Decorating A Round Fall Table

Decorating A Round Fall Table – Since our Thanksgiving plans this year seem a little smaller and simpler, I still want our tables and kitchen to be special for the holiday. Here’s how I decorated our Thanksgiving breakfast nook with pumpkins, natural accents, and pops of orange and green.

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Decorating A Round Fall Table

Decorating A Round Fall Table

This weekend is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada and despite the unique year we’ve had, we’re still celebrating! It can be only our closest relatives, grandparents, but that does not mean that we cannot decorate this day.

Thanksgiving Table Ideas For A Festive Dinner

To decorate our Thanksgiving breakfast table, I placed some pumpkins on handmade macrame tablecloths.

Decorating A Round Fall Table

These orange and white striped flat napkins from Amazon make an inexpensive napkin for any setting. I’m not a big fan of orange, but I love this pinstripe this season!

The simple decor theme continues in our kitchen next to the branch from the island yard, lots of pumpkins, and splashes of copper and orange.

Decorating A Round Fall Table

Summer Table Decorations: Let These Settings Inspire Your July Or August Soirée

I made this “Pumpkin Seasoning for Everything” vinyl decal with my Cricut and it’s an easy way to make a vintage round cutting board festive for fall!

Check out my YouTube video below to see how I made this fall decor and decorated our breakfast nook and kitchen for the season:

Decorating A Round Fall Table

Fall dishes and hand soaps are also a great way to make the kitchen cozy and seasonal, and I love this apple-scented soap from Mrs. Meyer.

Using Decorative Trays For Pretty Fall Vignettes

We look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend with family and remembering all the blessings we have. Although this year has been difficult, we have much to be thankful for.

Decorating A Round Fall Table

A beautiful fall table doesn’t have to be expensive! Let me show you how I combined things I had on hand with cheap things, grocery stores, and once-a-little expenses to create an elegant and colorful table for fall. As harvest season quickly approaches, it’s time to start decorating your home, including decorating your dining table with fall decorations. This decoration can be easily transformed in the holiday months with a few additions, keeping your space fresh and inviting your guests. With the onset of autumn, holidays are held here and the family is entertained with delicious feasts.

So why not create some cozy spots in the kitchen and dining room (inside or outside) with a table setting that invites your guests to relax and enjoy. Take a look below at some of the fantastic ideas we’ve put together for you to help you get ready for the holiday season.

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Decorating A Round Fall Table

Best Halloween Table Decoration Ideas

Don’t forget to let us know in the comments which of these desktop landscapes inspired you the most and why!

1. DIY eucalyptus garland. The checkered tablecloths are complemented by four orange velvet pumpkins – Soft Surrounding and four birch candles. A garland of dry eucalyptus completes the look. Find the full DIY tutorial on the attached link. (via To Sutton Place)

Decorating A Round Fall Table

2. the central pillar of a French farm. To create this look, start with a blue drawing. Add a white French pitcher and fill it with wheat, place it on a sterling silver tray and decorate with miniature white gourds. A pair of white candlesticks complete the look. (via Shabby Fufu)

Gather Around Beautiful Fall Tablescapes!

3. center apple. From bright green to deep red and everything in between, apples are the centerpiece of this outdoor dining table. The center of the apples is hollowed out with a melon press, and the tealights are placed in the center to create an atmosphere. The apples stand on stands made of tree bark, which can be found on the world market. (via Little Green Notebook)

Decorating A Round Fall Table

4. Eclectic autumn table. Orange and white pumpkins of various sizes decorate this table surrounded by artificial vegetation. White taper candles help add ambiance. (via Ella Clare Inspiration)

5. glamorous table decorations. The centerpiece is three neutral vases with candles on the sides and matching seasonal pieces at each end of the table. Pumpkins and autumn foliage are layered on the plot. (via Kevin and Amanda)

Decorating A Round Fall Table

How To Style A Round Coffee Table

6. Neutral and copper center pieces. White and cream pumpkins are complemented by copper accents in the Moscow Mule mugs. A pitcher filled with cotton buds and a brass “Thank You” sign complete the look. (from Liz Marie’s blog)

7. Coastal casual autumn landscape. The pumpkins are painted with metallic paint to add sparkle to this seaside themed table. Even the candlesticks were spray painted with hammered copper. The tray has a homemade “Hello Fall” sign set in a frame. Get the tutorial from the given link. (via Artsy Chicks Rule)

Decorating A Round Fall Table

8. Autumn flowers. Recycled beer bottles are used to make this scent. Wooden bark loaders available in the world market are used to stack bottles on top of each other. Fresh fall flowers add color. (via Knick of Time)

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Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

9. net drop table. The base of the table is decorated with real English laurel pendants. White gourds and silver candlesticks complete the silverware. (via Cambridge Home Company)

Decorating A Round Fall Table

10. The central part of the pumpkin. A bunch of mini white pumpkins with small leaves tied to the stems. Each pumpkin has a different word printed on kraft paper (these words can be autumn, Thanksgiving inspired, or even guest names). The pumpkins are on display on a breadboard for the center piece, mounted on a long antique linen napkin. Trimmed trees add the finishing touch. (via Ella Claire Inspired)

11. Landscape of an autumn farmhouse. This table features a simple and neutral decoration scheme. Candles of different heights run down the center of the table, placed in a metal wire basket on a linen tablecloth. Rae Dunn bowls are decorated with velvet gourds from Target. (from Liz Marie’s blog)

Decorating A Round Fall Table

Hosting Thanksgiving At Your Lake House

12. Fall decorations. The central part of the alog is surrounded by sugar gourds, pine cones, berries and artificial leaves of various sizes. The log is a do-it-yourself project that drilled holes into which lights could be placed. Find the tutorial at the link in the blog. (via Jenna Burger)

13. The central part of a bunch of wheat. Create an elegant table display with a bunch of blue tied with fabric yarn. A cut piece of wood is used for the blue layer. (via The Uncommon Project)

Decorating A Round Fall Table

14. Neutral central part. Fall-themed centerpieces include white Lumina and Baby Boo pumpkins, naturally shed antlers, dried hydrangeas and votive candles, all in neutral tones. (via Tone on Tone Antiques)

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15. Pumpkin showcase. Adorning this dining table is a wooden box filled with Cinderella pumpkins, dried hydrangeas, seeded eucalyptus leaves, mini pumpkins, rusty metallic leaves and fig branches. Two black hurricanes were added on either side of the table. (via Good GriefGirdie)

Decorating A Round Fall Table

16. Pumpkin composition. If you love to DIY, this is the perfect project to create a unique conversation piece for your fall table display. The link provided will give you a complete guide on how to do it. (via just luck)

17. Pumpkin table decor. A variety of gourds and heirloom gourds adorn this table, with a couple on pedestals. The runner lined up in the center of the table, light at each end and one in the center. Mason jars are filled with bouquets, and the space between them is softened with pine cones, decorative kale and collards. (via Lettered Cottage)

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Decorating A Round Fall Table

Simple Fall Table Decorating On A Budget

18. Central in farmhouse style. A galvanized tray is the centerpiece of this texture-filled fall table. Pumpkins, acorns, candles and autumn flowers are just some of the fall finds. (via Worthing Court)

19. A table in an urban farm. The Farm A mix of real and artificial greenery includes: dried hydrangea, artificial magnolia and real eucalyptus branches and seeds. Artificial and real pumpkins were added in the middle to create a casually elegant table. (via Home History A to Z)

Decorating A Round Fall Table

20. center of autumn. The baguette table is decorated with pillar candles from the dollar store. Between each candle are mini pumpkins purchased at a farmer’s market. Fresh grapes are added to the center piece. (via Sofia Decor)

How To Decorate A Round Coffee Table

21. Table laid out. Have a fall dinner outside with vases filled with fall foliage, apples, and other fall decorations. (via Holidays at Home)

Decorating A Round Fall Table

22. Autumn flower arrangement. This simple composition is done in just five minutes and lasts for weeks! To create this image you will need: apples, gauze (used as a tablecloth), a bunch of eucalyptus and seeds and candles. (via Julie Blanner)

23. Landscape of rose gold and autumn. This glamorous table is filled with a variety of pumpkins, from large white pumpkins to metallic gourds. Scattered in the pumpkin are small flower bouquets of fresh roses. (via Randy Garrett Design)

Decorating A Round Fall Table

White Round Table Design Ideas For Extravagant Look Of Your Dining Room

24. Simple table decorations. A green garland is hidden in and around a bunch of pumpkins. The vegetation adds depth and color to the pumpkin. Thick birch candles were found at HomeGoods. Gold cutlery adds warmth to the table. Adding the extra gold touch are the little gold pods hidden in the vegetation. Jute bags on the plates are filled with lavender and eucalyptus. (via 2 Women and a Chair)

25. Landscape and natural fall. In the middle of this dining table, there is an oval bronze tray filled with gourds, pine cones and eucalyptus seeds. (from the Stone Gable blog)

Decorating A Round Fall Table

26. Yard fun. Before it gets too cold, decorate your outdoor space to enjoy

Best Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

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