Decor Ideas For Round Coffee Tables

Decor Ideas For Round Coffee Tables – Here is a list of coffee table decorating ideas that you can mix and match to create your signature and bring a breath of fresh air to your space!

Coffee tables come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Whether it’s a hard surface or something soft like a large ottoman, the style of the coffee table should be interesting and reflect your personal taste. A coffee table is the focal point of any room, so it’s a great place to display your favorite things. Below you will find a list of suggestions to stimulate your creative energy and some simple ways to incorporate your ideas into your home decor.

Decor Ideas For Round Coffee Tables

Decor Ideas For Round Coffee Tables

Tip: If you’re shopping for a new coffee table, consider getting a two-story coffee table. This lower level doubles your surface area and can be used as storage or to display more of your treasures.

How To Style Glass Coffee Table In 3 Ways

Before I go any further, I want to remind you that this is just a collection of ideas. There is absolutely no right or wrong way to decorate a coffee table. Listen to your instincts. Use items that speak to you, reflect your family’s interests, and most importantly, your personal style. I love neutral decor so I usually use this on the coffee table…with blue of course. If you’re a fan of color, be sure to incorporate this into your coffee table decor. Here’s what you’re looking for: When someone walks into a room, they should know your style just by looking at your coffee table!

Decor Ideas For Round Coffee Tables

Trays are great for versatility, making them a great starting point for any coffee table vignette. There is no hard and fast rule about what size or shape to use. It’s great to use a round tray on a round table… and just as well to use a square or rectangular tray.

Pallets are your most important layering tool. Start by placing the tray on the coffee table. Whatever you add later, the case will take on a harmonious and stylish air, as it will hold everything together. Stack things on top of each other and be sure to change their height.

Decor Ideas For Round Coffee Tables

Coffee Table Decor Ideas: My Fave Tips & Ideas!

Coffee tables and books go hand in hand. I have bought a book several times in my life just because I liked the cover. Beautiful covers add personality and uniqueness to your coffee table…so gather your best books or those that have a special meaning and start stacking. Garden books, decor books or books about flowers are perfect for this!

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When it comes to lights, think outside the box. Sure, candles are great, but candles aren’t the only thing that looks good in a lantern. A small nest filled with eggs, a flower pot filled with fresh or artificial greenery, moss balls of various sizes, scented potpourri, pine cones or yarn balls are just a few ways to add interest to the lantern. Mod Podge Terracotta Pot

Decor Ideas For Round Coffee Tables

Bowls and baskets can be used for layering, just like trays, but they add interesting shape and texture. A large neutral bowl can literally be used anywhere in your decor, but it’s an exceptional tool for styling a coffee table. Fill it with greenery or place a pitcher inside for a classic farmhouse look. The bowl pictured above has been with me for at least 20 years, maybe longer. It was a birthday present for a friend and is one of the most appreciated decor accessories. It moves around our house but mostly stays on the coffee table.

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When it comes to layering, baskets do the same thing as bowls, but their superpower is adding texture. If you have a dark coffee table, consider using a light colored basket for contrast. Layer the surprise and try adding something long.

Decor Ideas For Round Coffee Tables

The best way to take your coffee table decor to the next level is to add any fresh or faux natural elements. My first choice is always fresh flowers, but I also like to use fake greenery or a combination of them. Whether something green is fresh or artificial, a coffee table adds life to your decor that can’t be achieved in any other way.

Natural elements are also a great way to bring in something seasonal. Apple trees bloom in spring, peonies in summer, sunflowers in autumn, pine cones or fresh pine for Christmas. The photo below shows the coffee table in our Sutton Place home with my peonies in bloom. This was super easy to do, and of all the photos I’ve taken over the years, this is one of my favorites.

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Decor Ideas For Round Coffee Tables

The Truth About Coffee Tables And Why You Need One

Coffee table | dough bowl | fake eucalyptus | wooden pallet (similar) | lantern | mod podge pot | neutral pitcher 1 | neutral pitcher 2 | neutral pitcher 3 | large neutral bowls | rectangular hyacinth tray | round wicker tray (similar)

Now that you have some ideas and inspiration, have fun making your own coffee table! If it’s not what you had in mind the first time, be patient. When I need to replace a bench, it usually takes a few days to find the right combination. Just keep editing, adding and editing. Be brave, try something new and believe. You will get there! Earlier this week, Bridget shared her gorgeous new rectangular coffee table in her family room. Honestly, I’m obsessed with the look because the longer version of this table is our dining room table!

Decor Ideas For Round Coffee Tables

Because Bridget’s desk is so big, it’s hard for her to shape it properly. You want it to work in your everyday life, but you also want it to look nice. The struggle is real. While she was coming up with a game plan for styling her new table, we realized that we’ve never really talked about styling coffee tables here on the blog. And there are so many tips to share!

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First, it is important to design it according to the size and shape of the coffee table. I have a round coffee table in our family room (I still love this piece!) because the rest of our living room furniture is straight lines. We have a straight partition, a huge flat dining table and a large rectangular rug that takes up most of the room. Not to mention built-ins filled with square and rectangular boxes. Too many straight lines!

Decor Ideas For Round Coffee Tables

So I knew a round coffee table was in order. It helped soften the room and make everything less harsh. But what do you put on the table? Let’s take some tips…

Of course, we all want every surface in our home to be perfectly designed, but that can’t always be realistic in our busy lives! So the first tip is to make sure the look of the coffee table suits you and your family. We don’t have kids or pets, so it’s good to have a few “breakables” on the coffee table. However, you may need to keep the coffee table clean most of the time and then style it when entertaining or hosting guests. It works too!

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Decor Ideas For Round Coffee Tables

Diy Coffee Table Ideas And Designs (2022)

I always recommend placing a tray on the coffee table. In fact, I do the same thing at our dinner table. If you need a clean table, just lift the tray and it will be empty and bare in 2.5 seconds. If you have a round table, I recommend choosing a square or rectangular tray. A circular image is not good. However, a round tray can be suitable for a rectangular tray (as shown by the tray on B’s dining table).

My white tray is from West Elm and I love their selection (I have a small, square, rectangular and round tray for my polish!). Target and HomeGoods are also great resources for pallets. Make sure it’s big enough to fit all the elements you need for the style.

Decor Ideas For Round Coffee Tables

A coffee table needs beautiful coffee table books. I’ve had these 2 books for a long time, but I love the size and color. The bottom book was a gift from my mother… 100 photos from TIME magazine. A wonderful book filled with historic black and white photographs taken over the last few decades.

Modern Round Coffee Tables For Your Imposing Living Room

I think every blogger and designer use this best book because the black and white back is the best styling tool. What a beautiful spine to complement a dull table with a pattern! If I ever write a book, I will definitely make sure the spine is in place! The book is called The Elements of Style and is by blogger/designer Erin Gates. Of course, I love that this book is published because of the beautiful spine, but I also love that it gives guests a glimpse into my passion for home interiors.

Decor Ideas For Round Coffee Tables


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