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Heather is the designer and owner of the website Interior Design and Lifestyle. Heather offers online EDsign services for the best table decoration ideas for the living room + 5 rules for the best accessories to make the living room beautiful and functional.

Decor For Side Tables

Exclusive Bedside Tables For Your Master Bedroom Decor

A few weeks ago I asked the crowd on Instagram and the Bless’er Home Decor team what you needed help with and would like to see on the blog here this year, and many of you said you’ve finally come across this. table decoration ideas, how to design a shelf, how to choose the right size rug…

It’s easy if it’s not something that comes naturally to you. (And I’m actually pretty stuck.)

Decor For Side Tables

So I’ll break down the steps and hopefully take the guesswork out for you to make each piece of your home decor as easy as possible.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas: My Fave Tips & Ideas!

Every two weeks I plan to focus on one area of ​​the house and break it down into an entire array. I am very happy and hope it helps! Because I can work out some of these things.

Decor For Side Tables

Since I made a small winter living room the other day, I thought I’d break up how to style coffee tables as they look like the perfect place.

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I’m by no means a certified interior designer, but I’ve scoured every resource I could find for YEARS, so I’m just sharing what I know. (While visiting my mom in the NC mountains for the holidays, I’ve already found coffee tables I can’t wait to decorate…)

Decor For Side Tables

How To Style An End Table Like A Pro

(Did you know that 3 is the “magic decoration number”? It creates perfect symmetry. Try this number on anything: a mantel, a dresser, a shelf.

This number also applies to “groups”. In the picture above, the frame at the top of the book counts a group.

Decor For Side Tables

Usually we basically only need a set of coasters and a table lamp, then the other pieces can be nice decorations that serve no functional purpose.

Hyara Side Table (natural)

I love adding a potted plant or flower vase to add color, texture and “life” to what might otherwise be a plain side table.

Decor For Side Tables

If you have two objects of the same height on your desk, raise one to balance it. Lots of books or coffee table books are a great addition.

When arranging shelves, tables or any vignette, arrange items in a triangle. The “appearance triangle” is the stylist’s biggest secret.

Decor For Side Tables

Mirrored Coffee Tables That Add A Sparkle To Your Home!

I really like Philips Hue White lights. It’s not too bright but not too bright, and they work with Alexa and Google Assistant if you want to make your lights “smart”.

Coins, jewelry, etc. I love having one of these to hold those weird little balls that come to our tables like

Decor For Side Tables

Opt for non-seasonal scents so you have the flexibility to use them all year and don’t worry about stocking up when the season is over. Capsule decoration tip. πŸ˜‰

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We often have extra dolls and naked Barbie dolls.

Decor For Side Tables

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