Decorating Long Tables

Decorating Long Tables – Cool decorations combined with fresh pine boughs, tartan ribbon, coppery greenery and tall candles make a beautiful and easy Christmas centerpiece for the long table.

Check out the video and all the details on how I made this centerpiece in minutes, then check out 17 more inspiring centerpiece ideas from my talented friends!

Decorating Long Tables

Decorating Long Tables

Happy Holidays! I love this time of year when friends and family gather to celebrate the season, and usually food is involved! I do a lot of Christmas table setting at this time of year, and it’s always a challenge when I have to make a centerpiece for a long table.

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Luckily, I found an easy solution that takes just a few minutes to get up and running with any color scheme or space settings!

Decorating Long Tables

This beautiful, fresh pine centerpiece works great for a long table because it can be made as needed, but is low and won’t block your guests’ views.

To create this look, I started with a plain white table and then placed a bed of fresh pine branches in the center of the table. I cut the pieces that were too wide and made sure the ends were attached.

Decorating Long Tables

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For this table, I wanted to continue the tartan plaid theme from the Christmas decorations in the family room, so I strung 12″ ribbon pine branches along the entire length of the centerpiece. This is the same method I use to put ribbon on my Christmas trees. You can view these details by clicking here.

After applying the tape, I added copper painted greenery and then sprayed cool pine and glitter decorations on the pine runner.

Decorating Long Tables

The final touch is six brass candle holders with white brass candles. It happened! This centerpiece is so easy to make on a long table in minutes!

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After the center piece was done, I still wanted to add a little tartan accent, so I placed a piece of ribbon on each side of the table and let it wrap around the edges. A simple V cut is finished from the end of the ribbon.

Decorating Long Tables

This simple ribbon accent was the perfect addition to the table and made a beautiful base for the place settings.

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I used exposed copper chargers as the base of my place along with light blue and white decorative plates. I added a square of dark blue napkins to the salad plate and placed a piece of copper greenery, tied with a garland.

Decorating Long Tables

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I love this color combination and think it would be beautiful for a Christmas or holiday party.

This easy centerpiece is perfect for a long table and can be made in minutes using any color combination you want. I especially like the ribbon under the place settings as an added accent to the white table. I hope this inspires you to make your own new pine centerpieces!

Decorating Long Tables

Below are affiliate links to most of the items I used to create this look. If the exact product is not available, I have linked a similar item.

Centerpiece Ideas For Any Wedding Style

Christmas Table Centerpieces from Happy Nestor // Easy Holiday Centerpieces from Sweet Finds // Holiday Centerpieces from Modern Glam // Easy Christmas Centerpieces from Holy House Decorations // DIY Ornament Centerpieces from Happy House

Decorating Long Tables

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DIY Mom’s Gingerbread Christmas Centerpiece // Eucalyptus Christmas Tree Centerpiece from Lovely Jane

Decorating Long Tables

Mercury Glass: What Is It & How To Use It For Your Wedding Decor

Christmas Table Setting Ideas Jennifer Maun // Sarah D. This color is associated with class and timelessness, and if you choose a white wedding, it will reflect all of that. Although a white wedding may seem plain or ugly at first, with the right wedding decoration ideas, you can turn your wedding venue into the most glamorous and stunning venue.

There is an unlimited amount of white wedding decoration ideas. Check out tablescapes, white bridesmaid dresses, white wedding arches and other items that can be covered in this stunning and flawless color. The white theme also allows you to choose a secondary color to contrast or complement the white color.

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Decorating Long Tables

Find fun and inspiring white wedding decor ideas that you can use to your advantage this wedding season.

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White goes well with green, silver and gold. White tables with gold plates, silver candles and beautiful crystal glasses, green and white floral arches – all this will give your wedding decoration a special charm.

Decorating Long Tables

There is nothing more beautiful than a white wedding ceremony. You can create a background and atmosphere that looks absolutely beautiful when you walk this path. Beautiful white wedding decorations make for great photos, and you want the sweetest moments when you walk down that aisle.

Have a Gatsby-style wedding with a sexy white runner covered in white flowers, white and gold pillar candles and white pampas grass. Complete the look with a white floral wedding arch at the end of the aisle. Get married in the most beautiful way, and it’s all yours.

Decorating Long Tables

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Wedding guests sitting on all white tables and all white chairs can give off a dreamy atmosphere that you can only find at a white wedding. For a romantic look, wrap white and gold chairs in white floral garlands that match the rest of the wedding flowers.

Create texture and layers with silver chargers and white plates on a silky white table. Baskets and place cards can be glittery gold or crystal and white napkins with gold or silver accents. Crystal candles can create clutter on tables, creating a sparkle that only adds to the white wedding table decorations.

Decorating Long Tables

Take your wedding to the next level with unique white wedding reception decor. Create an intimate setting with tables lined with white cups and fireplaces filled with all white flowers. They, in turn, will sit on table runners of white bougainvillea and white roses. Add candles of various heights and sizes to gold or silver votives to complete the centerpiece of the table.

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Dress up the table settings with velvet and ivory table napkins. A luxurious look and feel for the most luxurious white wedding reception ever.

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Decorating Long Tables

White Wedding Theme – White Wedding Reception Decorations. Consider a beautiful and elegant wedding reception venue. One of those overhead lights that shines above the wedding guests inside a white tent or traditional indoor venue. Antique silver or gold chandeliers are wrapped around the fireplace, while white flowers line the tables on cascading table runners. Complete this natural and harmonious look with white china seating with antique white candles.

Floral arrangements for all white weddings can include lysimachus, clematis, white roses, white ranunculus, and ferns. If you want to add color for a romantic atmosphere, pastel flowers can be added to the mix.

Decorating Long Tables

Best Console Table Decorating Ideas And Designs For 2021

An all white wedding theme would not be complete without beautiful white flowers everywhere. You can turn your wedding ceremony and reception into a fairytale with a few well-arranged white flowers and bouquets. Line the wedding aisle with floral arrangements of snapdragons, hydrangeas, roses and delphiniums. Add some more texture to each arrangement with pockets of olive branches for true floral grace.

Don’t miss the table. Create gardens full of white delphiniums, moss, stilbe flowers and more from each table. You can also display hanging flowers in bouquets.

Decorating Long Tables

A simple white wedding decor idea that can add a touch of romance to your wedding is candles. Inexpensive, clean and perfect, candles can create the look you want at a white wedding. Add white pillar candles of various sizes to your wedding entrance or exit decorations for that magical feel. If you have chandeliers or flowers hanging from your ceiling, you can hang candles as well as antique lanterns or light fixtures.

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Another option is to have hundreds of candles lined up in beds of white and pink roses, arranged in your outdoor or indoor venue. Also, baby’s breath flower arrangements and

Decorating Long Tables

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