Decorating Banquet Tables

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Next to the ceremony, the second most important part of the wedding is the reception. For one special night, all your friends, family and loved ones will sit together in your honor and eat, reminisce and make new ones. For those hosting a large wedding, there’s no easier way to make your celebration feel warm and intimate than with long, banquet-style reception tables. What are the other benefits of long tables? We’re glad you asked…

Decorating Banquet Tables

Decorating Banquet Tables

Not only are they pretty and romantic, they’re also perfect for sparking conversation among your guests – especially for people who are meeting for the first time or haven’t seen each other in a while. They’re also easy to customize, serving as a blank canvas with plenty of style options to suit you and your partner’s taste. The centerpiece possibilities are endless with banquet tables.

Pieces Of Wedding Decor You Can Buy On Amazon

Whether you’re hosting a backyard wedding or a classic ballroom ceremony, a long reception table can make your guests feel right at home. Rustic wooden tables are perfect for family-style seating, where guests can add different dishes and choose their own portions and plates. Add a touch of whimsy with wreaths of lush greenery or floral centerpieces for a garden party atmosphere. If you’re hosting a more elegant party, cover your tables in neutral colors like ivory or slate for a clean, airy look and pair them with gilded accents. For lighting, consider using cafe pendant lights to brighten up nightly toasts, or opt for romantic lamps to create a truly magical setting.

Decorating Banquet Tables

With any of these long reception table ideas, your guests will feel like a special part of your big day. Click on our slideshow to see how you can design it yourself.

A monochrome tent and hanging greenery down the table really create a dreamy atmosphere at the wedding reception.

Decorating Banquet Tables

How To Decorate Tables For A Party Or Wedding

Who says one runner is all you need? Double up on greenery and soft and organic linens like this one, then place as many candles as you can and place them all the way up on the table.

At this beautiful wedding, all the guests were seated at one long table that was beautifully decorated with flowers and natural objects in accordance with the autumn tone.

Decorating Banquet Tables

At this Old Hollywood-inspired wedding, two long banquet tables created a passageway from the reception door to the dance floor, making the perfect path for the couple’s grand entrance.

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Tips To Decorating Tables At Your Wedding

Who needs linens to cover your long tables when they are so beautiful on their own? Skip the tablecloths if you have wooden beauties like these.

Decorating Banquet Tables

Dramatically long with your table but still like the idea, try shorter banquette tables for a similar feel.

A beautiful serpentine style banquette table took the design of this elegant outdoor space to the next level. Chandeliers hanging from the trees helped to further elevate the aesthetic.

Decorating Banquet Tables

Oklahoma/western Theme Banquet Stage And Table Decorations

We love this long, rustic reception table adorned with colorful floral arrangements, mismatched candles and eclectic tableware. An industrial, urban space – such as a renovated factory, warehouse or brewery – would be the perfect place for this look.

Take advantage of your long tables and really set them apart with a bright and cheery fabric color like this bright coral. The floral wreath echoes the bedding and ties everything together. Just make sure to go more neutral with the rest of your decor so it doesn’t become too overwhelming.

Decorating Banquet Tables

A patterned tablecloth is a fun way to bring color and design to your wedding. We love how this pale blue tone provides a fun contrast to the pink, orange and yellow flowers.

Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas For Small Spaces

Flowers in your reception do not have to be on the table. We love how greenery and flowers surround the space of this intimate banquet table at a reception in Italy.

Decorating Banquet Tables

Beautiful chairs can absolutely make your banquet table stand out in a unique way. These cozy woven designs add a lovely natural element to this dinner wedding.

Nothing brightens up a reception like (what appears to be) a hanging garden. This dense and winding installation of greenery feels wild and wacky and is the perfect way to bring the outdoors in.

Decorating Banquet Tables

Wedding And Event Styling Sydney

Wide walkways, exposed wood, neutral-toned flowers, and tapered candles create an absolutely dreamy feel at this beautiful Cabo reception.

Who needs flowers when you have potatoes and herbs and dozens of candles in every color of the rainbow? This couple built these custom tables themselves for an artsy cool reception.

Decorating Banquet Tables

One way to make a long table design more intriguing is to create a bit of variation. We love how the flowers on this table have a wide variety of arrangements and containers, and only a few candles are placed in hurricanes.

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Our Favourite Ideas For Decorating Your Wedding Without Flowers

A subtle palette of light blue, wood, brick and white creates an effortlessly chic environment. Add romantic curtains and lots of candlelight to really set the tone.

Decorating Banquet Tables

If your reception has round tables and one center banquet table for the wedding party, make it from a package. At this stunning event, the center table has a tablecloth in a different shade and huge centerpieces that define the space.

With a long table, you have plenty of space to play with your design. The centerpieces at this ombre-inspired reception created a color gradient with flowers.

Decorating Banquet Tables

How To Choose Your Wedding Colours And Table Decorations, With Ivy & Bleu

With a room this big, you hardly need any decorations – but we’ll take all black and white tables and centerpieces any day of the week.

Placing flowers at the end of this banquet table creates a charming punctuation to the stunning centerpiece design. Whether they’re round, square or banquette-style, your reception tables should complement your space and get the style they deserve.

Decorating Banquet Tables

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Unique Rose Gold Wedding Table Decoration To Inspire

Beyond the reception venue itself, your tables will play a huge role in dictating the atmosphere of your wedding day. Luckily for you, party rental companies offer a variety of shapes and sizes of wedding tables so you can choose a set that fits your space.

Decorating Banquet Tables

Working with a large, formal ballroom with high ceilings and large windows? Long wedding banquet tables can be just what you need to add warmth and dimension. Hoping to create a cozy atmosphere with your wedding dinner? Choose round tables of different sizes for an instantly more intimate setting. Below, find our expert advice on how to decorate your wedding table and make the most of every variety of reception tables.

So you’ve fallen head over heels in love with a room with high ceilings and huge windows that needs some serious sprucing up. Don’t worry – here’s how to outfit them to a T.

Decorating Banquet Tables

Table Decor Ideas Part 1

Think about your place: high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows usually need to be moved, and longer tables can be the perfect solution for creating depth and vibrancy in a bare room. Place long, thin banquette tables in organized rows or a U-shaped formation and watch the lines of color and texture bring your room to life.

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A great way to give your long, narrow tables some dimension is to break them up with decor of different heights. Alternate ceramic vases and thin tapered candles, or try tall, impressive vases followed by medium and small hurricane candles and small votives.

Decorating Banquet Tables

You don’t have to settle for round, standard plates. Square or rectangular seating arrangements that mimic the shape of tables give a sharp impression.

Simple Table Decorating Ideas For Wedding Receptions

Expand the table by processing the middle zone. Add texture by layering a graphic stripe over a solid tablecloth or, if you’re not a big fan of double linen, use a lush stripe of greenery for a farm-to-table feast.

Decorating Banquet Tables

Rectangular tables have a lot of space to fill. Take the pressure off and remember you don’t have to cover every inch. Avoid this potential color overload or pile of decor by emphasizing a few strategic points: play with bright chair cushions, line the center of each table with tall candlesticks, or make bold use of your menu or postcards.

Do you like a classic round table? No, you’re not conforming to the norm – there’s a reason they’re a crowd favorite. Roundtables not only provide a great benefit for conversation, but they don’t have to follow any rules. I can fit into any scenario. Here’s a trick to spice things up: Add more visual interest by mixing up the sizes—for example, alternating 60-inch and 72-inch circles.

Decorating Banquet Tables

Stunning Handmade Wedding Table Decorations

17 wedding bouquets with baby’s breath that you will love more. Create an all-white bouquet with ethereal white flowers.

These were the most popular wedding colors in 2022. Find out which colors were popular with couples in 2022.

Decorating Banquet Tables

It’s easy to commit to one arrangement, but if you’re hoping to wow with your rounds, why not make a trio? Table decoration in a row and arrangements of similar colors and sizes in the center of your table.

Beautiful Centerpieces Created With Candles

If not done well, too much white can be a bit boring. it’s all of us

Decorating Banquet Tables

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