Decorating Round Dining Table Christmas

Decorating Round Dining Table Christmas – Christmas is fast approaching and it’s time to start thinking about how to decorate the dining room table for your family and friends this season. Whether you’re hosting a Christmas party or hosting a holiday lunch or dinner, you’ll need a delicious menu, some holiday treats, cocktails, and some pretty decorations. We’ve prepared a collection of Christmas table decoration ideas that you can recreate at home.

We have some tips and tricks and all the links for DIY lessons. We’ve rounded up a few styles to entertain your senses, any of these tables are sure to delight your guests. From elegant and glamorous to rustic and farmhouse chic, we have it all. From bright decor to natural elements of pineapple, fresh vegetables, tree branches and fruits.

Decorating Round Dining Table Christmas

Decorating Round Dining Table Christmas

Take a look below for some great inspiration and let us know which ideas are your favorite and why!

How To Make A Holiday Circle Wreath + A Christmas Dining Room Tour

1. This farmhouse-style Christmas table is under $100 in decor, all from World Market, one of our favourites. Don’t forget to add some fresh greens for texture and fragrance. (via Lauren McBride’s blog)

Decorating Round Dining Table Christmas

A close-up view of the layout of this farmhouse-inspired table featuring the Gold Wave flatware collection from the 2nd World Market. (via Lauren McBride’s blog)

3. Fill a dough bowl with large decorations, pinecones, greenery, real or fake branches, and some fake blueberries to add color. (via Instagram @Farmhouseredefined)

Decorating Round Dining Table Christmas

Elegant Green & Gold Christmas Dining Room Decor On A Budget

4. Featuring mason jars as a centerpiece, this holiday table adorns a mix of glam and rustic. The bottom layer is Espom salt, and the fresh elements added later include freshly cut blueberries and juniper sprigs. (via Yellow Happiness Road)

6. The menu and decorations for this table are all rosemary inspired! (via Brittany Wood Photography for Jenni Kayne)

Decorating Round Dining Table Christmas

7. A detail of the rosemary-inspired table decoration shows a beautiful bouquet of flowers, rosemary sprigs, and a simple white plate adorned with a wrapped linen napkin. The menu was added with a nice touch. (via Brittany Wood Photography for Jenni Kayne)

Glass Dining Room Tables To Revamp With: From Rectangle To Square!

8. A checkered tablecloth sets the stage for this rustic table decoration. A natural centerpiece includes fresh greens (Leyland cypress), apples, chestnuts, pineapples, ornaments and votive candles. Tip: Leyland cypress is an ideal evergreen for fresh use as it leaves no sap like cedar, spruce or pine. (via Home Boat)

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Decorating Round Dining Table Christmas

9. A simple DIY wooden box is used as a centerpiece for the dining table, creating an attractive focal point. The box is covered with birch wallpaper and filled with floral foam squares, greenery and candles. Furniture legs help support the box on the table. (via Fynes Designs)

10. A black and white Christmas lyrics table runner is the inspiration for this table decoration. Additional accessories include: painted mason jars filled with boxwood branches and tied with black and white gingham ribbon, reindeer moss, small fake birch trees, and mason jars filled with snow and fake candles. Get the DIY tutorial on how to make the table path in the link. (with Fridge View)

Decorating Round Dining Table Christmas

How To Style Your Dining Table For Everyday Living

11. These Christmas tree napkins will add some festivity to your dinner table this holiday season. Get the tutorial on how to do it from the link. (via Publix)

12. A frosted Winter Wonderland painting landscape decorated in blue and white with a bit of apple green. This expansive color scheme will add a fresh, casual aesthetic to your dining area. A white tablecloth and plates make the perfect backdrop for the colors to really pop. The centerpiece features a cedar wreath topped with frosted pinecones and candy ball ornaments. The finishing touch is a decorative strip of blue and white gingham fabric. (via A Pop of Pretty)

Decorating Round Dining Table Christmas

13. Adding a playful twist to the Winter Wonderland painting pictured above is this gift-wrapped place setting. Everywhere on the table is given a gift that coordinates with the color of the rest of the table. Just add decorative ribbon, a pineapple and a candy ball container. (via A Pop of Pretty)

Beautiful Christmas Centerpiece Ideas With Candles

14. The blogger used a mirror to reflect light in the center of this holiday table. The mirror was elevated by placing it on a large plate. Sparkling ornaments fill the clear glass vases, while fountains of greenery and pineapple highlight the centerpiece. Tip: Wine glasses are dipped in corn syrup and filled with sugar to add a frosty touch! (via 36th Street)

Decorating Round Dining Table Christmas

15. We love the simplicity of these Blueberry Mini Wreath Place Cards. Decorate your table with this new idea in just a few simple steps. Attach the blueberries to a piece of wire, twist the wire, add some tree clippings, and attach kraft paper, flag-shaped tags (stamped with your guests’ names) to each. (via Say Yes)

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17. Elegant holiday dining room decor. Instead of a single table runner running the length of the table, try a different look this holiday season. Decorate with three rails inserted into the shortest part of the table. Now they serve as individual kitchen utensils. Add some fresh greens and candles and you’re done! (via Houseology)

Decorating Round Dining Table Christmas

Dining Room Table Centerpiece Ideas

18. This adorable table features a clip-on bird ornament in each place setting. Each of your guests can take something memorable from their dinner and use it to decorate their own tree! (via Houseology)

19. This eye-catching red and green table setting mixes patterns to create an elegant aesthetic. Opt for oven twine over fancy napkins for a fresh twist. Add an evergreen twig to any place setting to add a festive touch. (via Houseology)

Decorating Round Dining Table Christmas

20. A sophisticated Christmas table setting in muted white, burlap and soft green tones. Horns and a white wooden star make an interesting centerpiece on a farmhouse table. (via RedAgape Blog)

How To Create A Hanging Christmas Table Decoration

21. This blogger’s tablescape features a striped fabric tablecloth from IKEA, complete with checkered placemats from HomeGoods. Fresh wreath is used as a centerpiece decorated with some pomegranates and some gift boxes from the dollar store. For place cards, handwritten names of guests on embellishments are embellished with tree branches and a bow! (via House of Oscar Bravo)

Decorating Round Dining Table Christmas

22. A winter tablecloth with a checkered tablecloth and burlap coasters filled with twigs of fresh greenery and candles in glass vases. FYI: The tablecloth is an old blanket! Try Etsy to find something similar. (via Something Sweet Design)

23. Large white pillar candles in glass vases rest on large freshly cut wooden slabs. The vases are filled with artificial snow, but Epsom salt can also be used. Garnish with berries and vegetables for color and texture. (via Something Sweet Design)

Decorating Round Dining Table Christmas

Inspiring Christmas Decor Ideas To Elevate Your Dining Table

24. Red flatware from Target is seen in the close-up detail of the setting. A handmade burlap placemat sits on top of the old plaid blanket. A simple white plate features a black napkin wrapped in natural elements of branches, greenery and an oversized bell! (via Something Sweet Design)

25. A minimalist and elegant table setting that will definitely impress your guests. A center table path is adorned with fresh greenery sprinkled with white roses. You can also use red roses for a more traditional aesthetic. (via Claudia Bartelle)

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Decorating Round Dining Table Christmas

26. A boho-inspired holiday table features a winter birch branch, forage branches, star ornaments, homemade pomanders, and a rustic winter chandelier made with LED lights. Get the tutorial at the link. (via Jungalow)

Dining Table Centerpiece Ideas To Set Your Table From The Rest

27. This boho-inspired table decor features gold-rimmed plates, gold flatware, champagne flutes, and glasses with sparkling gold stars. Candied fruits were sprinkled all over the table to make the table look frosty and festive. The finishing touches include citrus leaves, gingerbread cookies and pomanders to create a holiday scent. While birch candles create a warm atmosphere. (via Jungalow)

Decorating Round Dining Table Christmas

28. Gingerbread is used for each place setting. Napkins with tassels are placed between the plates with golden edges. (via Jungalow)

29. This Australian-inspired holiday table is infused with eucalyptus and gold, the golden sun of your summer Christmas season. (via Build House Home)

Decorating Round Dining Table Christmas

Top Christmas Table Decorations On Search Engines

30. Fresh laurel branches form the basis of this mercury-glass ornament from HomeGoods. Brass lights go right through, illuminating the center piece. There is a faux tree in the center, while the decaying candles add to the overall atmosphere. (via Shades of Blue Interiors)

31. This Scandinavian-inspired painting is simple yet elegant, filled with fresh pine branches and nuts. Tapered candles are placed throughout to create ambiance throughout the setting. (via Carina Olander Photography)

Decorating Round Dining Table Christmas

32. This holiday-themed table is inspired by silver and white with touches of gold. There is no traditional red, but there are some celadon and evergreens. All this is placed on a snow tablecloth. (via Stone Gable Blog)

Christmas Village Table Setting And Holiday Entertaining Ideas

33. Artificial pine wreath is placed between the plates, offering a nice aesthetic and surprise to your guests. “The crown and plate are removed before serving,” says the blogger. The flatware is Horchow’s 45-piece Napoleon Bee flatware set. The green flutes are from Target. (via Stone Gable Blog) This blog may contain Amazon, Buy Your Likes or other affiliate links. I will get a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking

Decorating Round Dining Table Christmas

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