Decorating A Table For Easter

Decorating A Table For Easter – Use these simple Easter table decoration ideas to create a gorgeous holiday table! Ideas for centerpieces, napkins, settings and more!

Spending my days off cooking in the kitchen isn’t my favorite thing, but I LOVE decorating the holiday table! The Easter table is one of my favorites because with all the beautiful tulips in the grocery store, it’s easy to create a gorgeous table without a lot of effort. Today I’m sharing my favorite Easter table decoration ideas, simple to put together using things you already have at home along with a few things you can buy at your doorstep. (

Decorating A Table For Easter

Decorating A Table For Easter

Tulips are the perfect flower for an Easter centerpiece because (1) they’re inexpensive, (2) most grocery stores have them so you can probably just grab a few while you’re there, and (3) no floral design skills are required. Even the most inexperienced florist can create a beautiful centerpiece by simply throwing a few bouquets of tulips into the vase. My grocery store sells them for $5 a pack, and I used a total of six packs ($30) in a pink and white combo for this Easter table:

Pink And White Easter Table Ideas

If you cut the bottom of the stems at an angle when you bring them home and change the water every few days, they should last at least a week. I’ve put mine in flower pots that I’m going to take away:

Decorating A Table For Easter

If you like fake tulips that you can use year after year, I have used them in conjunction with table springs and find them very practical:

There’s a trick to it because you don’t want to just throw a few lemon slices in your flower vase – use a vase for a vase! It keeps the lemon slices tightly packed between the two layers of the jar instead of floating loosely. Also, the juice of the flower is separated from the lemon so the acidity of the lemon will not kill your flowers. For my centerpieces, I placed a simple glass vase similar to this one that is 8 inches tall and almost 4 inches in diameter inside.

Decorating A Table For Easter

Easy Easter Table Decor With Linen Table Runner

After layering the jars, simply cut a few lemons thickly to fit the space between the two jars. Starting at the bottom, layer them around the perimeter until you get to the top:

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Once you’ve filled the space between the two jars with lemon slices, add more water to cover them (this helps them not dry out and keeps them longer). Then add water and flowers to the inner pocket and you’re done! Super easy and always a crowd pleaser!

Decorating A Table For Easter

It is very simple to do! First, find a jar, glass jug, or short drinking glass to nestle in the cabbage. Then, with a knife, cut a deep circle around the top of the cabbage, slightly wider than the glass jar you are using. Drain the cabbage until the hole is deep enough that the top of the jar is just below the top of the cabbage:

Simple Easter Table Decor Ideas!

I put clear plastic wrap under the cabbage so it wouldn’t contaminate my counter gel, then filled the jar with water and a few tulips. It only takes about ten minutes to make and will be the talk of your desk!

Decorating A Table For Easter

I decorated each place with a chocolate bunny (again picked up at the grocery store) and tied a pink bow around the neck with the first letter of whoever would be sitting there – who else? Don’t like edible location maps? !

Everyone at our Easter gathering has a different initial, but you can always attach two letters to first name and last name or last name and middle name if needed. I already have bronze spells in our crafting stash but you can find them either online or. Or keep it simple and just use the ribbon alone! I placed unwrapped Lindt chocolate bunnies on the plate at the top:

Decorating A Table For Easter

Simple Easter Table Décor Ideas

If you have any kids on your Easter table, these delicious bunnies are sure to be a hit (and I don’t think the adults will complain either 😊).

Another cute touch is to put a small vase with one tulip in each position – it’s a perfect little addition to the free space above your plate:

Decorating A Table For Easter

And the best part about the pockets? They are free! Well… technically it’s not completely free since you have to pay for the included apple juice but you’re still definitely buying juice at the store, right? Just take the Martinelli’s apple juice when served, pour it into the morning pitcher, pat the labels dry, then wipe off the printed expiration date and any remaining sticky residue with a little Goof Off. Very cute!

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Cheerful Easter Home Decor Ideas

Put your drinks in special glasses with striped paper straws that make the Easter table a little fun! You can find straws that are similar to mine but also have lots of other color and pattern options:

Decorating A Table For Easter

Want to add more Easter decorations to your table? Shop your house! Almost all of us have cute Easter bunny decorations – placing it in the center of the table with a few bouquets of tulips would be helpful. I added two braided bunnies that I have in my decor store from last Easter (are they cute?!).

And would also be cute to use in Easter decorations around your house for Easter and as the centerpiece of your Easter dinner.

Decorating A Table For Easter

The Ultimate Guide To Easter Tablescapes

I tried several different tutorials and got the best results. I used a bobby pin to clip the two ends of the napkin together in the back when I was done (I put the needle on the inside where you can’t see it). Larger napkins (mine is 20 inches) and stiffer napkins work best.

If you’re looking to create a table that’s more fancy than cute, an easy option is to tie your napkin in a simple knot, like with this beautiful Easter scene in the background:

Decorating A Table For Easter

Source: Fabric | Rattan charging pad | Scallop shaped dinner plate | Lily salad plate | Napkins | Flats

Easter Bunny Farmhouse Table Setting

I hope you all found an idea or two to add to your Easter table this year! If you’re new here and want to stay tuned, you can sign up to receive email notifications of new decor, DIY and seasonal posts. And if you’re working on adding a little spring to your home, check out my post on beautiful spring wreaths for your front door. Plus, Easter is just around the corner and that means it’s time to start planning all kinds of fun projects, and don’t forget the Easter decorations. This year you should plan something special. We have 50 great ideas for you to browse and choose from. We specialize in Easter table decorations and with so many different ideas to choose from, we just know you’ll find something to suit you. Get started!

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Decorating A Table For Easter

We absolutely love the terrace. We love their freshness and the fact that there are countless ways to customize them, so how about an Easter table decoration with moss runners and glass vases as a centerpiece? A few colorful Easter eggs would also look nice on runners. You don’t need to make the terrariums too complicated… just put moss, pebbles, seasonal debris and such inside. At Blesserhouse you can see what such an arrangement would look like.

As we’ve said before, you don’t have to try to make your Easter table decorations stand out. There are many simple ideas that can stand out. For example, you can find everything you need for Easter decorations in the grocery store, and that way you save and work. Check out these beautiful flowers and cute chocolate bunnies we found on drivebydecor. Are they adorable?

Decorating A Table For Easter

Easy Easter Table Decor Ideas And Centerpieces • Craving Some Creativity

Do you want to create a cozy atmosphere? Maybe you love making rustic table decorations for Easter. You can find lots of inspiration for that at Blesserhouse. Elements used here include lace-trimmed napkins, twig stickers, driftwood chargers, wooden candle holders, jute table scissors, wooden snips, bottles that turn into jars, and lots more like little nests decorated with leaves and colored eggs.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys crafting and making fun things out of paper, we’ve got some great Easter decorating ideas you’ll love, like these criss-cross paper tulips. These pears are actually a sweet surprise: they are filled with small chocolate eggs. Tulips are made from crepe paper (you will need pink, green and white paper if you want your tulips to look like this). You can find all the details about this cool project at craftberrybush.

Decorating A Table For Easter

This Easter Bunny shaped tray featured on fun365.orientaltrading is by far one of the cutest ones we’ve seen. Of course, the opportunity to find s

Easter Table Decorations And Centerpieces For Spring

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