Decorating Outdoor Table Around Umbrella

Decorating Outdoor Table Around Umbrella – We have two tables with umbrellas on the back porch. It’s a very sunny patio by the pool, so the umbrella gave us a break from the sun when needed. I have always had a hard time eating and socializing at a table with a pillar in the middle and how and where to put something decorative in the middle of the table. Let’s face it, umbrellas are good for shelter from the hot sun, but they can be quite uncomfortable.

This year I finally tackled our polar dilemma. I decided to add a box to our traditional picnic table. The goal is to find a long rectangular container in the middle of the table and then drill a hole big enough to fit the umbrella pole through. Plan A was to use what I already had, so I rummged through our shed and found an old black metal box. Plan B was to hit the thrift store for some containers to use. Plan C was Amazon where I found some good options. I knew that if the container could be drilled and sized properly, it would work.

Decorating Outdoor Table Around Umbrella

Decorating Outdoor Table Around Umbrella

Earlier this summer, Kirk drilled a hole in the bottom of the box to provide drainage for the mint plants I kept inside. Since I didn’t plant the mint directly in the box, it remained tied up in the pot and struggled. Lesson learned. The box is getting too hot for live plants – at least this year!

Round Dining Table

I painted the box in Artissimo, a deep navy blue from the Miss Mustard Milkweed line. I used the MMS bonding agent to make sure the paint stuck to the metal. I then sealed the paint with Miss Mustard Seed Hemp Oil to protect the paint and give the paint some shine. Spray paint would work just as well, but I had milk paint on hand and I really wanted to use a dark blue.

Decorating Outdoor Table Around Umbrella

Filling the box was the fun part. Mason jars filled with perfect flowers in a box. IKEA artificial plants work well. If we’re entertaining (remember when we had guests?), I can create a flower arrangement. It is better to use pillar candles for the night or a combination of flowers and candles.

Our other patio table is square and doesn’t have much room for larger plants. When I found this little wire basket at HomeGoods for $4.99 last week, I knew it would be perfect. I just disconnected the bottom cable to make room for the umbrella pole. This is the easiest option!

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Decorating Outdoor Table Around Umbrella

Beach Umbrella Table 4.7ft Thatch Patio Tiki Umbrella Hawaian Parasol Garden Umbrella, With Tilt, Patio Umbrella,outdoor Umbrella For Garden, Beach, Party Decoration

I added some green grass moss like this one I found at Hobby Lobby (they are also available at JoAnn and other craft stores). Moss hides IKEA plastic pots and artificial plants.

I always like fresh cut flowers, but they are not always practical for everyday outdoor decor. Artificial plants work well and are easier to maintain!

Decorating Outdoor Table Around Umbrella

If you live in a hot and humid climate, artificial plants are great or try succulents. I’ve been thinking about planting it in a planter in the fall – maybe I’ll fill it with apples from our apple tree! Of course squirrels will like it! I finally found the best patio umbrella and pool patio decor ideas! We have an indoor pool and a small backyard, so decorating the outside has always been a challenge. It’s also very hot in Florida and we don’t have any shade in the backyard, so I’m thankful I found the best outdoor umbrella on Amazon! Keep reading to see how we installed outdoor furniture and umbrellas to create this cozy outdoor space!

Patio Table Styled 3 Ways

If you’re looking for inexpensive outdoor decorating ideas and where to find the best outdoor umbrellas, keep reading!

Decorating Outdoor Table Around Umbrella

This patio umbrella is easy to set up and has a great price compared to other outdoor shade solutions. We also have matching offset umbrellas and love it!

Our pool patio design was inspired by Abba Patio Umbrellas. We started with an umbrella and added simple wicker furniture and an outdoor rug to complete the patio decoration.

Decorating Outdoor Table Around Umbrella

Creative Ways To Add Shade Outdoors

Amazon has several options for patio umbrellas, but I prefer to shop for outdoor umbrellas and accessories from Abba Patio. We have Abba Patio Rectangular Offset Cantilever Dual Wind Venting Patio Paracoles with Cross Base, 9 by 12 ft. It’s dark brown in our backyard and it’s a great price compared to an outdoor umbrella at Lowes or an Outdoor Umbrella at Costco. The ready-to-assemble offset umbrella and umbrella base are easy to put together and I look forward to using this umbrella for years to come!

I chose the Abba Patio 11ft Patio Umbrella with Push Button Tilt and Handle in Beige to match our Abba Patio Umbrella. I know that the quality and durability of Abba Patio Umbrellas make them the ultimate umbrella brand.

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Decorating Outdoor Table Around Umbrella

This patio umbrella is weather-resistant and UV-resistant: The 11-foot dome is made of 100% polyester exterior, waterproof, UV-resistant, and fade-resistant.

Adding A Centerpiece To A Patio Table With Umbrella

The 11-foot long umbrella has a reinforced end screw design: this feature is built into each rib to prevent the umbrella from breaking when dropped. This also helps to keep the surface of the umbrella canopy strong and safer for each of the 8 ribs and will help rain quickly from the umbrella.

Decorating Outdoor Table Around Umbrella

The dome has vents to allow air flow and give the umbrella more stability, giving it more wind resistance (which we need since we live near the ocean in Florida!).

An easy-to-use crank system makes it easy to raise and lower the canopy. The push-button tilt technology also makes it easy to tilt the umbrella so you can enjoy the shade from any angle with this 11-foot patio umbrella.

Decorating Outdoor Table Around Umbrella

Outdoor Entertaining Furniture And Decorating Ideas

I found some inexpensive wicker outdoor furniture on Amazon and it looks great on our little patio. The furniture can be moved around and arranged in many different ways, making it versatile to use with this large outdoor umbrella.

These patio umbrellas and umbrellas are easy to install and a great value compared to other outdoor shade solutions. We also have matching offset umbrellas and love it!

Decorating Outdoor Table Around Umbrella

Finding the best patio seating and outdoor umbrellas can be frustrating because there are so many options available. I chose seating solutions that are versatile and functional for any small patio. Our umbrellas are heroes because they protect our furniture from rain and sun. You’ll find Abba Patio’s best umbrellas and outdoor accessories in their Amazon store or browse their online store here.

Abccanopy 7.5ft Outdoor Table Market Umbrella Patio Umbrella With Tilt And Crank For Garden, Deck, Backyard And Pool, 8 Ribs 12+colors, Navy Blue

Have you tried these home decor ideas? I want to see it! Send me a photo on Facebook, Instagram or email and I’ll share it with my followers 🙂

Decorating Outdoor Table Around Umbrella

Have you ever had trouble choosing the right paint color for your home? Choosing the right paint color for your home can be overwhelming. There are so many different colors of “white” and “gray” these days, how does anyone know what makes the right paint color choice?

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That’s why I’ve collected the best tips on how to choose interior paint colors in this article.

Decorating Outdoor Table Around Umbrella

Westin Outdoor Harris 9 Ft. Market Patio Umbrella In Gray With Black Round Hard Plastic Base 792057865588

Every house is different… the entryway at our first house was very different from the entryway at our second house, and both were very different from the entryway at our third house! So I chose a different paint color for each entryway in all three of our houses. Not to mention, from the time we bought our first house to the time we bought our third house, the house paint color trend has changed dramatically. The colors I used back then weren’t trendy colors and I didn’t like the tan brown we had in our first house haha.

So, if you need help choosing colors for the rest of your home, go to this post for my tips on choosing paint and what works for me in our three homes 🙂 My post on choosing paint colors for your home – one of my most popular posts popular, and it is helpful for readers to read it before going to the store to buy paint that ended up not working.

Decorating Outdoor Table Around Umbrella

Peel and stick wallpaper has become very popular recently because not everyone has access to the tools to make their own Shiplap walls (thanks Chip and Joanna) or wants to cover an entire wall with subway tile. I love the tile, but if I can just wallpaper it and finish it, me, my husband, and my wallet will be happy!

Don’t Make These 7 Design Mistakes With Your Outdoor Space

You can find stick-on wallpaper online at Target, Amazon, Home Depot, and more! Below I’ve linked my favorite peel and stick wallpapers and ones I’ve personally used.

Decorating Outdoor Table Around Umbrella

✅ This is the wallpaper I use at home. It’s a great price and really good quality!

If you really like the idea of ​​peel and stick wallpaper but have never used it before,

Decorating Outdoor Table Around Umbrella

Shade Ideas For Your Patio Space

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