Decorating Dining Table For Fall

Decorating Dining Table For Fall – Catch Pumpkins and Pumpkins! Today I’m giving you a tour of my fall table decor. I’m excited to team up with a bunch of friends to bring you our best fall decorating ideas. You are in for a real treat!

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Decorating Dining Table For Fall

Decorating Dining Table For Fall

We can all use a little help from our friends when it comes to decorating, right? I’m excited to team up with 29 talented blogger friends today to bring you a wide range of fall decor ideas.

Elegant Fall Centerpieces To Perfect Your Dining Table

Kelly from The Tattered Pew is our gracious host for this fun collaboration. You will love visiting her beautiful home in Colorado! (All tours are linked at the bottom of this post.)

Decorating Dining Table For Fall

If you are from Libbie at A Life Unfolding, I am happy to welcome you to my home.

I am a native Texan with a passion for crafting, decorating and cooking. I am also a mother of twin boys, so my life is also filled with soccer, scouts, and music lessons! You can read more about my story here.

Decorating Dining Table For Fall

Dining Room Table Centerpiece Ideas

See how I use dried oranges to decorate my dining room and get more fall DIY ideas!

The first room you see when you enter my house is the dining room. It happens to be across the street from my office, so I spend a lot of time looking at this space.

Decorating Dining Table For Fall

This year, I decided to keep things simple. I used the same woven placemats I shared with my spring table decor. They are like the table decoration version of the little black dress.

Cozy Fall Home Decor Ideas

I started with a small sideboard decoration until I “lived” in the room for a while. I’ll share more about what I ended up with below.

Decorating Dining Table For Fall

My new obsession is dried orange slices. I have a thing for dried flowers, so it was only a matter of time when the oranges took over. “Untie me! Untie me!” they said.

I combined orange slices with white faux pumpkins and faux olive stems. (I’ve been known to remove leaves from an artificial branch when I need some quick greenery. Good luck getting it back later!) Sprigs of rosemary work too.

Decorating Dining Table For Fall

Cozy Fall Dining Room Decor

You may recognize the cloth napkins from my outdoor table decor. I know it works all year round!

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This is a recent purchase that will last me many seasons. It’s 37 inches long, so I can fit a lot of stuff inside. Maybe one day I’ll even make a giant loaf!

Decorating Dining Table For Fall

For the centerpiece of the dough bowl, I reused some olive trees that usually live in a vase. Then I layered in an array of pumpkins, acorns, and orange slices, of course.

Beautiful Fall Table Settings For Your Neutral Coastal Home

Remember my little decorated sideboard from above? In the end I decided to add a few things, like this tiered tray.

Decorating Dining Table For Fall

This week I’m teaming up with my blogging friends for the Best Fall Blogger Home Tours! All week long we welcome you to our homes. You can visit each home tour by clicking on the links below.

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Decorating Dining Table For Fall

Easy Fall Centerpiece Ideas

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Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that provide basic functionality and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information. Fall is a great time to entertain and the perfect time to spruce up your home decor. Warm colors like orange, red and yellow make your home welcoming to guests. Seasonal decorations like leaves, pumpkins and gourds can help you get into the fall spirit.

Decorating Dining Table For Fall

With or without company, decorating your home’s tables with centerpieces can add a festive tone. Now, let’s explore ideas for fall centerpieces and other table decorations.

Simple Fall Dining Room Table Decor Ideas

Tablecloths and runners set the tone for the rest of the decor. They can draw attention to a centerpiece or define space for decor that runs the length of the table. Consider how elaborate your centerpiece will be when choosing a tablecloth or runner. A busier centerpiece works best with a solid color tablecloth, preferably in muted or neutral colors. Think white, cream, dark green or pale yellow.

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Decorating Dining Table For Fall

If you’re choosing a simpler centerpiece, you can add more visual interest with a patterned tablecloth or runner. Cozy patterns like plaid are popular in cooler weather. You can also choose a model with a seasonal motif such as pumpkins or leaves.

One option for a centerpiece is a bold flower arrangement. The artificial flowers in warm colors that contrast with the greenery make an attractive design. Adding autumn leaves and berries adds more texture to the display. The center piece can be used alone or combined with other decorations. This is a great way to start decorating a room.

Decorating Dining Table For Fall

Creative And Colorful Fall Decor Ideas For Your Dining Room

Mini pumpkins and gourds can also be included in your centerpiece. They add different colors, shapes and textures. Real pumpkins can be used, but artificial pumpkins have many advantages:

A new fall trend is to hollow out a pumpkin and use it as a vase to hold flowers, sprigs of leaves, wheat, and other fall accessories. These “pumpkin vases” make wonderful centerpieces. However, you can use an artificial pumpkin, because real pumpkins rot.

Decorating Dining Table For Fall

When making your pumpkin vase, pay attention to the different colors you use in your floral arrangement. The dark green offsets an orange pumpkin nicely. You may want to limit the orange in your arrangement because it will start to blend in with the pumpkin.

Festive Fall Table Decor Ideas

If you want to do something different with your fall decor, consider creating a rustic display. Choose materials such as metal, burlap and wood. Incorporate earth tones like green, brown, dark orange and red for a simple country-style look. While still appropriate for the season, this is a less common decorating scheme. You have a lot of freedom to create your centerpiece in this style. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Decorating Dining Table For Fall

Place a candle, lantern, flower vase or other tall object on top of the round wood with a live edge. Round out the centerpiece by scattering small items around the long focal point item, such as leaves or votive candles.

For a bold look that contrasts with different textures, start with a tabletop wardrobe. Then place a metal accent on top, such as a galvanized bucket or pitcher. Finish with a flower arrangement (real or fake).

Decorating Dining Table For Fall

Holiday Hosting At Home

Combining function and aesthetics. A beautiful wooden cutting board stands alone as a centerpiece, and can also double as a serving tray for parties. Complete the fall look by placing a plain or patterned runner under your cutting board and scatter mini pumpkins and gourds around it. Shrimp platters can be an art form when done right. Be sure to choose fall-themed snacks for extra flair!

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Our next centerpiece idea, the cornucopia, is a classic fall and Thanksgiving decoration. It can stand alone or be part of a larger center. You can put different things in it, such as artificial apples, leaves, mini pumpkins and berries. Although antlers are a traditional decoration, you can give them a modern look by using a wire antler or including painted pumpkins.

Decorating Dining Table For Fall

As you decorate, remember that gold is a wonderful fall color. Choose fall decorations with gold accents. For example, pumpkins, gourds and wheat in metallic shades complement other decorations well.

Simple And Natural Fall Dining Room

Our final fall decorating idea is to use spooky decorations to tie in with Halloween. Witches, bats and ghosts are classic motifs. Use purple and black instead of traditional fall colors. Like the rustic display, this is a great option if you want to try something new, or are a big fan of Halloween.

Decorating Dining Table For Fall

All of these centerpiece ideas will greatly enhance the look of your existing dining table. However, you may be ready to upgrade to a new one. Maybe you’re looking for a bigger desk, or your current desk is worn and scratched. Hardwood Lumber Company has beautiful live edge and butcher block tables. Whether you love the timeless beauty of wood or creating a rustic look in your home, we have furniture to fit your lifestyle. Check out our selection now!

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Decorating Dining Table For Fall

Best Fall, Halloween, & Thanksgiving Table Decorations

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