Decorating Tray On Coffee Table

Decorating Tray On Coffee Table – 6 coffee table ideas how to decorate your living room like a project to make it feel purposeful and beautiful.

The coffee table decoration is unusual. Like…what other time in history could you look at an inanimate object and see what you should do with it?

Decorating Tray On Coffee Table

Decorating Tray On Coffee Table

I mean, coffee tables are a highly technical piece of furniture, and they have the nerve to make you second-guess every little thing you put on them.

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If you want a beautifully decorated coffee table vignette inside, but don’t know how, there is a formula. Here are some of my favorite coffee table decorating ideas.

Decorating Tray On Coffee Table

(By the way, if you haven’t missed it elsewhere in your home, you can find more decorating secrets in this simple decorating series.)

I love the containers, especially since I have kids, and if it’s rough and tidy, I can carry the camper with all the trimmings when needed.

Decorating Tray On Coffee Table

Coffee Table Decor Ideas And How To Style Them

Dishes also provide a basis for keeping everything on the coffee table organized and organized. Not too small, leave room to put your feet up if you want.

Choose something that blends nature. It can be as simple as a bunch of flowers from the supermarket, but if you like longevity, fake branches are fine. (These are some of my favorite artificial flowers.) This usually makes a coffee table centerpiece.

Decorating Tray On Coffee Table

I like to use the TV remote control or the decorative box to drop it when needed. Both are beautiful and functional.

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If you are using a marble slab, use a wooden bowl. Or if you are using a brass plate, choose a rattan box, etc. Use items that are all made of the same material so that the coffee table decorations look smooth. By adding different materials, you create a sealed shape that appears.

Decorating Tray On Coffee Table

Choose fun and cute ones that you want to collect and rotate regularly.

Choose what interests you: featured artists, top travel destinations, signature fashion styles, favorite period in history, whatever takes your heart.

Decorating Tray On Coffee Table

Coffee Table Decorating Tray 8058

Pay attention to the color scheme of the book covers as they play a role in the overall look of the room.

The good thing about books is that if you want to change the height of your decorations, they can also be artistic.

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Decorating Tray On Coffee Table

Lighting a candle in the evening sets the mood of the whole room and helps to lighten things up a bit. Choose your favorite center. (If you prefer to diffuse essential oils instead, choose a wireless candle diffuser for aromatherapy benefits.)

Coffee Table Decor Ideas That Add Interest + Style

If you have small children or pets and are concerned about the safety of real candles, battery-operated candles can be just as effective as the real thing.

Decorating Tray On Coffee Table

Have fun with something out of the ordinary. Perhaps an abstract copper knot sculpture, a white and white marbled paperweight, or a decorative soap chain to add texture. If everything else on your desk is short, choose an item that will add some height.

I like to find figurines at a thrift store and paint them like concrete, granite, or antique brass for a couple of bucks.

Decorating Tray On Coffee Table

Tips For Styling Your Coffee Table

Don’t go overboard with your coffee table decorating ideas to the point where you can’t actually use your coffee table. Less is more. Organize as needed so you don’t end up with a messy desk.

Mix different materials like marble, rattan, stone, glass, ceramic, copper. It adds dimension and interest, especially when paired with a neutral color palette.

Decorating Tray On Coffee Table

A good rule of thumb is to decorate in odd numbers: 3, 5 or 7. Then change the height of these items to form a triangle. Can you see?

Tips For Decorating A Coffee Table — Scout & Nimble

These are my favorite coffee tables, but really, coffee tables are one of my favorite pieces of furniture to update, whether you’ve been eyeing them at thrift stores or scouring Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.

Decorating Tray On Coffee Table

Here! Rotate something, play with different textures, and you’ll end up with a great collectible coffee table.

The size of the plate you need will depend on the size of your coffee table and the design of the table, but you want to choose a coffee table that won’t hang in the corner. A good-sized coffee table cover should be about 20 inches.

Decorating Tray On Coffee Table

Tips To Style A Round Coffee Table In Your Living Room

Collect the books and face the spine through the room where most of the traffic flows. When you enter the room, you should see the book spines on the coffee table. For a while, my coffee table served as a race track for hot wheels and a village for little people. As my boys grew older, I was able to resize this coffee table! Now, with the help of some of my blogging friends, I’m sharing tips on how to create the perfect coffee table vignette that you can transform your family room TOO.

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I’m excited to feature this coffee table decor as part of Cindy of County Road 407’s monthly Pinterest contest.

Decorating Tray On Coffee Table

Have you ever seen a pin on Pinterest and wondered how you could recreate the same vibe at home? Every fourth Tuesday of the month, Cindy invites a group of bloggers to do just that!

Round Trays For Coffee Tables

Welcome to Leslea’s Heart Filled Home Tour! Here are some great fall coffee table ideas to get you in the mood for my favorite season!

Decorating Tray On Coffee Table

Don’t forget to check out other creative ideas from my fellow bloggers at the end of this post.

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Decorating Tray On Coffee Table

Home Decor Ideas

This month, our inspiration photo comes from Yvonne of StoneGable who shared her summer open house tour. Great to see!

Yvonne always has expert decorating tips and interior design secrets on her blog. I promise you will be glad you came.

Decorating Tray On Coffee Table

In my vignette below, I’ll walk through how I took elements of Yvonne’s photo and created my own version using what I had on hand.

How To Decorate A Coffee Table (15 Styling Ideas And Tips)

Using Yvonne Lubo’s decor as a starting point, I did some home shopping. I saw six key elements that I wanted to repeat in my own voice:

Decorating Tray On Coffee Table

Luckily, some of these items were on my list, but I’ll admit that most of them aren’t on my coffee table…yet!

You’ll see that I have to improvise on some things, but the effect is the same. Can you see where I changed?

Decorating Tray On Coffee Table

What Is The Right Way To Decorate Your Home?

For the aesthetic of the coffee table, I used a light colored rectangular plate. This plate is a homemade find, but I’ll link to similar items at the end of this post.

Glass/acrylic to vintage/wood etc on Pinterest Since my coffee table and side tables have a dark, rustic feel, I felt that a lighter textured plate would provide a nice contrast and still remain casual.

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Decorating Tray On Coffee Table

*Note: I like to place the plate at an angle against a rectangular coffee table for a better look.

How To Create An Elegant Look With Coffee Table Decor

This French country urn is one of my favorite purchases of all time! However, the size is about 16×9 inches…

Decorating Tray On Coffee Table

While I love the look of the living room, it usually belongs on our dining room table, where it doesn’t get much traffic other than twin 5-year-old boys. I love how the swirls on the decorative box resemble the logo on the stove.

To balance out the drama of the vase, I added a box (with three bookcases), a rustic ceramic bird, and a decorative box with woven rattan orbits.

Decorating Tray On Coffee Table

Coffee Table Decorating Tray 8191

Again, I didn’t make any other purchases for this challenge, so the little decorative sphere inside the box is a slight nod to Yvonne’s original metal orb.

In the background, you’ll notice that I’ve also changed the sofa cushions. While I dig the neutral aesthetic, I can’t live without a pop of color. I think the patterns in the vases add a different feel to the vignette. What do you think?

Decorating Tray On Coffee Table

A few years ago, I found a great boxwood topiary at Target. You’d never know the difference between this little box and the ones I’ve seen at high-end home decor stores. Real dried leaves!

Chic Ways To Tackle Your Coffee Table Decor

By the way, since the spines are too dark for this scene, the coffee table books turn out to be very deliberate.

Decorating Tray On Coffee Table

My rustic bird usually rests above the TV in its artistic nest, but wanted to be part of this vignette. Who am I to deny it?

Next stop is Terry’s, decorated with More and Type. She’s got a DIY project up her sleeve, so you’ll be sure to leave with plenty of inspiration for your coffee table!

Decorating Tray On Coffee Table

Spring Refresh With Decorative Serving Trays

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Decorating Tray On Coffee Table

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