Decorating The Finger Food Table

Decorating The Finger Food Table – At Lush Platters, breathtaking gourmet tables are our specialty. Since bringing this international dining experience to Singapore in 2018, we’ve created hundreds of beautiful tables for a variety of events both large and small. Our party decorations set the tone for exciting events such as weddings, birthdays, product launches, corporate events and many types of social gatherings. Carefully crafted with wooden frames, marble plates, mounts, crates, accessories and various types of cheese knives, our delicious pieces are assembled and crafted with great attention to detail. Our sets are intended to surprise your guests with beauty and delicious taste.

On a limited basis, we are now offering Grazing Table set ups with cheese and charcuterie, accompaniments, food and dessert items. Also included are flowers, foliage decorations, display material fees, food/menu labels, eco-friendly disposables, set up, styling and tear down.

Decorating The Finger Food Table

Decorating The Finger Food Table

Our only request is that you provide a table and place it in a cool (preferably air-conditioned) location away from the sun. Once we design and you are happy with the display, we leave it in your hands.

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For our menu prices and options, please see our full MENU. Alternatively, if you want to order our food and prepare it yourself, please order directly from the online menu HERE.

Decorating The Finger Food Table

If you need additional services for planting, drinks, bar service, event styling and floral arrangements please let us know. We work with a number of experienced chefs who work in these fields. I always love to host a fun gathering with lots of delicious food, a glass of good champagne, great table decorations and most importantly endless chats and laughter. For many people, the preparation part of the gathering is the worst. That’s where the catering company comes in and makes sure the food and drinks are ready and waiting when the guests arrive. I personally find the preparation part to be the best of all!

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I love to come up with simple but delicious things, search the internet for recipes for inspiration, look at pictures of table decorations and look at all the plates, cutting boards, glasses, vases, napkins and lamp stands I have at home. to make a beautiful behind my plates, and last but not least, I just want to see all my ideas come together in the end, creating a perfect combination of delicious healthy food and beautiful decoration. The last hour of preparation can seem daunting, but seeing my guests’ faces light up when they walk into our dining room makes it all the more rewarding. Yes, as you can guess, I would like to have my own catering company and later a restaurant/cafe one day! Now here are some ideas that you can recreate easily (but if not, you can always hire me 😉 ):

Decorating The Finger Food Table

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I put some homemade grapes, different cheeses and walnuts, grissini (you can even make your own if you have time to follow the recipe in this post), roasted beans and raisins (which really make a good combination) and pretzels on it and they they were ready. have a sweet treat to eat even if we are all full from the couches and salads.

Even if you are a novice in the kitchen, you have probably made yourself a sandwich at least once in your life. So you have your basics covered. Now just think outside the box a little, try to beat that special ham & cheese combination. Beat the mayonnaise and pickles you planned to add to make it even more delicious. Think about what you really like to eat and try to see if some of these things can go well together. card i made:

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Decorating The Finger Food Table

Like canapés, you can make all kinds of salads by thinking outside the box a little:

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Make a simple dip by mixing together red pepper, cream cheese and sour cream. Instead of putting it in a big bowl, try putting it in small cups that you will fill with carrots and cucumber strips. This way each guest can hold the cup in their hands and slowly pour in the vegetables. It is also a good way to avoid the problem of all the guests dipping their food (and their fingers) in the same dish. You can do the same with any kind of dip and you can also replace the carrots and cucumbers with other vegetables or crackers.

Decorating The Finger Food Table

For many people, no meal is complete without dessert. Also, if you decide to host a convention where you’re preparing for all of the above, it’s probably going to be an important event anyway, right? And special events and deals go together like eggs and bacon. Or cake and milk. Or peanut butter and jelly. Or.. Well, you get the point. Choose what you want to prepare according to your time and skills and then go through my set of tabs to find the perfect dessert to end your party with a bang. And don’t forget to serve it with sweet wine or champagne! Hello!

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Decorating The Finger Food Table

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