Decorating Side Tables

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For the past few months I’ve wanted to create a space where I can read a book, think about future projects or watch TV. In the coming months I hope to give my office a new look, something brighter and just a general update. This cozy nook I made is the first little piece, and today I’m going to show you how to choose and decorate the right side table for your space.

Decorating Side Tables

Decorating Side Tables

When considering side tables or accent tables for your space, there are a few things to know before you get started.

Mixed Media Side Table Entryway Decorating — Homebnc

While shopping for my space, I knew I needed not only the accent table, but a great chair to match it. So I started with the chair first. I found this Threshold™ Padded Padded Chair at Target stores. That was amazing. A bit feminine with her legs intertwined and fused, and without arms, so it fits into my small space.

Decorating Side Tables

So I needed an accent table. While in the shop I was able to try out different styles of tables next to the chair. The table should be in proportion to your furniture, which is why you should measure the height of your existing pieces and consider the overall style of your furniture. In my case, I needed a table that was almost the same height as my chair seat, because it was armless. The higher the arm of your furniture, the higher the table you can have.

I also had to think about the style. I wanted something round because I knew the space would be near the corner of my office. Visually, the smooth lines of a round table help not to make the space in the corner cramped.

Decorating Side Tables

How To Style A Coffee Table: All Shapes Explained

I liked the idea of ​​a metal table because I have guys who can be strict with things. My kids have quite a respect for our house, but sometimes someone likes to drag something heavy on the tables. The table I chose was perfect, it is heavy and very strong.

The features and design of the table sold me. A little touch of industrial metals mixed with the small details of brushed gold. It was not too feminine, the perfect match with the capitonne chair. A bit feminine and masculine combined.

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Decorating Side Tables

It can be difficult when setting up a round table. Frankly, I find a round table the most difficult to decorate.

Colourful Modern Furniture, Rattan Chairs, Sofa And Side Table Editorial Image

The decor should keep the eye moving in your space, not just at the table. I chose not to put a lamp on my table because I have a huge ceiling fan that gives enough light. I kept my design focused on simple accessories that reflect who I am. A bit of modern mixed with a bit of vintage.

Decorating Side Tables

See how I made a “staircase” with my furniture? I kept my tallest object, this incredible Threshold™ gold sea urchin figurine, on the side where my art gallery stopped. It helped me fill in a blank space. I used some vintage books, a small vintage brass and glass box filled with coral stones to insert some of my accent colors. I then added a little more color with this multicolored juicy composition. This decorative bird figurine just called my name.

When you place furniture on accent tables, it only depends on the style of the furniture and the pieces you have chosen as to how you place them. Stacked books, small succulent arrangements, table lamps, decorative figurines, small decorative boxes, etc. These are all great options. Remember to keep your balance, not overload your table…you still need a place to put a drink or the book you’re reading.

Decorating Side Tables

How To Decorate With A Large End Table

Choosing accent tables and decorations doesn’t have to be expensive either. Once you’ve set your budget, start looking around, one of the reasons I love Target so much is because of their great styles and prices. Check your home for furniture to mix with new pieces, you probably have many things that you can breathe new life into with paint.

I really like how this little corner has turned out and at one point even left an open space for a large floor lamp, I’m still looking for one that I love.

Decorating Side Tables

I added a few touches of gold and color with a quick wall gallery of items I already had on hand. I combined it all with some cool woven rugs, added a throw in a pretty blue color for spring, and added a vintage metal magazine rack I’ve had for years.

Side Table Ideas For Small Spaces

I love this Threshold™ geometric appliqué throw pillow that I added to the chair. It combines gray and black and the pattern goes perfectly with the whole look.

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Decorating Side Tables

I hope you love this space as much as I do. We recommend entering the Target stores now; the new spring lines hit the shelves and it’s all so fresh and fun.

Need some more inspiration? I’ve collected 15 beautiful final tables so far, all under $100 at Target. All of these Accent tables are great! Finding something full of style and character doesn’t have to be expensive. All these tables are functional, beautiful and right now there is something for every furniture style at Target. If you can’t find anything in the store, look online. Make sure to scroll down to see the full list of resources with links.

Decorating Side Tables

How To Style A Small Round Side Table In Your Living Room Decor

Threshold™ Mixed Material Side Table Threshold™ Round Metal Cut Out Table Threshold™ Wooden Two-Shelf Table Threshold™ Aqua Accent Table Threshold™ Rope Wrap Accent Table Threshold™ Hammered Metal Accent Table Threshold™ Yellow Bamboo Accent Table Threshold ™ Cage Accent Table Threshold™ Contemporary Side Threshold™ Table Silver Drum Accent Table Threshold™ Mint Accent Table with Drawer Round Table with Floating Wood Stem Nate Berkus™ Brass Metal Accent Table Threshold™ Round Table with Gold Accents Adjustable Metal and Wood Table Threshold™ Gold Stamped Table metal accents The flat surface of a coffee table is the primary decor for real estate. But providing a coffee table with accessories is not always easy! What are the elements that should be on a coffee table? What makes this area useful? And how do we make a coffee table attractive? Many of us don’t care much about making a coffee table in our home look great, let alone how it will work with the rest of the room. However, I hope to be able to decorate any coffee table in your home easily and functionally and oh so fabulous! Let’s give style to a coffee table!

Today in our podcast Tips and Tricks for Decorating, we’re talking END TABLES! How to choose them, what to use and how to decorate them! If you’re wondering what the tables are, this is an episode for you!

Decorating Side Tables

To listen to any or all 55 DTT episodes or learn to listen on your smartphone, check out the “PODCAST” link under my StoneGable headline!

Living Rooms Without Coffee Tables

Today I present to you a very simple and easy to decorate coffee table. The style of a table depends on how large the horizontal surface is, the size of the things to be put on the table and the use of the coffee table!

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Decorating Side Tables

If your table is large and not used to hold someone’s drink, you can add larger items and make them a little wider.

If your table is used to hold an occasional drink, there should be enough open space so that nothing falls over.

Decorating Side Tables

Bedside Tables For Your Bedroom’s Decor

Not all of the items I’m sharing today will fit on every coffee table. Choose the ones that suit you and your room!

I have two identical lamps on the coffee tables on either side of my couch. My coffee tables, however, have a different shape. The color and height are the same and I love that they don’t quite match!

Decorating Side Tables

Today I share a spacious coffee table with two shelves. Shelf coffee tables are a big win for decor! Sometimes they are just decorated like here and sometimes they are not as stylized as they are filled in and used!

Stylish Ways To Make The Most Of Behind Sofa Table

Let’s go back to matchy-matchy, I like the same lamps flanking a sofa. Bring some symmetry which I love! Both my coffee tables are large enough to work with the weight of my large urn shaped lamp. The lampshade is barely passable. The throat of the lamp is visible (which is okay) but the socket is not visible (thank goodness). I love the on/off chains hanging and I wanted to show them off.

Decorating Side Tables

I prefer tall lamps as I have high ceilings, but a smaller one would work here too! It is good to be aware of how much space your lamp takes up on a table.

Finding a balance between the size of a lamp and the size of a table is important! A lamp is the number one consideration when styling a coffee table!

Decorating Side Tables

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Not just books for me

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