Decorating Cocktail Tables

Decorating Cocktail Tables – With all our crap about the new living room rug last week, I started thinking about the coffee table. We have never had a coffee table in our living room before.

In our old house, the living room for one was too small. And we always have toddlers in this house, so we loved the open floor space for them to crawl around or learn to walk or practice their gymnastics as they roll on from the sofa.

Decorating Cocktail Tables

Decorating Cocktail Tables

But now that my youngest is getting a little older, and I’m changing the living room, I’d like to add a coffee table.

Best Coffee Table Ideas And Designs For 2021

And this is the honest goodness truth. My coffee table will be beautifully styled for photos, but 99% of the time I’m sure it will be littered with children’s toys, books and papers, just like the rest of the surfaces in my house. And yes, I try to take and return everything every night (with the help of the kids), but I just want you to know that I have no illusions going into this inspirational post. i

Decorating Cocktail Tables

I have collected some of my favorite pictures of coffee table styling and how I would like to use my coffee table one day.

I once heard a good formula that the basis of a good coffee table decoration is a book + a plant + an interesting decorative object = a stylish coffee table.

Decorating Cocktail Tables

Beautiful Coffee Table Books For Gifting And Decorating

I’ll start with that and then see if I can add some functionality to it as well.

Starting with a large tray or bowl will make the whole vignette look more cohesive and grounded. I love the look of the natural woven tray to bring some texture to the table. Get a tray big enough to hold everything you want to put out. This will prevent it from looking too messy.

Decorating Cocktail Tables

This can be a vase, a fun stone, a live wooden sculpture or an old fashioned corbel. Add something to your group that will be the star of the show and a conversation starter. Another option might be to put a small object on a pile of books to give it some height!

Glass Coffee Tables To Display In Your Formal Living Room

I am willing to spend a little more on this item because it is a coffee table centerpiece.

Decorating Cocktail Tables

Give your space some life (or one that looks like life) with a plant. I usually go the fake plant route, because no one wants dead plants in their home. But I recently bought some easy care plants, so we’ll see! A vase of fresh flowers will look beautiful too!

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I suggest that if you are going to use a tall leafy decor item, make sure it doesn’t block the view from person to person.

Decorating Cocktail Tables

The Best Coffee Table Decorating Ideas

We used to have 4 remotes in our lives for different TV viewing situations, so a bowl of them would have been great! You may need a place to put matches for candles or pencils to solve your crossword puzzles, the sky’s the limit!

Whether you collect useful items or decorative items, a small bowl or tray is always a lovely way to keep a coffee table looking clean and simple!

Decorating Cocktail Tables

Whether it’s a closed coffee table or one with a basket on a shelf or lower drawer, it’s always a great idea to use this decorative piece for extra hidden storage.

Best Coffee Table Décor Ideas And How To Style Them

Don’t feel the need to fill every square inch of the coffee table. Leave some space for people to put their feet up, put a cup on the table, or play a game. And if you are decorating a coffee table, maybe leave the last table empty so that there is more useful space.

Decorating Cocktail Tables

I hope you find these tips helpful! All these beautiful photos inspire me to work on my DIY coffee table soon! We’ll see if I can get the kitchen table painted, so I can start working on the coffee table.

If you’re not a DIY kinda girl, I’ve got you covered too! Check out these gorgeous coffee tables!

Decorating Cocktail Tables

Coffee Tables That Incorporate The Rule Of Three

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Throughout its life, a coffee table will have everything from cups and saucers to tossed keys and loose change, but in addition to functional benefits, these integral living room features also create amazing decorative platforms. As the focal point of most living spaces, coffee tables are the perfect opportunity to unleash your inner stylist.

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Decorating Cocktail Tables

What is the secret to decorating a coffee table stylishly? Fortunately, the answer to this is a proven formula that is seen in the very best interior design projects. The formula in question – a carefully curated combination of four key elements: variable height, organic elements, tray vignette and a personal touch.

The Truth About Coffee Tables And Why You Need One

Once you’ve chosen which coffee table style you want, check out our illustrated step-by-step guide on how to up your styling game.

Decorating Cocktail Tables

A coffee table is always brought to life by something organic, so it’s best to start there. Divide the coffee table into four quadrants and, in one, place a plant, flower vase or moss bowl for some color and vibrancy.

If you have a contemporary coffee table, try strong shapes and clean lines; If it’s more decorative, delicate flowers in an attractive vase work very well. And remember, even fake flowers can do the job – with even more of a little maintenance.

Decorating Cocktail Tables

Super Modern Living Room Coffee Table Décor Ideas That Will Amaze You

Next, height. While most coffee table decorations should have a relatively low profile (practicality), there’s no reason you can’t play with height, even subtly. A variety of shaped decorative pieces will make your coffee table arrangement more interesting.

A glamorous candle in an attractive container, a pretty jar or urn (storage and beauty in one) and a patterned marble disc complete the trifecta.

Decorating Cocktail Tables

Sophisticated yet useful, a coffee table tray is a styling mainstay. A tray helps small jewels not get lost among larger pieces, balancing proportion and emphasis and creating an easy, quick vignette.

Chic & Glam Coffee Table Decor Ideas

The size and shape is completely up to you. Coordinate the size of your tray with your coffee table for lovely repetition; Contrast the textures of a rustic coffee table with the interesting upholstery of an antique silver tray; Or choose an oversized tray for statement appeal.

Decorating Cocktail Tables

A well-curated coffee table collection isn’t complete without something personal. A pile of favorite coffee table books, a sculpture, a small memory box or an interesting rock you saw on the beach during a special holiday are just a few options.

Non-directional items – those that look good from any angle – are key here and will end your coffee table style on a strong note.

Decorating Cocktail Tables

Tips For How To Decorate A Coffee Table

ByZ Bloomfield, editor Z. She writes about exclusive collections, studio projects and interior design styles for ‘The Luxurist’.

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ByJoanne Quinn, Senior Interior Designer Joanne is a Senior Interior Designer. She writes about interior design ideas and advice for creating a beautiful home for The Luxurist.

Decorating Cocktail Tables

By continuing to browse the website, you agree to our use of first and third party cookies. More information Decorating your coffee table gives you the opportunity to let your style shine in your living room. Adding the right pieces adds an interesting sophistication that is sure to captivate. Impress your guests with these quick and easy steps. Let’s join this quick read:

How To Style A Coffee Table: All Shapes Explained

Using tape, draw squares around where you want to place items. This technique will help you gauge what will fit and how much of the table you want to decorate.

Decorating Cocktail Tables

Find decorations that look attractive on your table. For example, if your table is made of dark wood, enhance it with white accents.

Try to incorporate a mix of shapes. Rectangular objects are great for composition but will look too full without any changes. Round trays, bowls and candles are useful to break these filling lines.

Decorating Cocktail Tables

Kid Friendly Coffee Tables & How To Style Them

Height comes under the same concept, find a central piece with enough height above the rest for chic symmetry.

Start with a base stack object on top of books or a decorative tray. The rule of three is very applicable to coffee table design. Create three different collections on your table, each with a different base. I recommend staying within the same color theme in each group to avoid clashes. Two collections work equally well, especially if you’re working with a small table.

Decorating Cocktail Tables

Flowers and greenery add that color that every room needs. Find bright vases to show off your greenery. While real flowers are stunning, fake flowers are cheaper and last longer.

Stylish And Practical Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Small Objects Small pieces of unique decoration are perfect for placing coasters, trays and books. Find items that match your theme and personal style.

Decorating Cocktail Tables

Candles Everyone loves a nice smelling candle! put your favorite candle on one

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