Decorating My Dining Room Table

Decorating My Dining Room Table – Earlier this year while working on my MOTO (Makeover Takeover) there was one area where I felt I had a bit of a blind spot. I had a good feeling about the style I wanted to achieve, the blue velvet sofa was dialed in, but when it came to knowing what to do with the top of my dining table, I was stuck. In the grand scheme of design, it feels like an afterthought… because it is. On a daily basis, it’s usually where my trash lands (until they fall over and I have to deal with it) and where our Amazon box collects, well, smaller. It’s a bit of a wasted “life”, so I don’t want to fake it with something too set. I want to do something that, after shooting, can still work for the way we live. So I dug into our archives for inspiration and it was very helpful. So useful that now, many months later, I thought it was time to share with you if you are as challenged as I am.

Read on for six different approaches to the “everyday” dining table, although leaving it plain is still a real option… so call it style #1. Now for pattern #2:

Decorating My Dining Room Table

Decorating My Dining Room Table

I thought to start where I left off with my dining table: the appearance of the “central vase”. Yes, I still have a candelabra and some plates, but it’s really a lot of pictures. In real life, you’ll most likely find one thing sitting in the middle of my desk (definitely not surrounded by other junk like my husband’s headphones or the random sweaters and shorts I threw in there one night after going out. )…

A Simple Beautiful Way To Decorate Your Dining Table For Fall — 2 Ladies & A Chair

I went tall (it was a vase I had on hand from Target years ago), but you can also go shorter, like Sara did here in her old apartment. You can go the fresh flower route or, for lower maintenance, opt for potted plants (as long as your room gets the right amount of light to maintain that).

Decorating My Dining Room Table

This might be my favorite dining spot from our stash because BOY THAT WINDOW IS GOOD. But beyond that, an organic, asymmetric, one-bowl basket feels gaudy and laid back, and isn’t that what you want in a breakfast nook like this?

When you only have a small surface to work with, like in the nook of the dining room (as she did it for people … amazing) in the rental room of Jess, personally I think simple is the best, so everyone celebrates the good “center. vase” with a room like this.

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Decorating My Dining Room Table

The Best Dining Room Christmas Decor

For the large table, I’m all about the “collection” that Emily did in the Portland dining room. It is 8 seats, so there is a lot of tabletop to cover and obviously, it can feel a little empty and unfinished.

Something to note about the “collection” of things is how it looks from every angle. You want to make sure you lay things out so that, whether you’re looking at them straight on or from the side, they don’t end up looking like a bargain table at your local grocery store.

Decorating My Dining Room Table

In Portland, they went with a set of the same colored sculptures, but in this “modern organic” dining room, it’s a mix of vases and vessels. Note the tight color palette and different shapes and sizes to keep things interesting. Always remember, just because your “collection” has 10 items doesn’t mean they all have to appear together. If it works, great! But you can always break things apart if you do a little extra and tweaking.

Amy’s Creative Pursuits: Decorating My Dining Room For Spring!

“Group 3” is a close relative to both the collection and the central vase. All the same brightness with the central vase, more visual interest of the collection (but without thinking too long and hard about the installation). Three candlesticks of different heights are a good choice (and are usually sold in sets like this).

Decorating My Dining Room Table

If you don’t want to go the candle route, there are three boat routes, like they did in Sylvia’s dining room for a surprise reveal. I think the key to this is the different heights I mentioned earlier. That way, you can place more things in the middle of the table, but if you have three things that are the same size, I’d go with something a little more organized like placing things along the length of the table. .

This is another option that I really love (I tend to prefer asymmetrical things because it gives the eye more to play with). I call this “tall/low” because there are things that are tall or tall (go with the green stuff to make it even taller), and things that are low and wide (in this case a bowl with a foot… think. me).

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Decorating My Dining Room Table

Dining Table Centrepiece Ideas For All Tables

You can go the route of placing your high/low items in the middle of the table, or switch to one side if you place other things on the table if you think you’re entertaining.

Chances are you’re thinking something over there. I showed earlier that you feel “water”, so you, my friend, are the “tray + collector” type. You want to make sure your tray is on the larger side (about 1/3 the width of your table is a good rule of thumb) or you risk things looking uneven. What tray did you put on it? Well, it depends on you. Ginny does a high/low thing with flowers which I think is really cute and not too hard, low bowls and small cabinets but you can go with candles, small gifts… no rules!

Decorating My Dining Room Table

In Emily’s previous Glendale home she also went with a tray + collection, but in this case it was arranged like a snack/snack tray with a pitcher, some cups and another bowl of seeds (never underestimate the power of nuts. For styling, huh).

Most Inspiring Coastal Dining Rooms

And finally, our last category is here… the “regular set” table. This is less for everyday, I think, and more for “business is coming in and I have a few snacks, but not a full dinner going on.” You can use all the same ideas for the main anchor piece, but move it to A little devil to make room for a stack of dinner plates, napkins, glassware, and other things You want to show.

Decorating My Dining Room Table

Hope it will be useful for all of you. I know it’s easy for us to forget to talk about the small daily design questions and conflicts that arise for everyone, designing new people along the way to excellence, but the main thing is to get inspired and see what you think works best. For your life (and of course you like it) and play with what you have to get there.

Let me know in the comments what other “no-brainer” styling ideas you might be feeling stuck on, and we’ll gather some inspo to help you out. Thank you for coming to support and meet this afternoon.

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Decorating My Dining Room Table

My Fall Dining Room

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Decorating My Dining Room Table

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Decorating My Dining Room Table

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Decorating My Dining Room Table

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