Decorated Table Top Tree

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The holiday season can bring joy, fun and a mountain of Christmas decorations to your home — but those decorations can also come with unwanted stress.

Decorated Table Top Tree

Decorated Table Top Tree

For those traveling during the holiday season, you may feel that decorating seems unnecessary. If you’re one of the millions of people in an apartment, in-law suite, college dorm or retirement community this winter, you may find that you don’t have room to bring in large decorations like a Christmas tree. And, even if you have room for a full-sized artificial tree, where will you find storage for that tree when the holiday season is over?

This Tabletop Christmas Tree From Amazon Is A Festive Desk Accessory

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Decorated Table Top Tree

This year, skip the pressure to anchor and keep a big tree in your home. We’ve put together a list of 15 tabletop Christmas trees that are festive, classic and perfect for conversation to save space and spruce up your home for the holidays.

If you’re looking for chic, Instagram-worthy decor this holiday season, look no further than the boho-cool Anthropologie. The pre-lit artificial table tree is quite minimalistic, but comes with warm white twinkling LED lights.

Decorated Table Top Tree

Beautiful Tabletop Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

Tree heights range from 2 feet to 3 feet depending on the size you choose and are battery operated. You can hit a stylish tree from your office back into your home without squeezing it for space.

If classic warm white open legs aren’t your style, lean towards something bold. Walmart’s pre-lit table tree features a variety of colorful lights. The tree is warm, inviting, and fun—and looks like it was plucked straight from Santa’s workshop.

Decorated Table Top Tree

The base is wrapped in a red fabric bag and the price drops below $40. A quick note: a 24-inch tree comes with about 35 bulbs. If you’re looking for a big pop of color, reviewers suggest adding more lights or brightly colored ornaments to this decor.

King Of The Forest Tree

The Christmas season is a time of nostalgia for many people. We reminisce about our childhood holidays and the traditions we celebrate. If you’re looking to bring that nostalgic touch back into your home this Christmas, consider opting for a ceramic-style table tree.

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Decorated Table Top Tree

Milltown Merchants designed this table tree specifically after traditional ceramic holiday decorations. The ornament comes with colorful lighting, glossy paint and a variety of sizes to choose from (ranging from over 6 inches tall to nearly 16 inches tall). Thousands of people have reviewed this product – with many writing that this decoration brings back memories of Christmases past.

If you’re looking for a tree that won’t add clutter to your office or apartment space, consider this 14-inch desk tree from QVC. Reviewers report that the pre-light tree is battery operated, but also comes with a handy timer. The battery is placed under the burlap base and has several lighting settings. It’s a small but great Christmas decoration – it can add some cheer to the tiniest corner of your home.

Decorated Table Top Tree

Small Christmas Tree With Led Christmas Tree Lights, Mini Christmas Tree, Mini Pine Tree, Bottle Brush Fake Trees With Wooden Base For Tabletop Decorative (plant Green)

For a small, unconventional Christmas decoration this year, consider picking up one of these unique, handmade table trees for your home. The tree is mostly plastic decorations and twigs, but it is also wrapped in “frozen” branches, evergreen leaves, bright red berries and more.

Delicate red bells are also attached to the tree, so every time you move the decoration you will hear a jingle. It’s a small item—only 13.5 inches in diameter—but reviewers still believe it brings rustic, vacation charm to their homes.

Decorated Table Top Tree

Get Santa’s World Small Twig Cone Tree with Frosted Evergreens, Primitive Bells and Berries from Etsy for $29.65

Best Tabletop Christmas Trees

One of the most fun parts of the holiday season for me growing up was always helping to decorate the house with Christmas decorations. Unfortunately for parents with small children, sometimes these decorations can come with breakable glass or items that are too dangerous for children.

Decorated Table Top Tree

Crate & Barrel captures the wisdom and magic behind decorating with these kid-safe tabletop trees. The 13-inch tree comes with a felt ornament, a felt tree top and a soft starry tree skirt. Your kids can join in the decorating fun without worrying about broken glass ornaments.

For the fuss-free holiday lover in your life, consider a tabletop tree that comes with all the bells and whistles. This mini tree from Oyydecor comes with lights, decorations and a tree, all for under $20. It is about 2 feet tall and doesn’t take up much space on your counter.

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Decorated Table Top Tree

The 28in Twinkle Tabletop Tree

Just because it’s small, though, doesn’t mean it won’t make a big impact. Hundreds of buyers have given this tree 5-star reviews – revealing bright colors and a tree base that looks like Santa’s own burlap bag. Also worth noting—the battery-operated tree has adjustable lights, so you can play around with the settings that work best for you.

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas this year? Bring some snowy wonder into your home with a winter wonderland table tree. This pre-lit pine cone covered ornament has been dusted with fake snow so you can replicate the feeling of a cold Christmas morning, even if there are no snowflakes in the forecast.

Decorated Table Top Tree

This tree is at the more expensive end of our list, but it is also one of the tallest trees in our product collection. You can choose a 36-inch or 48-inch tree. The ornament also has a maximum weight of four pounds – so it shouldn’t be too difficult to move around your space. The burlap base also adds a rustic and warm touch to the decor.

Tabletop Christmas Tree

Sometimes one Christmas tree table is not enough. The Home Depot is offering a two-pack set of artificial Christmas trees for shoppers looking to bring twice the holiday cheer into their homes. This ornament has a concrete-like resin base that helps weight the tree down so it doesn’t topple over from elbows or a wobbly table.

Decorated Table Top Tree

The trees are about 3 feet tall and the manufacturer says they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Trees are marked as having a full shape and limited empty spots between branches.

Get the Pre-Lighted 3-Foot LED Artificial Christmas Tree with Warm White Mini Lights (2-Pack) at The Home Depot for $89.98

Decorated Table Top Tree

Beautiful Tabletop Christmas Trees

Many shoppers prefer to avoid the artificial fir needles or tinsel that often accompany Christmas trees. If this is the case for you too, you don’t have to give up on the Christmas tree on the table at all. Choose a comfortable and soft tree with felt style.

This pair of felt tree ornaments from West Elm are festive and small enough to slip onto a shelf or mantel. Comes in a set of two – the large tree is about 24 inches tall and the smaller one reaches 18 inches. The tabletop is built on a solid wooden base.

Decorated Table Top Tree

Who says Christmas decorations have to be refined or traditional? If you’re looking for some brightly colored Christmas cheer this holiday season, check out Treetopia’s Rainbow Gumdrop Mini Tree.

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Faux Pre Lit Led Alpine Tabletop Tree

Including their seats, these decorations are only one foot tall. According to Treetopia, this rainbow tree is backed by a 5-year foliage guarantee, and the company offers free shipping. Keep in mind that they come in multi-tree sets, so they will take up space in your house or apartment, especially when it’s time to store them away until the upcoming holiday season.

Decorated Table Top Tree

Crate and Barrel has holiday decorations this season that fit Scandinavian style to a tee. If you’re a fan of minimalism, comfortable furniture and clean, sharp lines in your decor, then the Tannenbaum tree is for you.

This decoration is a solid wood tree, available in various sizes, built on black iron bars. The tree is easy to clean and has “rotating” branches. Reviews of this holiday decor have been overwhelmingly positive, with buyers calling it “classy, ​​modern and stylish.”

Decorated Table Top Tree

The Best Diy Tabletop Christmas Tree Ideas

One of the most fun things about decorating your home for the holidays is that you can always find decorations that fit your design style and personality. This handmade style table tree from QVC is natural, rustic, and can fit into any farmhouse style home. Embossed wood gives this minimalist decor a unique look.

For those who prefer a small tree that sparkles and doesn’t sparkle, consider this classic Christmas tree from Balsam Hill. The Poconos Pine Mini Tree looks like an evergreen tree, without the tree’s signature needles falling all over your house.

Decorated Table Top Tree

The table decoration is about 28 inches and comes with its own plastic tree base. Shoppers can choose between lighted or unlit versions of this holiday classic—if you want a more natural look or have your own set of lights you like to decorate it with.

Mini Christmas Trees

The cost of celebrating Christmas can add up quickly—between travel, gifts, and food, you probably don’t want to spend a fortune on decorations. If you love decorating with a rustic touch (still on a budget), Target has it

Decorated Table Top Tree

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