Decorating A Dinner Table For Thanksgiving

Decorating A Dinner Table For Thanksgiving – How to set a beautiful Thanksgiving table for your family at home for Thanksgiving this year. Set a table for your loved ones on the day we celebrate what we are thankful for.

Whether you’re hosting friends or family this year, or just celebrating at home, let your Thanksgiving table decorations set the scene for your fall gathering. Thanksgiving is a day to reflect on what we are most thankful for. I am definitely thankful for my family’s health.. especially during this crazy time.

Decorating A Dinner Table For Thanksgiving

Decorating A Dinner Table For Thanksgiving

Even if you plan to stay at home with your immediate family, you can create a Thanksgiving tablescape that will make the night stand out from the rest. Sometimes the best nights out are for a special occasion, in your own home, with the people you love the most.

Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Today, I’m sharing a simple yet elegant tablescape as inspiration for your own Thanksgiving dinner. Most of these tips can be easily pulled off, so you can spend less time finding the right decorations and more time on the most important thing – the food!

Decorating A Dinner Table For Thanksgiving

A centerpiece is a great way to add color and texture to a table design. I choose to make a floral centerpiece using flowers found at Trader Joe’s. However, make sure that the arrangement of small flowers in the center of the table is low enough that you can see the person sitting next to you!

For the table runner, I used about 5 yards of fabric cut from Joanne Fabrics. I wanted the fabric to be long enough to drape over the ends of the table for a romantic and dramatic look.

Decorating A Dinner Table For Thanksgiving

Rustic Thanksgiving Table Ideas That Will Make You Swoon

Feel free to mix different recipes together. Especially if you are setting the table for a large group of people. Don’t feel the need to have matching dishes for all your guests. I wanted this tablescape to feel simple yet elegant. To create this look, I used a gold charger paired with plain gray dishes.

Instead of a wine glass or traditional tumbler. I used this mason jar cup. I love how they create a more simple look in all the gold pieces.

Decorating A Dinner Table For Thanksgiving

Name cards are not essential but they add such a special touch to any table. For this table, I started with mini apple pies that I found at Walmart… no… I didn’t bake them.. haha ​​then I tied the mini pies with twine and a little name. Tag added. Next, I wrote everyone’s name using a gold paint pen. For an extra touch, I added a small piece of greenery.

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Best Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas For 2021

For an extra layer of texture, I placed mini pies on top of a vintage book page. I just tore the pages out of an old book. This is also a fun idea for Christmas using Christmas carols!

Decorating A Dinner Table For Thanksgiving

Add greenery to your table with twigs, garland, stems and more. If you have a more simple centerpiece, add more greenery below the centerpiece. On this table, I used greenery for a little touch of greenery.

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Decorating A Dinner Table For Thanksgiving

Instagram Inspired (and Easy!) Thanksgiving Table Ideas

The holidays are about many things: family, togetherness, celebration, and of course, decorating. Thanksgiving, in particular, is a holiday so focused on food and family that decorating doesn’t always feel like a priority, but we’re here to help you change that. Even if you’ve gone crazy with Thanksgiving decorations in your home, you’ll definitely want to pay special attention to your Thanksgiving table decorations. After all, the dinner table is the focal point of this holiday.

Fall-inspired decor items are also fairly easy to put together. Grab a small pumpkin or two, some pine cones, orange plates, and call it a day. If you want something that requires a little more effort, however, we have some DIY projects you can tackle, as well as Thanksgiving crafts for kids that can double as decorations. But don’t worry if you’re not a crafty person – you can even buy a few select items and arrange them into a beautiful seasonal display. Who knows, maybe making the centerpiece with your family will become one of your new Thanksgiving traditions! Scroll through to find your favorites and create a table that you and your guests will remember.

Decorating A Dinner Table For Thanksgiving

For a simple but show-stopping centerpiece, pick up some small pumpkins in different shapes and colors and paint Thanksgiving-inspired wreaths or patterns with acrylic paint. You can also sprinkle them around your home to add a festive mood. For more messaging inspiration, check out these Thanksgiving quotes.

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Quarantine Thanksgiving Dining Table Ideas

It’s easy enough to create a fall-inspired napkin set by tying together napkins and silverware. A small piece of cotton adds the perfect rustic touch. It’s almost too cute to bother reaching for your silverware… but you’ll get over it as soon as you see it on the Thanksgiving menu.

Decorating A Dinner Table For Thanksgiving

You can create centerpieces using any festive pieces you like. Pine cones, miniature pumpkins (both real and fake), and some leaves go hand in hand when it comes to Thanksgiving table decorations. Then you can tie them all together with a message written in wooden letter blocks of one color. This Thanksgiving blessing will also set the perfect tone for your holiday gathering.

This table runner can be made in different ways. You can cut leaf shapes out of felt and glue or sew them onto a table runner, or you can glue faux leaves together. If you’re exceptionally crafty, you can quilt leaves in a variety of fall colors and stitch them together to make a runner. No matter how you make it, it’s the perfect backdrop for your meal. If that puts you in the mood for some leaf-bending, a short road trip is possible. This is where you can see the best fall foliage in America.

Decorating A Dinner Table For Thanksgiving

Effortless Blue Thanksgiving Dinner Table Décor

Add some flavor to your Thanksgiving table with metallic accents. Try painting fake leaves with metallic paint and either spread them around the dining room table or place them in a vase. When the light hits them, they will literally pop. It’s amazing how simple things can sometimes completely elevate your decor.

Bring a bit of the outdoors in with chopped wood chargers. They’ll make a beautiful base for your Thanksgiving place settings and provide an extra woody touch. They also work well as a place to rest your serving dishes. So when your turkey comes out of the oven, you can plop it down on a slab of wood to carve.

Decorating A Dinner Table For Thanksgiving

If you want festive napkin rings and can’t find what you’re looking for at the store, try making them yourself. Start with basic wooden rings and then add acorns, small leaves and ribbon to them. While you’re decorating the Thanksgiving table ahead of time like this, if you forget something important on the big day, don’t panic — these stores are open on Thanksgiving.

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Party Reveal: Kid Friendly Thanksgiving Table

Don’t stress if your writing isn’t good enough for the Thanksgiving Place case. Printing them out and turning them into a small piece of decor works just as well! You can also use this place setting as inspiration and print out little thank you messages for your guests instead, because we all have so many reasons to be thankful.

Decorating A Dinner Table For Thanksgiving

Why isn’t there flatware specifically for the fall holidays? Ditch your usual silverware for Thanksgiving and try dishes in brass, bronze or brushed gold finishes instead.

Give your Thanksgiving table a modern makeover with one of these fun signs. They come in lighted and non-lit versions and all kinds of shapes, so you can get your festive message across in a variety of ways. If you’re hosting a Friendsgiving dinner this year, you might want to be a little fiddly with your message.

Decorating A Dinner Table For Thanksgiving

Best Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas To Make It Memorable

A leaf garland is an easy DIY if you can’t find something you like in the store. By threading the leaves onto some fishing wire, you can create a wreath around the Thanksgiving table or on a nearby mantel.

To keep with the modern theme of your table, add some white pumpkins instead of the traditional orange. If you can’t find white gouache anywhere around you, you can always paint the orange with the white color you want to achieve for your Thanksgiving table decorations.

Decorating A Dinner Table For Thanksgiving

Using vases in different shapes, sizes and colors of clay, arrange them as centerpieces for your serving table and dining table. This will create some height and bring color to your display. Bouquets also make great hostess gifts, so if you’re visiting someone else’s house, you can’t go wrong bringing something like this.

Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Table decoration is not just about sitting on the table. You can make this fun banner and hang it over the serving table if you have one. If you don’t, hang it up.

Decorating A Dinner Table For Thanksgiving

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