Decorate Picnic Table Birthday

Decorate Picnic Table Birthday – I’m so excited to share an easy beach picnic setup with you today! For starters, it’s pretty cool! Second, I didn’t overspend on this picnic! It’s an all round win!!

My best friend asked me to go on a beach picnic to celebrate her birthday this year. Why choose a beach theme when you can go to the beach and use palm trees for decoration? Some of us put our heads together and took a trip to the most beautiful beach imaginable! I’ll tell you about the one we packed for a beach picnic, but it would be so cute in a park or backyard..anywhere really!

Decorate Picnic Table Birthday

Decorate Picnic Table Birthday

The first thing I knew was that I needed a comfortable pallet table. I love this table! The perfect height to eat off the floor without feeling like your food is on the floor too.. Goals! It added a boho vibe to a beach birthday party that I love. This table is perfect for kids too! I will definitely be using this for the kids’ birthdays and for a cute “kids table” at our backyard BBQ! If you’re interested in making a pallet table this way, I go through all the steps in the blog post – and it’s honestly the easiest thing to do!

Beach Picnic Set Up Company

A friend of mine recently purchased a Business & Pleasure beach blanket and it is to die for! It has a cute cutout in the middle for an umbrella, but we put a pallet table on top of it. If you don’t have large quilts, I recommend piecing together and layering a few. If you’re going for a more boho look, choose bright colors and textured quilts to mix and match! But if you’re feeling neutral, stick to one or two colors and mix and match those shades!

Decorate Picnic Table Birthday

We used these pillows from my friend’s outdoor unit. They’re from World Market and I think they put the whole beach picnic together. The little tassels on the side are awesome! Any outdoor cushion or cushions will work great and they don’t all have to be the same.

I bought this business and pleasure umbrella for my wedding a few months ago and absolutely love it! It’s super boho, chic and classy. I will be using this beach umbrella for bridal and baby showers, and outdoor dining! Having a gantry beach umbrella is a great investment for me. It’s a bit more expensive, so another affordable (and equally cute) option. What I love about all these beach birthday party favors is that we didn’t buy anything special, we just used them for other occasions. Buying your own home should always be the first step in planning an event or party!

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Decorate Picnic Table Birthday

Brody’s 1st Birthday Picnic In The Park — Momma Society

For our party we used my simple white plates from West Elm. I think everyone should have basic white plates because they are so versatile! We kept the table look minimal with these little floral lamps from Michaels and Trader Joe’s. Not to mention that killer board (thanks Chef Trader Joe’s!!).

Our finishing touches included a small letter board sign and mixing in matching candles! I’ve collected these candles over the years, but these three are especially vintage candles from Home Goods and Purpose.

Decorate Picnic Table Birthday

All this is necessary! I think you will find that you have many of these bits at home, and if you don’t, maybe a friend does! It really is a great birthday idea and excuse for a girls night out! Spring will be here before we know it, and as the pandemic continues to rage, we’ll all be looking for ways to celebrate safely. An open micro party is a great way to do just that! So I’m sharing a beautiful llama themed picnic party that I made for one of my clients. Her sweet daughter, Alice Sophia, was turning one, and my client wanted to gather a small group of friends to celebrate the milestone with a little llama theme. The rest of the guests attended via Zoom, so I made sure to create the perfect party atmosphere for their video call background.

Pink And Gold Princess Birthday Party

Or you can purchase a printable pack in my shop so you have everything you need for a llama picnic party!

Decorate Picnic Table Birthday

I really enjoyed making the printables this evening. Sleeping llamas, cute cacti, fun fringes and more, they’re perfect for setting the scene in every area! The first thing I did with this design was custom invitations.

On the day of the holiday, I created a reception area to welcome guests and give them a place to leave gifts. I used the easel to display a printed llama poster that greets party guests. Next to it I set up a bar cart emblazoned with the “Gift” banner. A sign printed on the upper level of the cart asked guests to pick up hand sanitizer from a jar of mini bottles with cute llama stickers.

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Decorate Picnic Table Birthday

Spooktacular Halloween Themed Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Then I arranged the dining room. Individual pre-packed picnic lunches arrived in cute cardboard boxes tied with ribbons and decorated with greenery. I displayed them on a natural rattan stand and added a beautiful flower arrangement that I made. I used bright flowers of holiday colors and placed them in a natural vase. On the other side of the table, I placed a light pink cloth, on top of which I placed drink dispensers with wooden bases. In the center I placed a gold bowl with ice and a few gold rimmed plastic cups on a wooden stand.

Since the main guests for this party were small, low natural wood tables worked well. But low tables can serve guests of any age and play in a picnic atmosphere. Put a rug underneath and give me some comfy cushions to sit on like I have here! I also used two natural rattan ottomans on either end for the little ones that needed a little extra growth.

Decorate Picnic Table Birthday

In the middle of the table I covered a pale pink cloth and placed some more flowers. I also made woodcuts of each guest’s name, attached tassels to them and used them as place cards.

How To Diy Luxury Picnic Birthday| Boho Aesthetic

After the guests finished their meal, it was time for dessert! Instead of using a table for this, I set up stools, stands and baskets of different heights to create volume. I put them on all kinds of delicious desserts with llama food labels. Don’t forget the llama cupcakes are free for my subscribers! You can find them in the subscriber’s lounge. If you are not yet a member, you can register here.

Decorate Picnic Table Birthday

I then surrounded the dessert displays with cacti, succulents, flower crowns for the guests of honor, and colorful tassels.

Next to the dessert bar, I installed another rug with a cozy play tent as an extra place for the kids. I filled it with soft pillows and fuzzy llama stuffed animals, and raised balloon garlands and a large balloon garland as a backdrop for the dessert.

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Decorate Picnic Table Birthday

Butterflies Flowers Fairy Princess Girls Birthday Party Picnic Table Decorations

The last part of the setup was for the birthday girl to have her cake and eat it! We used a separate rug with a white high chair and tied a large white balloon to the back of the chair. Then I put a printed llama “ONE” banner on the front.

P.S. The printable pack in my store has chair banners for ages 1-4 so you can use them at any kids party!

Decorate Picnic Table Birthday

I love how this llama picnic party turned out and I’m so glad my client, sweet little Alice Sophia, and her guests enjoyed it too.

Luxury Kids Picnic — Slumber Party

If you’re in or around Austin and would like to talk about how MINT Event Design can help you enjoy the holidays while we go over the details, don’t hesitate to reach out to schedule a consultation call. We want to help you design and plan the party of your dreams! A birthday is a day when our loved one enters the world and deserves to be celebrated.

Decorate Picnic Table Birthday

When the weather permits, we like to spend our holidays outside and outdoors. This allows us to expand our invitation list and enjoy the outdoors.

Here are some of our favorite birthday picnic ideas to make someone feel special on their big day.

Decorate Picnic Table Birthday

St Birthday Outdoor Tablecloth, Minimalist Design With Cute Elephant And Baby Girl Party Theme, Decorative Washable Fabric Picnic Table Cloth, 58 X 84 Inches,lilac Pale Pink And White, By Ambesonne

When planning a birthday picnic theme, you can think about what the birthday child or adult likes and incorporate it into the party!

Once you have a theme, you can choose place settings, picnic blankets, and even food.

Decorate Picnic Table Birthday

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