Decorated Tea Room Table

Decorated Tea Room Table – I like customs, but I can be a criminal sometimes. My Afternoon Tea is a great example of adding a modern twist to a popular tradition. Royal wedding or not, I always raise a cup of tea. It might even be afternoon tea, let’s get to it!

As always, I love mixing in vintage pieces like silver flatware, silver coasters and glassware with silver legs. These family pieces add charm and a sense of tradition to the table.

Decorated Tea Room Table

Decorated Tea Room Table

A break from tradition are functional tea cups. I’m a big tea drinker and I’ve found that the thin cups are very good at keeping the tea warm for a long time. Porcelain teacups and bone china cups with a bird motif are a great replacement for the traditional cup and saucer.

Easter Breakfast Table With Tea,eggs In Egg Cups, Spring Flowers In Vase And Easter Decor Stock Photo

White on white is fine and dandy, but sometimes I crave color and pattern. For this table, I used 4 different patterned towels (kitchen cloths), under the plates. I then added two different cloth diapers, one in vibrant colors and cream, the other in navy and white stripes.

Decorated Tea Room Table

In a funny twist, the napkins and their silver napkin rings were placed on the plates. I think they look like ties.

Instead of the traditional cream and some sugars, I used a white ramekin in a sugar bowl and an old fashioned spice rack. Well, I’m not saying there was cream or rum. 😉 Let’s just say there’s always someone who wants to start happy hour early.

Decorated Tea Room Table

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Remember that ramekins can be used for more than just baking. Use them also in sauces and side dishes.

Afternoon tea is not complete without fruit, biscuits and real muffins. I had a good taste of the strawberry hand pies. Thank goodness the pies tasted better than they looked and disappeared quickly.

Decorated Tea Room Table

I have to mention the beautiful flower arrangement of hydrangeas, peonies and lilies, it was a wonderful birthday present from my husband. They’re all reasons to say, “Hey, let’s go have afternoon tea and I’ll bake something!”

Porcelain Hand Painted Tea Set

Thank you for stopping by for afternoon tea today. By the way, what is your favorite flavor of tea? My top four are Earl Grey, Celery, Oolong and Bedtime.

Decorated Tea Room Table

This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience. I may make a small commission, but this does not affect the price you pay. East Asia is known for its unparalleled tea drinking culture, where tea is much more than a sweet drink. Not only is tea enjoyed privately and at social events, in small tea parties and public teahouses, but many cultures have developed elaborate formal rituals surrounding the preparation and serving of tea. While East Asian tea festivals vary between countries, the nature of the drink is generally agreed upon. This wonderful daily celebration inspired the inclusion of personal tea rooms in modern homes, which we explore here today. From Asian tea tables and tatami mats to modern interpretations of the theme, we will discover how to spice up tea at home.

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Add color to a place with tradition. Dark red, natural wood and dark accents will bring a sense of the past to a modern interior that gives a modern touch to the aesthetics of the teahouse. Add beautiful houseplants and small trees to create a rich backdrop.

Decorated Tea Room Table

Buy Hand Painted Ceramic Tea Set With Teapot

Illuminate tea rooms with an LED lighting scheme that adds a warm, modern feel. This tea room overlooks a projector screen which is set in the open plan living room.

The low Chabudai table and Zabuton floor cushions allow for perfect enjoyment next to the large windows. Consider developing a zen garden, pond, or vertical garden to take advantage of the window display.

Decorated Tea Room Table

In honor of Japanese tradition, Zabuton floor cushions and poufs are key. Pair with Shōji doors or screens and frame Shūji calligraphy to complete the look.

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Drinking Chinese tea takes place on a raised table. It is considered inappropriate to sit directly next to the tea server, but in a house with only two people, you can allow it to be a single slide.

Decorated Tea Room Table

Botanical wall art creates a peaceful scene that matches the relaxed atmosphere of the tea party. This beautiful Shōji area has rows of round windows that frame the true beauty of nature.

Tag in the teahouse. These days it’s perfectly fine to have a tea room in an open plan living area. With a large tea chair and small companions on the other side, you can get the feeling of a special occasion. Bordered with matching cabinets and finished off with a focal point of quiet wall art.

Decorated Tea Room Table

Image Set Decorative Teapots And Tea Cups Vector Image

Put on a show. Here, Tetsubin’s cast iron tea collection is proudly displayed on illuminated shelves, combining traditional and modern styles. An accent wall of slatted wood panels echoes traditional Shōji screens without sacrificing effort.

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Swept away. The grand design of the spiral staircase and whimsical views of nature delight the mind and soul, while the tea soothes the body.

Decorated Tea Room Table

Install built-in shelving to lovingly display a selection of teas, alongside antiques, artwork and a selection of treasured books.

Modern Minimalist Restaurant Decoration Painting Clock Creative Fruit Painting Milk Tea Shop Wall Painting With Clock Di

Simulate a Japanese teahouse and breathe in a sense of Zen by placing a Buddha statue prominently.

Decorated Tea Room Table

The standard Zaisu seats are a step up in comfort from the simple Zabuton cushion, and the Kyousoku armrest provides even more support.

A marble fireplace elevates this tea room all the way to the top, along with a designer pendant light and a wall of custom-made books.

Decorated Tea Room Table

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If you can’t decide between floor cushions or chairs, then you can always choose between two aesthetics and an eclectic collection of sofas that will satisfy everyone.

The bonsai tree has long symbolized balance, patience, harmony, and happiness in Asian culture, and Zen Buddhists believe that the bonsai is an object of contemplation and meditation. Who wouldn’t want to bring these wonderful features to their tea table?

Decorated Tea Room Table

Display a collection of white teas against a background of deep colors to create a dramatic contrast. Moody backlighting accentuates the bold effect.

Asian Tea Room With Antique Furniture …

Seating in a Chinese teahouse usually requires the first guest of honor to be on the host’s left. The remaining seats are arranged down to the right. Therefore, a common bench will probably come behind the two single seats, if the length of the table allows it.

Decorated Tea Room Table

Mountain motifs are popular in teahouse interior design. Their fixed outline provides a wide panorama that opens up the space.

Arch decoration is common in modern interiors and tea rooms are no exception. Subtly frame decor that sets the stage for an event with this curved tool and use LED strip to draw the right focus.

Decorated Tea Room Table

Afternoon Tea Ideas

Of course, the cozy tea room is also a great place for a game of checkers. Don’t forget to allocate storage space and play time.

Create a new ritual. This traditional tea room arrangement is updated with a classic circle theme and bold lines.

Decorated Tea Room Table

The same pendant lights and illuminated spatial art are repeated here behind a very small table.

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Update a wooden Chabudai table with a contemporary concrete top. These intricate floor chairs give the appearance of simple cushions while offering more support and height.

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Decorated Tea Room Table

Japanese ginger jars were originally containers for salt, oil, and spices like ginger, which is how they got their name when they entered the Western world. Their decorative nature is now popular on shelves and mantelpieces and they are the perfect accompaniment to the tea room.

Match the quality of the dining set and the freestanding tea room to double their impact. Use real tatami mats to define zones.

Decorated Tea Room Table

Tea Time Pot Of Flowers Centerpiece — Homebnc

Often in modern interiors, the metal teapot tetsubin is not hung above the irori hearth, but directly on the table.

This custom coffee table looks straight past the window where it meets the sunny courtyard.

Decorated Tea Room Table

Sculpted clouds pass in front of a series of artistic mountains in this unique and dreamy tea room decor scheme.

Ufengke 11 Piece Creative European Luxury Tea Set, Ivory Porcelain Ceramic Coffee Set With Metal Holder, Hand Painted Red And White Rose Flower, For Wedding Decoration

A large example of calligraphy adorns and borders this spacious tea room, which opens from the airy living area. High racks are very easily accessible so as not to threaten the peace of the environment.

Decorated Tea Room Table

No room for a tea room? WIthout problems. A wooden window seat can also be a great place to serve tea.

The coffee table goes beautifully with the tradition of preparing tea, serving and feasting.

Decorated Tea Room Table

New Chinese Style Entrance Table Tea Room Storage Cabinet Hallway Shoe Cabinet Sideboard Long Altar Table Living Room Decoration Partition Zen Style

Paperless shoji screens keep this tea room connected to the adjacent living space and allow sharing of the stunning view.

A portal cutout window provides a glimpse into the various attractive themes of the large tea storage for this tea table. A large bonsai tree stands majestically in the window.

Decorated Tea Room Table

Display models of Chinese architecture to celebrate the origins of tea. The glass brick wall matches beautifully with the Shoji door grille, while being strong.

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