Decorating Table With Burlap Ribbon

Decorating Table With Burlap Ribbon – It’s time for another round of DIY Blog Hop with some of my favorite bloggers, and this month it’s all about the front entries.

I shared how I decorated my front entryway for fall, inside and out, but be sure to read on to check out other bloggers’ awesome DIY homes and see what they’ve been up to!

Decorating Table With Burlap Ribbon

Decorating Table With Burlap Ribbon

This entryway table was a wedding gift from my parents. I like to decorate it for the seasons, and I always try to give it special attention, because it has sentimental value for me.

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I dismantled my early fall apple tray once October rolled around and replaced it with a more traditional fall tray with pumpkins and fall leaves.

Decorating Table With Burlap Ribbon

I’ve been looking for a reason to make Kippi’s Rae Dunn inspired signs ever since I laid eyes on them, and this was it! Can you see it in the lower level? So cute and so easy to make!

Once it starts getting dark this early in the fall, I try to combat it with indoor lighting tricks that I can. I used my favorite fairy lights in and around all the items on my tier tray to light it up.

Decorating Table With Burlap Ribbon

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I like that they have a timer and automatically turn on at the same time every evening and turn off only 6 hours later. I have them in many different arrangements throughout my house, and they give off such a warm, cozy, inviting glow.

After setting up my tray, I decided the entryway table still needed something. I saw these rustic garlands on Pinterest and knew I could make them with leftover supplies I had from my ribbon and burlap wreath DIY.

Decorating Table With Burlap Ribbon

I started by cutting a piece of wire to the length I needed for my entryway table. Next, I cut 3 different ribbon patterns from 12 inch strips. I fold each strip into a loop, put it under the piece of wire, and then pull the tails of the ribbon or burlap in the loop, to form a knot on the wire.

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This garland is a good example of how being creative often requires making adjustments as you go along. I first hung the garland with just the ribbons, but decided it seemed too “easy”. Then I went back and cut the fabric strips and added one between each ribbon to fill it out more. Better! Can you see the difference?

Decorating Table With Burlap Ribbon

This Robinson Ransbottom junk has been sitting in my mother’s kitchen for as many years as I can remember. It was fun to use for this fall dried flower arrangement I made. One of my favorite ways to decorate is to combine old and new.

We cut them at the water’s edge on our property and the dry wheat was only $2.99 ​​at Trader Joe’s! The rest of the flowers and decorations came from Hobby Lobby.

Decorating Table With Burlap Ribbon

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I also added another set of fairy lights on a clock to this arrangement. With the overhead lights off and both sets of headlights on, the front entrance has a nice warm glow.

It was a piece of cake to save these for use in my dried flower arrangements.

Decorating Table With Burlap Ribbon

My husband cut a few from the edge of the water. I then cut them to the different heights I wanted and removed the loose pieces.

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Then I used the same clear matte spray paint that I had left over from my pumpkin boxes.

Decorating Table With Burlap Ribbon

I spray the cattails everywhere, even down to the stems. I gave them all an even coat, being careful not to overstuff them.

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I had this plant hold them while they dried for about an hour. And I gave them a second coat. Spray paint is supposed to prevent them from opening and spreading lint around the house.

Decorating Table With Burlap Ribbon

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Here is the view of my front entrance from the outside. You can see all the details in my fall gallery HERE.

Do you see my 139 year old cake site showing up here now? You can read all about it in my candy apple post.

Decorating Table With Burlap Ribbon

A little autumn color on the kitchen island. Isn’t this oversized carved wooden tray beautiful? It’s from Target’s Hearth & Hand by Magnolia line and I love it. It’s so versatile! I use it for charcuterie,

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For more entry ideas, be sure to scroll down to see what other hosts of this DIY Blog Hop have done!

Decorating Table With Burlap Ribbon

Next month’s post is all about home offices, and I can’t wait to show you the office makeover I’ve been working on since the summer!

Welcome to House on Silverado. Nice to meet you! I’m an Iowa girl who has spent my entire life in the Midwest. I am a wife, mother, mother-in-law, teacher and blogger. Also, I recently added “Gigi” to my title list when our sweet grandson was born a few months ago. πŸ’• I love entertaining, gardening, cooking, decorating, crafting, traveling and all the family time I can get. I love all things farmhouse, rustic, vintage and historic…basically anything that has a story behind it. Because when it comes down to it, we all have a story to tell, right? Join me as I decorate, create and celebrate life’s little moments. View all posts at Hello National Speaking Readers. This is Shonee from Hawthorne and Main. I am so excited to participate in this fabric lovers series. With fall just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to get some new inspiration! Today I’m going to share with you how to make this wooden center fall with burlap ribbon.

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Decorating Table With Burlap Ribbon

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Let me tell you a little about myself and Hawthorne and Main. I started my blog about a year after we bought our house, a fixer upper. Hawthorne and Main is all about being creative and learning something new in the process. I also like to share DIY and modern DIY home decor.

Place one of the fall garlands in each box. Arrange them so that some of the leaves stick out here and there. Put two of the bites in each box.

Decorating Table With Burlap Ribbon

This is what it looked like after doing it. It was nice but still needed something else. That’s when I found this big fabric ribbon.

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It is lined with wire, which makes it very easy to work with. I cut a piece long enough to go around both boxes, plus an inch above the arch.

Decorating Table With Burlap Ribbon

Then I used some tape I had on hand to tape it on, you could definitely use hot glue too. I cut a small piece of ribbon and folded it over the top and bottom of the ribbon to create a fake bow.

I love that fall is almost here! My house is already starting to look festive! Are you ready for cooler fall weather?

Decorating Table With Burlap Ribbon

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