Decorating Small Dining Room With Round Table

Decorating Small Dining Room With Round Table – I think it’s time to bring out my little dining room and decorate it for you. Over the years, in my work as an interior designer, I have often come across small spaces that still need to be brightened up.

A narrow dining area is often the most difficult, as I have found that most people do not know how to balance structure and function. Either they make it look good, but it swallows the space. Or they go the other way and they do it only by work without any plan of God in sight.

Decorating Small Dining Room With Round Table

Decorating Small Dining Room With Round Table

So how do we change this? Below, I will explain eight ways you can decorate a small dining room to make it work well and look amazing. Let’s do it!

Inch Round Table Ideas

The biggest mistake many people make when decorating a small dining room is buying a square table. Then they try a million things to make it work, but it’s impossible. No matter how small the table is, a square dining table will always be larger than a round one.

Decorating Small Dining Room With Round Table

Not only is a square dining table heavy in appearance, but in practice it is also not good. In a small dining room you want to minimize the number of things you may encounter every day, such as sharp corners. A suitable table for a small dining room is one on one central leg. Or less, three quarters of skin legs that take up almost no space.

A round table also allows you to reduce the number of chairs you have on it without it looking too much. And on that note, here is my interpretation of the best tables for small dining rooms. You will love them.

Decorating Small Dining Room With Round Table

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Even if the round table you buy is sold as a four seater, it is highly recommended that you keep only three chairs when the table is not in use. If you have four family members using it, I’m sure this decision can be difficult. But to be honest, three seats will not be bigger than four. Two will look smaller and larger than three. You get the idea.

If there are only two of you living in the house (or even if you are traveling solo), I would buy four chairs for a small dining room. I only have three at the table and have one in the corner somewhere else in the house. Pull it when friends come, of course, but don’t sit there all the time, they take up valuable space.

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Decorating Small Dining Room With Round Table

I don’t recommend getting rear dining seats at the best of times. They can often dominate the dining table and make it feel oppressive. But if you consider which of these small dining room decoration ideas is the most important, this one is there.

Standout Dining Table D├ęcor Ideas

Instead of dining chairs with large backs, wide seats and thick arms, you need to go to the front. Choose chairs with four narrow legs, the back of the floor in any case, but the back that does not raise too much above the table.

Decorating Small Dining Room With Round Table

People often assume, when they think of decorating a small dining room, that the table and chairs should be pushed into the corner. I said a big hell no! You don’t have to push the table against the wall, and you don’t have to have the same table and chair furniture.

In fact, please avoid foods that come in one ingredient. It makes the area feel very heavy visually. As a general rule, your table and chairs should not be the same color as the floor. And I prefer to have a table in one material (such as wood or glass) and have dining chairs in a nice decoration (fabric or leather).

Decorating Small Dining Room With Round Table

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The moral of this article is to avoid floors, chairs and tables all looking the same color. Variations in materials can help the area feel more comfortable to be in.

If your round table is not in the center of the room, and is further pushed to the wall, technology is your savior. In any small room, a tall design will draw the eye from the small footprint of the space. It makes you look at the wall and forget (even for a moment) how small the dining room is.

Decorating Small Dining Room With Round Table

It is better to buy art in portrait mode rather than landscape mode. You don’t want the artwork to be too far away from the table and chair set, otherwise you will draw attention to the mood.

Dining Room Decor Ideas

Alternatively, you can place four art grids in this area, or even two square paintings stacked one on top of the other. Anything goes, really, as long as the art isn’t bigger than the table.

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Decorating Small Dining Room With Round Table

Among the small dining room decoration ideas that we have discussed here, the decision of ‘art or mirror’ is another option of your choice of adventure. If your dining room connects to an open living room, you may already have art on the adjacent wall. As such, the art above the dining table can be a little too much.

If so, consider a mirror on the wall where the dining table sits. Mirrors are always good in small spaces because they reflect light around the room. This makes the area larger and more airy.

Decorating Small Dining Room With Round Table

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However, you may want to choose a mirror with a smaller frame. I mean, not a very thick mirror. An image stabilization mirror will work here, or you can try a round mirror.

Your dining table and chairs cannot be pushed up against the wall. You may be working with a small footprint, but it can allow the table to sit in the middle of the space. If this is the situation you are dealing with, then placing a curved light over the round dining table is a brilliant idea.

Decorating Small Dining Room With Round Table

Often small dining rooms feel like excuses; a small table and small chairs squatted in the corner trying not to take up space. Don’t approach decorating the dining room this way. There’s no reason this set can’t be amazing.

Dining Room Design Tips

You can feel your place like a design time. You can find it in the middle. And the best way to do that is to hang a curved light from the ceiling. Make sure it doesn’t exceed the width of the screen layout and you’ll be fine.

Decorating Small Dining Room With Round Table

It is important from the appearance and the work point of view not to confuse the table top in the small dining room. If you already have a curved light above the table, let this be the time. Place a bowl or small plant on the table. This is what you need.

If you don’t have pendant lights above the dining table, then it’s important to have a little decorative time on the top. However, we will continue to keep it very low. Something like a bunch of flowers in a small round vase, or a decorative boat. Even a small bowl can look chic. Keep it simple.

Decorating Small Dining Room With Round Table

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Did these small dining room decorating ideas help you? I’d love to hear from you below. Leave a comment and share what smart style hacks you’ve implemented to get the most out of a small dining area.

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In addition to writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and writer. He has also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, and presenting bits on Sunrise and The Morning Show on Channel 7. If you want to consult Chris, you can find out more here.

Decorating Small Dining Room With Round Table

I’m interior designer Chris Carroll, and at TLC Interiors we’re all about helping you create an amazing home without breaking the bank. It’s affordable design at its best, and we make the whole process easy and fun for customers and readers alike! Finding dining room centerpiece ideas online is great and great. Who doesn’t want to fall into the Pinterest hole of divine style inspo? But the main thing is to take these ideas and use them at your dining table at home.

Must Try Small Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Today I want to get under the hood of the car to give you some real eating style tips that will help you put your central mind into action. And yes, ‘getting under the hood of a car’ is the only thing you’ll ever hear me do on this page! I’ve never been under the hood of a real car but it doesn’t feel half as fun as creating the centerpiece of a dining room table.

Decorating Small Dining Room With Round Table

Also, fair warning: I’m going to go into great detail below, so be prepared to dig deep. I will mention tips for three main dining table shapes (round, square and square). Because there are many ways you can get a bad error. So let’s turn this around and make you more confident to tackle this (fun) project.

When considering dining table centerpiece ideas for a round table, the floor will be a plus. I don’t mean the country

Decorating Small Dining Room With Round Table

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