Decorating Restaurant Table For Birthday

Decorating Restaurant Table For Birthday – It’s my birthday! table! This year I wanted to do a little less than last year’s beach party, so I settled on a nice table at a nice restaurant for just me and a few good friends. Yes, my idea of ​​”doing nothing” is to decorate the table. Enjoy.

Here: There were many options, but in the end Georgie was at the top of my list. I’m having coffee and dinner at your favorite restaurant, and I’m also obsessed with your blue and white plates. I considered a few other places, but was very impressed with the direct courtesy and customer service I received when I brought up the table setting idea. Georgie’s is the newest restaurant at Montage Beverly Hills. , replacing Scarpetta’s predecessor. I have to admit that my fascination started with the cute decor and super girly vibe, but I was really impressed with the delicious food and service. I ordered the salmon and we all shared the most delicious sweet and savory bread. Most of my friends ordered the Dover sole and raved about it. But I have to say that the martini cart was at the top of my list, so beautiful, unbelievably beautiful. Thankfully, at least one of my friends was brave enough to order a martini (or two) so we could have a cart experience! Two of my friends loved the Spring Pearl and Georgie Gerber cocktails. I opted for the slightly sweeter version of the Paloma, which was basically a splash of tequila, soda and grape juice, and it was delicious!

Decorating Restaurant Table For Birthday

Decorating Restaurant Table For Birthday

Table: Surprisingly, this is the first table I’ve ever decorated! I wasn’t sure what look I was going for, so I bought a bunch of things I liked. Next time I’ll make sure everything fits before I buy, but I think it turned out pretty well, so no complaints! I knew the kitchen had blue and white plates, so I started there. I wanted to put green palm leaves on top of the plate to complement the blue and white, which is my favorite color scheme. I also knew I needed a pink rose, unfortunately my friends were out of stock and hard to find, so I settled for some pink roses and found these amazing lavender pom poms with no official name. Instead of using a cauldron, I spread out the lavender sprigs and stuck the rose heads into the cauldron. Then I put the battery operated copper lamps on the table. In hindsight, I would have gone with clear wire or individual mini lights so the copper wire wouldn’t be visible, but hey, you live and learn! For the place cards, I had this great idea of ​​using mini pineapples (they sell them at most grocery stores, mine are from Ralph’s) and mini flags. If you can’t find a flag like this, I recommend gluing toothpicks to the back of regular place cards to mount the pineapple. I wrote (a good friend of mine wrote it because my handwriting is squished) and pinned everyone’s flag to the pineapple with a metallic gold marker. Wow, a super cool place has been created!

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Gorgeous 30th Birthday Dinner Party

Treats: As usual, I ordered a marble cake from Sousse, which I absolutely love! This year I decided to have a Drake cake, for those of you who aren’t into fashion, it’s a cake with the letters of Drake, famous for his amazing Instagram account. I had many choices, but I ended up choosing “Feel Better, Live Better” because why not? ha ha I’m so glad it turned out, and it’s definitely a slice of heaven that SusieCakes always delivers! The shades I found are probably my favorite details! These blue and white marble tiles are very elegant and come in different colors. I just couldn’t get enough! As party favors I gave all of my friends some delicious cellophane wrapped macaroons and tied them with navy blue pom poms. As much as I like the idea, I think it’s enough cellophane, maybe a little more baby pink and navy blue, baby. Not yet!

Decorating Restaurant Table For Birthday

To never miss an issue, subscribe to receive news and updates by signing up with your email address! Turning thirteen is a big deal. The first year you’re not a kid anymore, you’re no longer a “tween” but a real teenager! If you ask me, that calls for a real celebration. So when a wonderful client of mine asked me to help throw a surprise 13th birthday party for her daughter Leshi, I was excited to make it special. Read on to see how I styled this adorable gold, pink and black teen birthday party, and stick to the end of the post to check out the birthday cake Leshi made – it’s absolutely amazing! This girl has real talent!

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Decorating Restaurant Table For Birthday

Food Served On Round Table In A White Hall During A Birthday Corporate Party In Eastern European Baltic Riga Latvia

Balloons were key for this teenage party. They are such versatile decorations! I attached pretty pink gel-filled balloons to the doorknobs. I added a metallic gold edge to the frame to add some glamor to the balloon flowers. It served as a great backdrop for the party area.

I also placed a large “13” filled with gold, pink and black balloons. I resized the balloon to a numeric base for a more organic and interesting look.

Decorating Restaurant Table For Birthday

*** Psssttt. We bring the numbers!

Pc 12 X 108 Inch Long Charmeuse Satin Table Runners Bright Shiny Satin Smooth Fabric Runners For Table Decorations Great For Birthday Parties,baby Shower Banquet Wedding

Teens love to take pictures on social media, so I definitely wanted to give them an attractive background in a party color scheme. I used a metallic backdrop base and hung white, black and pink fabric. Change the length of the font, give it some dimension and make it fun! Then, to bring in the gold, “Happy 13th Birthday!” I hung a glittering gold wreath in front of the cloth that read. This area also served as a gift-giving area, and Leslie’s friends and family did a great job keeping her gift wrapping in the right color scheme. Amazing!

Decorating Restaurant Table For Birthday

For the head table, I used the client’s existing backyard but covered it with a crisp white tablecloth. For the center, I used, you guessed it, more balloons! I made a white wooden base that would match the table and hold the balloon in place and topped it with small gold, pink and black balloon flowers. Next, I attached a string of pink gel-filled balloons that read, “Happy 13th Birthday.” As with the backgrounds, I scaled the height of the center sphere.

Event Design: Make sure your pearl balloons are large enough so that they don’t block guests from seeing each other at the table!

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Decorating Restaurant Table For Birthday

Birthday Hall Decoration Stock Photos

I used elegant gold paper dinner plates for my dishes, topped with smaller white and gold patterned dessert plates. I added matching gold and white paper drinking glasses to the centerpieces, each with a pink patterned straw print and a shiny gold cut “13.” On one side I placed a white cloth that said “Happy 13th Birthday” on a metallic gold and fancy gold plastic spoon. Each occasion also received a water bottle marked with the 13th birthday and a pink and black “Thirteen and Awesome” gift bag.

Remember that wonderful cake I told you about? When this beautiful pink and white striped custard cake came out, I was blown away by Leshi’s amazing talent. done

Decorating Restaurant Table For Birthday

Too pretty to eat…but their cakes are delicious too! A shiny gold finish completes it perfectly. You can see Leshi’s creative cakes on her Instagram, @cakesbylexi.atx.

Restaurant Interior Table Table Decorations Decorated Celebration Celebratory Birthday Celebrations Pretty Colourful Colorful Stock Photo

This adorable teen birthday party was a joy to make, and Leshi and her mom were thrilled with the results. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Decorating Restaurant Table For Birthday

If you’re in the Austin area and looking for a little help with event planning, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d love to help! All the crickets are angry now. Every parent wants to make their children’s birthday parties sparkle with fun themed decorations. So we’re not surprised to hear from a cool group of parents who want to fill their daughter’s first birthday with unicorns and rainbows!

The party was held in a private room at a fancy downtown restaurant called Aura Madison. They have delicious food and their restaurant decor was the perfect blank slate to build this party on!

Decorating Restaurant Table For Birthday

Restaurant Interior Table Decorations Decorated Celebration Reserved Table Sign Birthday Celebrations Pretty Colourful Colorful Stock Photo

His parents, Leslie and Jonathan, wanted to have an impactful production.

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