Decorating Coffee Tables For Xmas

Decorating Coffee Tables For Xmas – Let’s face it: Christmas decorating can seem simple. Every year, you can settle for the same Christmas tree theme, garland (see our hanging hacks), and your run-of-the-mill assortment of stockings. This year, though, force yourself to think a little outside the box. Enhance your living room Christmas decor with fun ideas that speak to your personal style and showcase the best features of your home. Everything from your living room sofa to your bookshelves has room to move.

Ready to get your room ready in time for your ceremony? Click through for tons of decorating ideas for chic living rooms with and without fireplaces, cozy designs designed with family time in mind, and tips on vintage textures you’ve collected over the years. . Whatever your design sensibilities, you’re sure to find a Christmas living room decor style for you.

Decorating Coffee Tables For Xmas

Decorating Coffee Tables For Xmas

Your Christmas tree may be ready, but don’t miss the opportunity to decorate your windows too. All you need is to frame them with a green garland to complete the Christmas decoration in your living room.

Essential Christmas Decorations You Must Own

Looking for an easy way to update the basic cabinetry in your living room? Arrange a variety of pineapples in a fancy container for a festive look.

Decorating Coffee Tables For Xmas

Stacks of wrapped Christmas presents shouldn’t just be left under the tree. Place your favorites on your mantelpiece for an instant living room update.

Why settle for just one Christmas wreath when you can have four? Be sure to mix sizes and styles for visual appeal.

Decorating Coffee Tables For Xmas

Christmas Table Setting Ideas

A neutral room is not boring. Sparkle the holiday season with a flock tree covered in metallic decorations and garland. Don’t forget the flashing lights!

Turn an ordinary Christmas tree into a conversation starter with a galvanized bucket. This is an easy way to give your space a farmhouse style.

Decorating Coffee Tables For Xmas

Store-bought decor isn’t your only option when creating a holiday living room. Fill vases with DIY paper flowers (stick with red and white), then use string to display your favorite holiday cards on your mantelpiece.

Beautiful Natural Christmas Decorations

Whether you dress up a stained sofa with red plaid throws and cushions or use your red teapot for last, commit to playing with an accent color.

Decorating Coffee Tables For Xmas

If you’re sick of predictable Christmas decorations, it’s time to switch things up a bit. Try bringing attention and more charm to your mantelpiece with a dried citrus flower wreath.

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Get in on the advent calendar craze with your own DIY version of Christmas charms and paper tags.

Decorating Coffee Tables For Xmas

How To Style A Family Friendly Coffee Table

Don’t worry if you don’t have room for a Christmas tree. Place decorated pine, spruce or spruce branches in large clear jars and place them on a mantelpiece or shelf in your living room.

Instead of a traditional fireplace, you can easily hang a fabric wall mural along with colorful stockings that reflect the spirit of the holiday season.

Decorating Coffee Tables For Xmas

When it comes to decorating with eucalyptus, the possibilities are endless, but our favorite way is to place a bunch on the side of a round mirror.

Decorating Tips For A Modern Merry Christmas

Your kids can show off Santa and reindeer in a bed of fake snow with this snow display.

Decorating Coffee Tables For Xmas

Add cozy accents to your space with plaid tights and throw pillows. A luxurious garland and floral arrangement completes the look.

Create a three-dimensional gallery wall by hanging a combination of paper, metal and wood stars in various sizes and patterns along the window frame with string.

Decorating Coffee Tables For Xmas

Glam Christmas Decor Ideas

Hang any extra Christmas tree decorations along the mantelpiece for an unexpected wreath. You can also place them in bowls on end tables around the room.

Who says you need an original mantel to decorate your space? Instead, attach a wreath using mantelpiece command hooks. Then light the fireplace below with lanterns filled with twinkling LED lights.

Decorating Coffee Tables For Xmas

You don’t have to put away the whiteboards after back-to-school is over. Garlands and a banner take this chalkboard to a whole new (holiday) level and make the erased chalk look like snow.

Best Christmas Table Decoration Ideas For Pandemic Holiday Party!

Keep that farmhouse feel for the holidays with a rustic sign, some snowflake decorations, and an eye-catching coffee table topper.

Decorating Coffee Tables For Xmas

Try a non-traditional color palette, like rust and gold, then add some fun elements like a ceramic tree and wreath for a festive touch.

Quirky features, like ice skate stockings or a Santa pillow, are the perfect complement to the more traditional elements of this room.

Decorating Coffee Tables For Xmas

Christmas Decorations You Haven’t Thought Of

You can stray a little from traditional colors and still feel festive. This living room uses black and bright green colors, finished with white wood, gingham patterns and an ornate staircase.

Why should green get all the glory at Christmas? Sub in aqua decor (pillows, trees, frames, wreaths) for a little variation on the standard. Aqua looks great with red!

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Decorating Coffee Tables For Xmas

The wall art, white stockings and candles on the coffee table, not to mention the tree, add a warm, wintry feel to this family room.

What Are Christmas Tree Collars & Where To Get Them

Sometimes word art (engineered print!) is all it takes to bring holiday decor together and make a room feel complete.

Decorating Coffee Tables For Xmas

This DIY bookshelf features a “Let It Snow” banner and lots of festive touches from bottle brushes to mini houses.

Monique Valeris Senior Home Editor Monique Valeris is the Senior Home Editor for Good Housekeeping, where she oversees the brand’s print and digital home decor coverage. The holiday season is a magical time of year and there are many ways to decorate your home to celebrate this joyous season with beautiful rustic farmhouse Christmas decorations. You can decorate your space with cheerful and bright colors with more muted and earthy tones. Every space in your home is fair game for decorating, but start in the living room, and if you’re into entertaining, the dining room is a must.

Decorating Coffee Tables For Xmas

Best Coffee Table Decorating Ideas And Designs For 2022

After these spaces are completed, you may want to decorate a few more spaces if you still feel like decorating for the holidays. This collection of rustic farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas we’ve put together will inspire you to want to give your home a complete makeover for the holidays! Check out below for some great ideas from our favorite Instagrammers…and don’t forget to follow One Kindesign on Instagram!

Tell us: Which of these rustic farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas inspired you the most and why in the comments below?

Decorating Coffee Tables For Xmas

1. The most wonderful time of the year. This cozy fireplace features the @antiquefarmhouse sign, giving the space a theme. From artificial tree and crown

Easy Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

2. Lovely staircase decoration. Be sure to decorate the space around your stairs with some festive Christmas decorations. There is an artificial tree

Decorating Coffee Tables For Xmas

3. Silent Night Holy Night. Adorned with rustic farmhouse Christmas decor, this charming fireplace is modeled after the Silent Night sign by @raderrustics. The mantelpiece is covered in hobby lobby garlands, large bells, stockings, lanterns and houses. Flock artificial trees are made

4. A stunning entrance to a country home. What kind of charm does this rustic farmhouse entryway have? The Christmas tree is from Walmart, the tree basket wreath is from HomeGoods. The chunky knit blanket is from @becozi. The wooden basket is from Target. Wall Color Gray Owl 2137-60 | Benjamin Moore. (via @bridgewaydesigns)

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Decorating Coffee Tables For Xmas

Pretty Christmas Living Room Ideas To Get You Ready For The Holidays

5. A bedroom decorated for the holidays. This charming and festive bedroom is decorated in a red and white color scheme with green accents. The trees grouped on the nightstands (HobbyLobby) are from Walmart, placed in HomeGoods baskets. Thick red hand knitted blanket from @becozi. The wall paint color is Benjamin Moore’s Gray Stone. The guest bedroom is the perfect place to decorate for the holiday season! (via @bridgewaydesigns)

6. Winter Wonderland Staircase Decal. How lovely is this idea for your staircase? Use words from a song like “Winter Wonderland” or even eight short reindeer names to identify each stage. These stair decals can be found on Etsy. Add some garlands to your railing and some LED lanterns to light up your steps at night. (via @farmhousechic4sure)

Decorating Coffee Tables For Xmas

7. It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas. This lovely room features an 8ft Noble Fir with warm lights from @kingofchristmas. On top of Overstock’s coffee table is a basket filled with greenery and candles. The miniature trees placed in galvanized buckets (you can also use pots) are from @decorsteals. (via @our_forever_farmhouse)

Stunning Christmas Table Decorations

8. Cozy bedroom decoration. Sometimes all you need is just a few touches to make your room look like Christmas. The place has some artificial trees in a wooden box. A cozy red and white blanket nods to the season, all set with red and white cushions. Ending the space is a “Meet Me Under the Mistletoe” sign, highlighted by a wreath. (via @farmhousechic4sure)

Decorating Coffee Tables For Xmas

9. Dreaming of a white Christmas. Layered with dreamy whites, this cozy room offers a holiday glow courtesy of a mini-light chandelier. The textured blanket is from Marshalls, the bedding is from TJMaxx. Above the header,

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