Decorated Outside Tables For A Retirement Party

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My mother passed away on the last Friday of September. And we threw a SURPRISE PARTY for her in my backyard.

Decorated Outside Tables For A Retirement Party

Decorated Outside Tables For A Retirement Party

This post will have lots of pictures; But it’s hard to know where to start breaking things down. The idea first came as a surprise to my mom because her twin sister and her husband would be from Wisconsin (which I already knew from some projects I visited a few years ago). We would like to have a nice dinner by renting a private room in the restaurant and decorating it, but our party is so small that it is difficult to find a suitable place (I think it is a room for a large group far away, so we’ll split it up). And the minimum cost is very high (about $500 on average, I want the cake and the theme). So after a few days of looking and not finding it, I offered my house.

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“Why not set up a table outside with hanging lamps and lots of greenery? It’s really cool on Pinterest.”

Decorated Outside Tables For A Retirement Party

So that’s what we did! My sister and her fiance came over this past weekend to help clean everything up while we finished the landscaping around the deck. And let me tell you: my sister was a CHAMP. She weeds, I’ve been crazy about growing flowers and using all my new STIHL tools to make real magic. She also made an acrylic sign and had a beautiful champagne cake partner.

At the same time, I did a lot of finishing work that made the new deck a finished space. I painted the outer chairs, painted the tent and created a small passage from the deck steps to the fire pit.

Decorated Outside Tables For A Retirement Party

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New planters and lights are wired (tutorial including plans and video coming later this week). I was very impressed with how much of a difference adding the custom track made. It created an immediate flow to join the two areas.

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Planning such a surprise party came about because Mom was counting down the days until her retirement and wanted us all to have dinner together. She tried to make reservations and kept telling my aunt how to book tickets to fly to Wisconsin. It’s fun – but also stressful – because she’s frustrated with the number of conflicts we keep having (she travels a lot for work, so she knows exactly when to book her flight and she’s worried about the costs going up. ).

Decorated Outside Tables For A Retirement Party

But finally the day came and we set up a dining area with two long tables outside. The original plan was to put the tables on the grass between the floor and the trees (so that the lights above would flicker on the tables), but it rained and was wet the week before, so that made scrapping easier. Install on deck.

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Down from Wisconsin) and the four of us (me/K, my sister/her fiance) combined with balloons, food, flower decorations, Some DIYs (Em and a friend designed the sign – I spray painted the candle holders and chalk painted chargers from Goodwill – the napkin holders were made from washi tape, ribbon and greenery). Then I waited for mom and dad to come. All this time Mom was fantasizing about having K and I over for a champagne dinner because all plans for the retirement party kept falling apart (hehe).

Decorated Outside Tables For A Retirement Party

I am very happy that I can make more videos this year. Not only because it makes my tutorials better and keeps things challenging and interesting (learning to both shoot and record is still hard for me, I often forget to do one or the other!) but I know we’re on our way.

. So the next pup update will include these clips, including videos of the dogs (after the party I did a really informal house tour downstairs to share in the next post, but it’s not real, but real life). This is a home movie and not something I put a lot of production energy into, but I hope you enjoy it. Mom’s reaction was priceless. ❤️

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Decorated Outside Tables For A Retirement Party

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Everything was so much fun. And I can’t even tell you – this is the kind of thing I’ve always wanted to do in my house. It’s these times when I get a little heated about how to do.

This is really what I tried to do at home. There is still so much I want to do, but it feels like a great achievement to be able to stop every once in a while and enjoy it. To share.

Decorated Outside Tables For A Retirement Party

It’s been years since I saw my aunt and uncle’s house, so it’s fun to show them all that has changed since they were last there. as always, My uncle helped me with a new project – only this time. It’s only at Em’s house, not mine. Also, DIY lamp post plans with hanging lights are coming to you soon.

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Do you want more pictures because I can’t decide which one is my favorite? You are welcome ? Do me a favor and pin your favorites so others can discover this post.

Decorated Outside Tables For A Retirement Party

(And these are the most beautiful pantry areas I’ve seen in a long time, so they’re already posted on the House Tour page, too.)

Hello there! I’m Sarah. Favorite thing: 1) Tearing down my house and 2) putting it back together. I sometimes talk about life and other things like food and travel, but I’m obsessed with DIY and power tools like you’ll find here.

Decorated Outside Tables For A Retirement Party

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Got a DIY question? Tag @uglyducklingDIY on Instagram or use the hashtag # to showcase your projects. When my mom retired, I knew I wanted to throw her the ultimate retirement party. Growing up, he often went to other teachers’ retirement parties and I remember thinking.

. We gathered around the cake plate in the school living room and wished the late teacher a happy retirement. One of my goals is to create a unique, unique experience for her and her guests. to remember Very fun to have. secretly My intention is that it was “the best retirement party I’ve ever been to.

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Decorated Outside Tables For A Retirement Party

1. Pick a theme: She’s a teacher, so it didn’t take long to decide on a vintage schoolhouse theme for the party. I borrowed the decor from family and friends and helped find some of my grandmother’s old school photos. banners around the room; In addition to children’s books and flashcards, I also printed and purchased a file of vintage flash cards at AC. The welcome table has vintage school chairs and a school bell, as well as some old books near my mother’s school photo and guest book from when she was in kindergarten.

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He found a sketch of a woman who looked like a young teacher, colored and traced with chalk. I sat him in front of the board and scanned the image to make the sign. One of them had them sign the guest book and the other put labels on the little chalk packets that were at everyone’s seats.

Decorated Outside Tables For A Retirement Party

I found the idea for the invitation on pinterest and love how it looks like a teacher’s school folder. It was fun for everyone to see my mom’s first school photo in the 80s.

2. Find a fun place: I’ve talked about having a party at my parents’ house for the first time, but I don’t want to worry about cleaning and tidying the house. I wonder how many people have to fit in and clean. it’s over. My mom started looking for local restaurants and found the perfect choice, the 500 Club. They have a large fairway outside the main restaurant and a beautiful outdoor mingling area. The best thing is to let them decorate as they wish.

Decorated Outside Tables For A Retirement Party

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The restaurant is a bit out of town and not many people visit. Experiencing a new place is fun for the people and the food is delicious.

3. Surprise

Decorated Outside Tables For A Retirement Party

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