Decorate Valentines Table At Home

Decorate Valentines Table At Home – Add some love to your home with these 7 easy ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day. A few quick and cheap touches and you’ll be all set to celebrate!

I did a winter wonderland theme in my dining room this Christmas and actually left a lot of decorations for winter. While I don’t like snow.

Decorate Valentines Table At Home

Decorate Valentines Table At Home

Even though I loved the color white, I still wanted to decorate for Valentine’s Day. And honestly, it needed some color – I always forget how dark and gloomy it can be here in January! I haven’t had much time to decorate since I’ve been traveling a lot, but I’ve come up with a few quick and inexpensive ways to add Valentine’s decorations to your home.

Valentine’s Day Table Setting

Adding Valentine’s Day decorations to your home isn’t complicated. Just follow these 7 easy ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day. It’s time to show the love!

Decorate Valentines Table At Home

Nothing brings out Valentine’s Day more than some beautiful red borders and it doesn’t take much to make the red really pop than the white! I used two love cups, a felt love banner and a red heart shaped plate. Just these few items really turned the buffet into a beautiful Valentine’s Day color.

Using seasonal chocolates or other candies is an inexpensive way to add a little color to your Valentine’s Day decorations. Use wrapped chocolate or keep candy in covered glass containers. One of the nice things about decorating with chocolate is that you don’t have to store it at the end of the season. Just a warning that it may need to be refilled often. 🙂

Decorate Valentines Table At Home

Simple Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas For A Cozy Home

One of my favorite things to do each holiday season is come up with some printables to display. They are definitely the quickest and cheapest way to add that seasonal decor to your home. You can find my previous free printables for Valentine’s Day here and I have some new ones for you to download! Just click on the links below or at the end of the post.

I picked up some of these wooden love tags from Michaels and added them to the lighted trees in our dining room and the winter wreaths in our entryway. You can often find small signs at the dollar store or Target that can easily be added to decorative items you already have. They’re inexpensive, don’t take up much storage space, and don’t require you to change your existing decor. Just layer, layer, layer!

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Decorate Valentines Table At Home

A few Valentine’s Day tea towels will add seasonal flair to your kitchen for under $10. They are practical to use during the holidays and easy to store for later.

Valentine’s Day Decor That Is A Must For The Most Romantic Day!

This is another favorite of mine! We don’t drink coffee here, so hot chocolate is our favorite hot drink. I’ve had so much fun coming up with new hot chocolate arrangements over the years and I’m always changing them up for different seasons. If you want to make your own hot chocolate bar for Valentine’s Day, you can check out my free printable hot chocolate bars here and free hot chocolate stickers here . I told you I love the press! 😉

Decorate Valentines Table At Home

You can’t get any easier than throwing a Valentine pillow on a bench, chair or couch! If you’re short on space, look for a cushion cover that can easily be added to one of your existing cushions. The tree is one of my Christmas decorations, but the red berries go perfectly with my red and white Valentine decorations!

Here it is! I’d love to hear if you decorate for Valentine’s Day and if you have any other ideas for decorating for Valentine’s Day. Be sure to get the printout below before you go! 🙂 Celebrating Valentine’s Day at home this year? Give your dining room a romantic look with these 12 homemade dining table decorations for Valentine’s Day!

Decorate Valentines Table At Home

Romantic Valentine Tablescape Ideas

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Many people like to go out for a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day. We are not those people. We prefer to spend Valentine’s Day in the comfort of our own home. So our plans for this year aren’t too different from previous years – dinner, dessert and just hanging out.

Decorate Valentines Table At Home

If your Valentine’s Day meal plans have changed this year and you’re celebrating at home, consider transforming your dining room for Valentine’s Day. Even if you’re not making a reservation at your favorite restaurant, you can still set the mood in your dining room!

Mixing Valentines Day And Winter Decor

Dim the lights, blow out the candles and dress the table in red. And don’t forget the roses! A beautiful centerpiece in the middle of the table would look lovely, as would some rose petals tossed around the table!

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Decorate Valentines Table At Home

We keep it simple with an arrangement of artificial roses and battery-operated tea lights. But you can add some special touches to your Valentine’s Day table with these 12 decorating ideas!

Add some extra special touches to your dining room with heart-shaped balloons, Valentine’s Day banners, personalized champagne flutes, and even enjoy a heart-shaped fondue set for two (to win (all dipped in chocolate)! Are you going out or staying in for Valentine’s Day? If you’re staying at home, here are eleven of my favorite Valentine’s decorations.

Decorate Valentines Table At Home

Top 3 Dining Room Table Ideas For A Luxurious Valentine’s Day

I have tables for eight, six, four or two people. I have pink and white and red and white tables. And I have artificial flowers and real flowers. There are so many Valentine table decorations out there and I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

But here’s the thing. Valentine’s Day lasts all day and there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a delicious meal with your loved ones.

Decorate Valentines Table At Home

Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two, a table for your whole family, or a Valentine’s Day breakfast before school, these ten ideas will help you create a beautiful table that makes everyone feel loved. Will!

Valentines Day Decorations. Felt Heart Decorations, Scissors, Thread, Pincushion, Thimble, Felt Sheets And Pieces Stock Image

I have a cranberry glass from these tables. I love the shape, color and weight of the cranberry glass. I have been collecting cranberry glass for about thirty years and I try to use it as often as I can.

Decorate Valentines Table At Home

I love having the opportunity to talk to you all about all the things I love.

Now I’m sharing a few Amazon Live shows each week and I hope you’ll click on the links to see what’s new.

Decorate Valentines Table At Home

Decorate The House With Love This Valentine’s Day

In this show I share some of my favorite artificial flowers and show how to arrange them! Click here.

Would you like to see the items I use to make my crafts? You don’t need all of them, but some are essential. Join me here.

Decorate Valentines Table At Home

Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two, a table for the whole family, or a Valentine’s Day breakfast before school, below is everything you need to create a beautiful table that will make everyone feel loved. !

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Blush Pink Valentines Day Table Decorations

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Decorate Valentines Table At Home

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Decorate Valentines Table At Home

Amazing Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine’s Day

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Decorate Valentines Table At Home

I love planning parties. I made this backyard dinner for my family and it was amazing. Today I am showing you how to plan a dinner party in your backyard. I wanted to make dinner that was really special. My guests were the best ever…our family! This dinner…

Valentine Table Decorations: Romantic Red And Pattern Mix

I’m so excited to share Easy Elegance Wednesdays with you, where we celebrate simple and elegant decor. Today I’m sharing Christmas decorating ideas and some clay ornaments I’ve made that represent events throughout the year. I love decorating my house for Christmas and I do.

Decorate Valentines Table At Home

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