Decorating A Console Table For Christmas

Decorating A Console Table For Christmas – IT’S THE BEST time of the year! So many festivities, it’s cozy, and Christmas decorations are everywhere, including in my house! So welcome, come in and take a look at my Christmas decorations. I had so much fun putting everything together this year and I love how it turned out!

The console table we built in August is probably my favorite piece of furniture in the house. It was just too much fun to decorate, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Decorating A Console Table For Christmas

Decorating A Console Table For Christmas

These beautiful mercury glass Christmas trees were stolen from TJ Maxx. It was love at first sight and I knew they belonged on my console table along with all the other decor!

Holiday Home Tour

A little powder snow around the trees and deer really completed the look for me. I was hesitant to use it at first because of the mess, but I’m so glad my husband insisted on it. Plus, it will vacuum!

Decorating A Console Table For Christmas

This little guy, along with the antler candle holders (below) and the large reindeer on my mantel, are some other finds from TJ Maxx this year. Aren’t they the best?!

If you’re looking for a candle to make your house smell like the holidays, this is the one! It’s from Bath and Body Works and I’ve been wearing it every night for a week! So good!

Decorating A Console Table For Christmas

How To Decorate A Small Living Room For Christmas

That said, the console table was great to decorate and when I saw that “Merry Christmas” garland I knew exactly where it belonged. I’ll give you one guess where it came from. Yes, TJ Maxx. This place has done this girl good this holiday season!

This wire basket was found at Michael’s in September. I fill it accordingly, and for Christmas I chose pine cones and “snow” tipped berries.

Decorating A Console Table For Christmas

Using cardboard cones, my husband and I made these last year. Such an easy DIY and I still love mine!

Cozy Plaid Christmas Decor In Green And Blue

This has been the best tree for the decor transition. I replaced the pilgrim ornaments with green and red Christmas decorations and left the bells and pine cones.

Decorating A Console Table For Christmas

I love that you can see the reflection of our Christmas tree in this photo! And are you spying on the other TJ Maxx reindeer? ?

I’ve been decorating our dining room doors with wreaths since August and I think it’s something I’ll be doing all year. Of course with wreaths adapted to the seasons!

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Decorating A Console Table For Christmas

Best Christmas Living Room Decor Ideas

This year I wanted to keep it simple with our centerpiece. So I asked my husband to build me a box. He did and then I filled it with the pieces he had to cut from our Christmas tree to fit in its stand. With berries, cones, mercury glass and candlesticks from our wedding, I got exactly the look I was after. The table runner, which I made from fabric bought at Jo Ann, was the finishing touch!

So that’s my home visit for Christmas decorations. What does your home look like this time of year? And what is your favorite decoration? So if you’ve been following Insta you KNOW I’m just obsessed with all things Christmas. Especially ideas for console table decoration!

Decorating A Console Table For Christmas

Red Christmas coffee mugs + ugly Christmas sweaters + Mariah Carey exploding in my car. I mean, who doesn’t love All I Want For Christmas?? Best Christmas song EVER. I really don’t know what it’s about this time, but everything makes me SO happy.

Simple, Classic Christmas Entryway

Are people so … aggressive? I do all my Christmas shopping online. This is the way to go guys! I don’t know WHY anyone would need to go to malls when we have everything online.

Decorating A Console Table For Christmas

Considering this is my very FIRST Christmas in my new home, I really wanted to keep things simple, but obviously chic.

I didn’t want it to look like Christmas vomited all over my house. First, I don’t have much space. And two, less is more. I knew I wanted a tree (a white mini), of course. And I have a beautiful console table that I was going to decorate the crap with.

Decorating A Console Table For Christmas

Christmas Dining Room Decor Ideas

I had so many console table decorations. Themes swirled around in my head. But I thought, let’s keep it classic and do a very simple, wintry white and silver table.

2. ASYMMETRY. The trick to making asymmetry look good is balance. You don’t want the table to look the same from both sides, but visually you still want there to be some balance. There are SO many ways to achieve this. Adding pops of color is one way to go. I’m not much of a color person, so I kept the colors neutral. However, I used different shades of white, silver and grey.

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Decorating A Console Table For Christmas

3. LIGHT. I mean, need I say more? My last post was ALL about my love of candles, so of course when it came to decorating the table I used as many candles as possible. White and silver of course.

Console Table DÉcor Ideas For The Holidays.

4. CONES. Another accessory that screams Christmas. I found spray painted white pine cones that thread together at Homesense and wrap around everything on my table. Texture is really important, so find things that make your table stand out. And speaking of consistency…

Decorating A Console Table For Christmas

5. TEXTURE. Sequins, faux fur, sequins, feathers, branches. Anything that adds something that your eyes immediately perceive. I pretty much have everything above on my table, minus the faux fur. Texture is another great way to balance your table.

6. HEIGHT. Add different heights to your table. This goes with the asymmetry point above. It’s another way to make your table visually appealing. Instead of buying candles that are all the same height, buy a few different heights. I also bought cones of sequins in different heights. It is eye-catching and visually appealing. You don’t want everything to be at the same height. I added a vase with all sorts of random things from feathers to branches and silver glitter leaves. All are of different heights.

Decorating A Console Table For Christmas

Christmas Home Tour

7. GUESS VS. PRACTICE. There is nothing practical in my table. LOL. I must admit that I am definitely not the most practical person in the world. So, sue me. If you can add convenience to your table, do it! I just prefer it to be pretty. I’m not saying it can’t be both practical and stylish, but mine just isn’t. I filled my table with polar bears, pine cones, doves, poinsettias, an overload of candles, and a useless (but SO cute) sign that says “I love you.”

8. LIGHT. You can’t call it Christmas if there are no candles. Am I right?! I bought a string of thin lights that I placed under the “snow” to illuminate the table. It just gives that extra Christmas feeling. Happy Monday everyone! One more week before the kids finish school for Christmas break! I have to be honest and say that I am so excited to have this week behind me. I can’t wait for my kids to get out of school so we can spend mornings in our pajamas watching Christmas movies and evenings in our pajamas driving around looking at Christmas lights. There seems to be a theme here with pajamas. Obviously I’m a fan. 🙂

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Decorating A Console Table For Christmas

Sharing how I decorated my console table for the holidays today! This table ended up being more neutral and less colorful than I originally intended, but it’s still festive when you come around the corner in our family room.

Christmas Entry Decor

A few red berries in my favorite Target pitcher provide the only color. But it’s still a happy dash of color. 🙂

Decorating A Console Table For Christmas

The deer (or should I say our peacekeeper) watches over the place and next to him is a touch of my fall decor that I left in a bowl. I had fun experimenting with mixing gold and silver this year.

The cute little tree in the corner is covered in some of Rudolph’s favorite tinsel ornaments. I’m into all things Rudolph.

Decorating A Console Table For Christmas

Amazing Ways To Style Your Console Table With Fall Decor

Christmas decorating is so much fun because you can make just a few simple changes and get a new look for the holidays.

The table is ready for December! Now, if we can just slow down enough to get the Christmas pajamas in, we’ll be good to go. 🙂

Decorating A Console Table For Christmas

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How To Easily Decorate A Console Table For Christmas

Farmhouse decor in general is cozy and welcoming and the focus on simplicity, natural materials, colors and finishes makes it very approachable.

Decorating A Console Table For Christmas

There are no specific rules to follow if you want a farmhouse Christmas tree this year. Generally

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