Decorating Rectangular Coffee Table

Decorating Rectangular Coffee Table – 6 coffee table decorating ideas and how to style things professionally to make your living room feel purposeful and beautiful.

The decoration of the coffee table is interesting. When else in history have you stared at an inanimate object for an hour and wondered what to do with it?

Decorating Rectangular Coffee Table

Decorating Rectangular Coffee Table

I mean, coffee tables are a high-maintenance piece of furniture, and there’s a certain nerve about them that makes you second-guess every little thing you put on it.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas That Add Interest + Style

If you’ve ever wanted the perfect coffee table vignette, but didn’t know how, there’s a formula. Here are some of my favorite coffee table decorating ideas.

Decorating Rectangular Coffee Table

(By the way, if other areas of your home elude you, you can check out more decorating secrets in this simplified decorating series.)

I love the trays because I have kids and if they get rough and fall, I grab the tray with all the decorations when needed.

Decorating Rectangular Coffee Table

Tried And True Tips How To Style A Coffee Table

But the trays provide a basis for a unified and purposeful look for everything on the coffee table. Choose one that isn’t too short, but still leaves room to lift your legs.

Choose something that blends in with nature. It can be as simple as a bunch of flowers from the grocery store, but if you want longevity, artificial stems are great. (These are some of my favorite fake flowers.) It’s often a coffee table centerpiece.

Decorating Rectangular Coffee Table

I like to use decorative boxes to store TV remotes, or decorative trays to throw the ends into if needed. They are both beautiful and functional.

How To Style A Coffee Table: All Shapes Explained

If using a marble tray, use a wooden bowl. Or you can use copper plates, rattan boxes, etc. choice Using products made of the same material will make the coffee table look flat. By adding different materials, you create a brilliant look.

Decorating Rectangular Coffee Table

Choose an interesting and beautiful hardcover that you’ll love to pick up and keep flipping through.

Choose what interests you: famous artists, favorite travel destinations, signature fashion styles, favorite periods in history, whatever takes your fancy.

Decorating Rectangular Coffee Table

Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Pay attention to the color scheme of the book covers as they play a role in the overall look of the room.

The useful thing about books is that they can also act as a riser if you want to change the height of your decorative items.

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Decorating Rectangular Coffee Table

Lighting a candle in the evening sets the mood for the whole room and helps you relax a bit. Choose one of your favorite scents. (Or if you want to diffuse essential oils instead, opt for a wireless candle diffuser for the benefits of aromatherapy.)

How To Choose The Best Coffee Table For Your Living Room

If you have small children or pets and are concerned about the safety issues of real candle flames, battery-operated candles can look just as convincing as the real thing.

Decorating Rectangular Coffee Table

Have fun with the ordinary. Perhaps an abstract copper knot sculpture, black and white marbled paper, or a decorative soap chain for added texture. If all the other items on your table are small, choose something that adds height.

I like to find shapes that look like concrete, granite, or old brass at a concrete store and paint them for a couple of bucks.

Decorating Rectangular Coffee Table

Coffee Table Decor Ideas (to Liven Up Your Coffee Table)

Don’t go overboard with your coffee table decorating ideas, you won’t really be able to use your coffee table. Less is more. To keep the table from becoming cluttered, put down essentials.

Mix different materials like marble, rattan, stone, glass, ceramic, brass. It adds dimension and interest, especially when sticking to a neutral color palette.

Decorating Rectangular Coffee Table

A good rule is to decorate with exact numbers: 3, 5 or 7. Then, change the height of those things to create a triangle. Can you see it?

Small Home Decorating Tips For The Living Room

These are some of my favorite coffee tables, but coffee tables are some of my favorite pieces of furniture if you thrift shop or peruse Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.

Decorating Rectangular Coffee Table

That’s it! Move items around and play with different textures and you’ll have a beautiful, put-together coffee table.

The size of the tray you need will depend on the size of your coffee table and the design of the table, but you’ll want to choose a tray that doesn’t hang over the edge. An appropriately sized coffee table top is about 20 inches.

Decorating Rectangular Coffee Table

How To Choose The Right Coffee Table

Stack the books and look at the spine where most of the traffic will flow into the room. When you enter the room, you should see a pile of books on the coffee table. Once you know the basics, it’s time to bring these beautiful coffee table decorating ideas to life. Check out these stylish options for your space.

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The coffee table is the center of the living room and not a place to store the remote control. Coffee table decorations can brighten up your space, and styling an eye-catching tablescape isn’t that difficult. With the right decorating ideas, your coffee table can match your taste and enhance the overall feel of your living room.

Decorating Rectangular Coffee Table

In this guide, we’ll break down coffee table style while highlighting coffee table decorating ideas. These ideas can work in any home, from minimalist to boho to glam styles and everything in between. Whether you’re completely redesigning your living room or just want to spruce up your space with some new table decorations, get ready to explore some stylish options.

Large Rectangular Black Gloss Led Coffee Table

Before moving on to coffee table decoration and design ideas, make sure you are happy with your coffee table. Your table should complement the rest of your living room decor – it should also be complementary. Consider these factors when choosing a coffee table:

Decorating Rectangular Coffee Table

Shape, color and material together add style to your piece. Most importantly, your coffee table should match your style before adding decorating ideas. You also want a feature that enhances your lifestyle or room style.

For example, in a modern minimalist family room, you can choose a crisp white coffee table with hidden drawers to eliminate clutter. On the other hand, a chrome coffee table with a glass top can be perfect for a glam space. And for a farmhouse chic living room, a rustic wood table might be the perfect fit.

Decorating Rectangular Coffee Table

How To Style A Square Or Rectangular Coffee Table

When a professional interior designer comes up with coffee table decor, they start with some general guidelines and build from there. By exploring the possibilities in these suggestions for each space, you can create an attractive coffee table decoration for any room. If you like changing seasons, you can revisit them when you’re ready for a change!

While you don’t want your living or family room to be overly themed, it does require a cohesive atmosphere. The decorations and decorations on your coffee table should fit into the interior design theme of the space to create a cohesive appeal.

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Decorating Rectangular Coffee Table

For example, are you decorating a boho beach space? Add some seashells. Alternatively, if your home decor is more attractive, you can choose a mirrored table.

How To Style A Coffee Table

Stick to the room’s color palette when choosing your coffee table decor. This helps the coffee table arrangement feel thoughtful and cohesive. This rule can be used in any interior design style. If it helps, keep a list or photo of your living room color scheme on your phone so it’s always handy when you’re shopping.

Decorating Rectangular Coffee Table

Alternatively, you can use the color palette generator to take a screenshot of your room’s colors for quick reference.

Decorative items on your coffee table should ideally use different heights to draw attention to the visual journey across the table. You want to draw the eye up and down to create a sense of interest—avoid placing things so high that they can’t be seen on the couch!

Decorating Rectangular Coffee Table

How To Pick A Coffee Table (+ 105 Picks For Every Space)

Natural elements such as stacks of books, candle holders, flower arrangements, statues, and driftwood are examples of objects you can use to play with height.

It’s easy to overlook the difference in texture in homes, but interior designers know it’s important. You’ll see coffee tables that don’t have a variety of textures – for example, shiny decorative trays that hold bright decorative objects. This limits the view because it is not a finish. Ideally, you don’t want to repeat the same finish with any decorative elements.

Decorating Rectangular Coffee Table

Instead, create a tactile, textural adventure. For example, you could add three concrete planters for succulents (bonus points if they’re different heights), brass magnifying glasses, and a stack of fun coffee table books.

Wrought Iron And Glass Coffee Table

Add landscaping, flower arrangements or plants to style your coffee table. Don’t worry – if you don’t have a green thumb, you can use faux pavé (it won’t ruin the look, we promise). Indoor plants break the monotony and add softness and life to the living space.

Decorating Rectangular Coffee Table

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