Decorating Candle Holders For Table

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Candlelight creates a certain kind of romantic vibe that shines through every aspect of the wedding figuratively and literally. Whether you choose to decorate your reception tables with colorful taper candle centerpieces or opt for large celebratory candles outdoors, candles add a timeless je ne sais quoi to the big day.

Decorating Candle Holders For Table

Decorating Candle Holders For Table

As you’ll see in the pictures below, there’s no doubt that open flames are stunning in real life and on film. All those flickering flames cast an amber glow that creates an unparalleled atmosphere and looks great in photos. (We also happen to think that everyone looks especially beautiful in candlelight.)

Mixed Pine Candle Holder Table Wreath, 24

Right From elegant table taper candles in various lengths to pillar candles lining spiral staircases, you’re sure to find the right lighting for your wedding style.

Decorating Candle Holders For Table

At this stunning wedding, small candles were placed in textured glasses and placed in bouquets on the dinner tables. The shiny effect is amazing.

Place tall gold candlesticks on your tables to create a formal look for your guests. As this wedding designed by Tara Guérard proves, they can easily elevate an otherwise simple display.

Decorating Candle Holders For Table

Metal Tealight Decorative Candle Holder For Side/center Table Dining Table

Here, with candles hanging in geometric circles, this industrial wedding venue feels romantic. And, of course, the extra columns and pilgrims on the floor don’t hurt either.

Discreet and elegant, these votive candles add a sparkling accent to a side table (especially made of glass) that beautifully complements a bouquet of flowers like pale pink roses.

Decorating Candle Holders For Table

How beautiful is this arrangement! Not only does a tree rise from the center of the table (surrounded by ferns and flowers), but the couple also chose tea candles hanging from small glass frames, as well as taller, upright pillar candles.

European Style Mini Crystal Candle Holder Creative Embossed Metal Decoration Wedding Table Decoration Candle Holder Ornament|candle Holders| Aliexpress

You know when they say “more is more,” a good example is this wedding in Chicago. We love how these pillar candles are used in groups on the tables, as well as in the pendant lights above.

Decorating Candle Holders For Table

A gold candlestick and a white taper can do no wrong, as shown here with a lush wreath of greenery, fruit accents and little white pilgrims.

Sometimes it makes sense to fill open spaces with candlelight. And it’s fair to say that this space is only as beautiful as this metal fence.

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Decorating Candle Holders For Table

Diy Candle Holders You’ll Want In Your Home

Add an old-world touch that blends well with the historic space. When you’re working with this great place, it’s best not to compete.

We are obsessed with small narrow vessels. Mix and match metal containers (each filled with a candle or tea light) to create a simple yet modern display on the cake table.

Decorating Candle Holders For Table

We can’t decide if this candle-lit staircase is more for show or need. First of all, it makes sense to line up tricky areas (like stairs) after dark, but this layout is so dreamy that we’re tempted to say “I do” here, too.

European Style Simple Glass And Wrought Iron Wind Lamp Romantic Courtyard Outdoor Table Decoration Candlestick Retro Wind Lantern Wedding Props Portable Candle Holder Lantern

Create a starry look in a clear tent by hanging glass globes filled with tea lights. Not enough to put together.

Decorating Candle Holders For Table

When you spend months setting the perfect table, it’s best to show off your handiwork by mixing in candles of varying heights. These tall, black candles and mini votives make the perfect pair.

When you think of candlelight, you often think of a very ethereal, romantic look. But you can make it totally modern by using slim cylindrical vases like these.

Decorating Candle Holders For Table

Buy Bellezani Candle Centerpieces For Tables

Okay, we know you’ve seen pillar candles on the floor. But how good are these gold-rimmed containers? We have heart eyes for them and this wedding in Atlanta.

Lanterns add a special touch to the entrance of this historic church. We especially like how the black rim of the container matches the black iron railing.

Decorating Candle Holders For Table

The bride used zero flowers at this wedding in Italy, and you really don’t need to when you have candles like this.

Q/a Glass Candle Holder For Pillar Candle Holder/taper Candlestick Holders, Decorative Candle Sticks Set Of 3, For Formal Events, Wedding, Church, Holiday Décor, Table Centerpiece Decoration

You usually see taper candles on tables, but they look great around this brick fireplace. (Pillar candles, votive candles, and lanterns filled with candles are also seen here.)

Decorating Candle Holders For Table

We’re obsessed with these gold candlesticks, which look like they’ve been hand-picked from several vintage stores to create the perfect (or not-so-perfect) arrangement.

We can’t get enough of this light filled scene. Who knew the balance of the taper candles on the tables and the bistro lights above could be so perfect?

Decorating Candle Holders For Table

Best Candle Decoration Ideas And Designs For 2022

You’ve already seen lanterns lining the stairs, but you can also use them at the altar for extra love. We especially like them in asymmetrical groups using different sizes.

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While we love the greenery railings (we do), it’s the candles that really transform this gorgeous staircase. We will shoot here for bridal portraits please and thank you.

Decorating Candle Holders For Table

At this wedding, the bride and groom chose small candles in mismatched glassware to accent this stunning wedding cake. These 35+ DIY candle holders will definitely want to decorate your home. These DIY projects are inexpensive and great for beginners.

Diy Candle Holders

We’ve all been there. you’re in the store and you see that perfect candle holder. You can’t wait to get home and put it on your mantle or dresser. But … it’s not the right color. Or maybe it’s out of your price range, but perfect. What now?!

Decorating Candle Holders For Table

Well, fear not, I have an answer for you. With these simple DIY candle holders, anyone can make their own jewelry with just a few supplies around the house. And you’ll be surprised how easy most of these projects are.

Trust me. making your own candle holders is one of those situations where “going cheap” doesn’t mean going wrong.

Decorating Candle Holders For Table

Attractive Ways To Display Candles In A Living Room

If you love candlestick ideas, you’ll want to check out this list. There are options for every style and type of decor. I love to know what you think in the comments.

What to do with scrap wood? Make them home decor. These DIY wooden candle holders are easy to make, easy to customize.

Decorating Candle Holders For Table

You can make this cool wooden candle holder using poplar sheet or other wood scraps. You can use a frame template or different frames (like mugs) around your house to make the shapes. Then you will cut them with a saw.

What To Put In Candle Holders Besides Candles

Make these easy DIY concrete candle holders using plastic bottles. the results are kind of amazing. . . I love this modern design idea.

Decorating Candle Holders For Table

These DIY candle holders are made from the most unexpected of materials: baby crib parts. This is a perfect recycled project.

I have to say, the table length wooden candle holder makes quite the statement. I love it. This DIY is as easy as they come using a 4 x 4.

Decorating Candle Holders For Table

Letine Candle Holders Set Fit In Led Lights. Centerpieces For Coffee Table, Bathroom Decor. Decorations For Farmhouse & Modern Style Bed Room. Valentine’s Day Gift For Women, Men

Learn how to make a birch candle holder using a real log. This would make a beautiful home decoration or even a wedding or anniversary gift. It goes well with all kinds of decorating styles, including outdoor, rustic and farmhouse.

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IKEA always has the most unique kitchen items and their spice mills are no exception. Naku saw these modern white heads and looked at them as candlesticks. And guess what – they work! Learn more on the blog.

Decorating Candle Holders For Table

Here’s another great example of what you can do with leftover wood. I love the layers of wood you can see in plywood and Jen does that with her tea light holders.

Christmas Candle Holder Table Centre Decor Pine Xmas Decoration 3 Cand

Want to make a beautiful light fixture to accent your decor, but at a low price? David makes it with budget materials from the hardware store.

Decorating Candle Holders For Table

You will definitely need a lighter if you decide to make these candles. I think they are so cute and would look great in a kitchen.

My mom has a teacup collection that has been passed down through several generations in my family, so I love any teacup craft. This wall sconce is no exception and I love the vintage style.

Decorating Candle Holders For Table

Sr Home Votive Tealight Candle Holder

You’ve probably seen these elegant candle holders before, but we bet you had no idea how easy they are to make. What seems like a complicated craft is something you can make at home in a few minutes and cost no more than a few dollars.

Add designer flair to your table with these super easy DIY clay candle holders. Use any color clay that you like with your theme or decor.

Decorating Candle Holders For Table

Learn how to make this stylish DIY arch for the perfect new home decor. You won’t believe that the main parts of the project are made of foam.

Floriddle Taper Candle Holders Glass Candlesticks For Home Wedding Room Decoration Party Glass Vase Table Bookshelf Candle Holders Aliexpress

While these DIY Ombre Taper Candle Holders are perfect for a cozy fall vignette or table setting, they’re colorful and pretty enough to use year-round. However, what I love about them is that you can use the same technique to completely change the color scheme to match your decor.

Decorating Candle Holders For Table

If you have a candle obsession and some curtain rings, you can make these awesome tea light holders. They are so easy!

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