Decorating Tables With Wooden Trays

Decorating Tables With Wooden Trays – “Trying new things is the only way to learn what your new passions are.” – Lauren Skonicny

Today I am happy to share with you another great project. Wait until you see how easy this DIY wooden tray is to make.

Decorating Tables With Wooden Trays

Decorating Tables With Wooden Trays

This year I have discovered many new passions. Some of these include incubating and hatching ducklings, crafts and DIY. So when my friend Kelly from City Girl Meets Farm Boy challenged me to try a wooden tray tutorial, I was on board!

Docorative Wooden Tray 40x22cm

This tray was created using only two things: wood and glue. Can you believe it!? The result was amazing! I added handles to my DIY wooden basket, but you don’t have to add them to yours. Another beauty of DIY is that you can make each project your own, customizing it to your taste and style.

Decorating Tables With Wooden Trays

It’s no secret that trays are one of my favorite home decor items. I love design trays all year around the farm, especially during the holiday season. The trays are used to serve food and drinks or on the coffee table or kitchen island, the trays are a perfect example of beautiful AND functional interior design.

You all know I’m relatively new to the DIY world. I would definitely classify myself as a beginner. Until this year, I didn’t know much about tools other than a screwdriver and a hammer. Chainsaws scared me. My ignorance always kept me from trying to DIY… until this year. With each new project, I learn more skills and my confidence grows.

Decorating Tables With Wooden Trays

Home Interior Decor In Gray And Brown Colors: Glass Jar With Dried Flowers, Vase And Candle On The Wooden Tray On The Coffee Table Over Sofa. Living Room Decoration. Stock Photo, Picture

I have bloggers and Instagram friends who can do the most amazing DIYs, like building an outdoor pizza oven, their dining room table, and tiling an entire bathroom. I’m not quite there…yet! I’d like to get to that skill level one day, but for now I’m proud that I learned how to use a circular saw and a miter saw this year. By the way, both aren’t as horrible to use as I thought they would be.

DIY baby steps are the name of my game. Right now I’m sticking to projects I know I can do. And if I can do them, I know you can too.

Decorating Tables With Wooden Trays

This week my friend Kelly challenged me on City Girl Meets Farm Boy to make a wooden tray using only wood glue. No tools? Challenge accepted!

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Coffee Table Decor Ideas For Every Style

This DIY wooden tray is the perfect beginner project. The list of items is short and we had most of the items we needed at home, so you can too. This tray only took me an afternoon to make and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Decorating Tables With Wooden Trays

Wipe the sawdust off the three 24-inch boards with a clean, dry cloth to ensure the glue adheres properly.

Measure the studs and mark one 24-inch and one 9-inch section for each. These surround your compartment. If you use a decorative mold, you will cut the pieces to the same length.

Decorating Tables With Wooden Trays

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Apply glue to the length of one board and glue the length of the other board to it. Hold for a few minutes while the glue starts to harden. Apply glue to the length of the third board and glue it to the length of the second board you just glued. Hold it again for a few minutes while the glue hardens. When the boards are in a straight line, you can press them together to ensure a tight and even contact.

When the glue on the bottom three boards is dry. Start gluing the studs and decorative molding to frame the edges.**

Decorating Tables With Wooden Trays

I decided to paint my base. Word to the wise, I didn’t realize that stain doesn’t cover wood glue after it dries. Since I used a light stain, the coverage of the stain wasn’t much of an issue. However, if you are using a darker stain, this can be a problem as you will have much lighter spots where the glue will dry onto the wood.

Cm Rustic Centerpiece Wood Serving Tray Wooden Serving Platter Apetizer Tray Breakfast Tray Rustic Cake Stand Wood Cupcake Stand Baby Shower Decoration Candy Bar Wedding Table Decorations

In the end, everything worked out. I wanted a tray that looks rustic. The difference in stain coverage helped me achieve the look. However, I should have been more diligent (less messy) when applying the wood glue knowing I wanted to paint it.

Decorating Tables With Wooden Trays

If you paint the base, you don’t have to worry about the glue problem, the paint will cover it.

* If you don’t have a circular saw to cut the boards, you can ask a Home Depot employee to help you. They are very helpful and are always willing to cut corners for you. Don’t be afraid to ask.

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Decorating Tables With Wooden Trays

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** I found that it was easier to glue the decorative pattern to the square pegs before gluing to the bottom of the base. I did this while the baseboards were drying.

My DIY wooden tray is not perfect and after making it I would do things differently if I had to do it again. That’s why I’ve really enjoyed trying different DIY products. Not only do I learn new skills with each new project, but I also learn a lot from each experience. I take what I learn from each project and use it to improve each of my future projects.

Decorating Tables With Wooden Trays

I hope you enjoy this easy and cute DIY wooden tray project as much as I do! It’s a wonderful feeling to look at the tray on our kitchen table and feel great pride knowing I made it myself.

Wooden Tray Candle Stand Coffee Table Decoration Rustic Desktop Tableware Storage Plate For Home Wedding Restaurant Living Room|

Would you like to receive an email when I write a new blog post? Sign up here and you’ll also get access to my e-books, tips, recipes and menus. So if you’ve been around these parts for a while, you probably know that I have a slight obsession with wooden trays. I use them for literally EVERYTHING in our house and they have made countless appearances here on the blog. You might even get tired of seeing them because I use them so much, but I can’t help it. In my humble opinion, they are one of the best home decor items a girl can own. Not only can you style them in countless ways, they are also quite affordable. AND you can even make a wooden tray yourself!

Decorating Tables With Wooden Trays

Anyway, today I thought it would be fun to share 10 ways to style a wooden tray. You can use them literally anywhere in your home, so here are a few ideas to get you started.

Wow High Five to those of you who made it through all those pictures! It took me a while to put these different looks together, but I really hope this helped give you some ideas for decorating a wooden tray in any room of your home. They are really nice and definitely one of my favorite things.

Decorating Tables With Wooden Trays

Macosa Ex236782 Wooden Tray 50 Cm Rectangular Long Wooden Decorative Tray Table Decoration Candle Plate Serving Plate Fruit Tray Living Accessory Decorative Tray

Thank you so much for visiting today. I always appreciate it when you spend part of your day here with me. xo6 coffee table decorating ideas and how to style things like a pro to make your living room functional and beautiful.

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The interior of the coffee table is strange. Like… never in history would you have ever found yourself staring at an inanimate object for an hour wondering what to do with it.

Decorating Tables With Wooden Trays

I mean, coffee tables are the most high-maintenance pieces of furniture ever, and they have a nervousness that makes you second-guess every little thing you put on them.

Great Decor Ideas For Kitchen Table Centerpieces

It does have a pattern though. Have you ever wanted a perfectly designed coffee table vignette but didn’t know how? Here are some of my favorite coffee table decor ideas broken down.

Decorating Tables With Wooden Trays

(By the way, if you’ve also missed another area of ​​your home, you can see many other decorating secrets in this Simplified Decorating series.)

I love trays, especially since I have kids and if they get rough, I can just remove the tray when I need all the decor on it.

Decorating Tables With Wooden Trays

Diy Centerpiece Tray & Free Plans!

But trays also provide a base to make everything on the coffee table look collected and purposeful. Wear one that’s not too small, but still leaves room to lift your legs up if you want.

Choose something where nature blends in. It can be as simple as a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store, but if you like longevity, fake stems are fine. (These are some of my favorite faux flowers.) This usually creates a focal point for the coffee table.

Decorating Tables With Wooden Trays

I like to use a decorative box to store TV remotes or a decorative bowl to throw n ends into when needed. They are both beautiful and functional.

Standout Dining Table Décor Ideas

If using a marble tray, use a wooden bowl. Or if you use a brass base, choose a rattan box, etc. Objects made of one material make a coffee table.

Decorating Tables With Wooden Trays

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