Decorating With Fake Presents On The Table

Decorating With Fake Presents On The Table – I am very excited to share with you today a huge 101 ideas for Christmas decorations for tables, buffets and mantels. Because let’s face it, you need to think way beyond the Christmas tree when decorating your home for the crazy season. You know it, I know it, so we need to come together on this topic and cover the whole house.

Before I go on, I have to ask. Enter this month’s prize draw to win a $500 Christmas basket voucher here. If not, click and turn it on now, then come back and check out all the delicious Christmas decorating ideas I have for you below! These holiday products are also from some of your (and my) favorite retailers. I got goodies from Lorraine Lea, BIG W, Target, Kmart, Adairs, Provincial Home Living, Bed Bath N Table and more.

Decorating With Fake Presents On The Table

Decorating With Fake Presents On The Table

Even better, I’ve divided these table-friendly Christmas decoration ideas into six themes. This will make it easier for you to choose the right decor that will match the atmosphere you are rocking this year. Each theme brings together many different merchants because you know me; as with furnishing your home, I always think the best look comes from a variety of suppliers (not just one).

Christmas Place Setting Ideas

Let’s explore below all affordable ideas for decorating tables, buffet tables and fireplaces for Christmas. And as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments at the end of the post. In particular, I would like to know what your theme is this year. I’m in a Scandinavian mood with a bit of chic. And that’s the other thing. you can mix topics as long as there is cohesion. P.S. Yummy Christmas photo above courtesy of my friends at Metricon.

Decorating With Fake Presents On The Table

I thought it best to open the list of Christmas decorating ideas with the most luxurious look of all. Who doesn’t love gold on a crisp white background? There are many ideas on the mood board above. some for dining tables, some for consoles, and even things you can eat and drink from. At the end of this list, I’ll also share some style tips because thinking outside the box can really pay off when it comes to Chrissy’s style.

Many items that you would traditionally put on a tree or elsewhere in the house can work wonders on the dining table. For example, you can remove all the wreaths in this holiday gathering from the front door and place them in the middle of the dining room table instead (or you can buy two and leave one on the door).

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Decorating With Fake Presents On The Table

Christmas Front Porch Ideas To Welcome The Season With Style

You can then place a tall battery operated LED Christmas tree in the center of the wreath (with a beautiful Christmas tree on top) to create a focal point in the center of the table. Scattering Christmas crackers and donuts across the middle of the table is another. a really effective way to feel festive.

The Christmas decorating theme I had in my house when I moved out of my mom and dad’s apartment all those years ago was traditional. My holiday look has evolved over time, but I must admit that I always find something very exciting and reminiscent in the classic red-green-white palette. It’s also a palette I grew up with and it really screams Christmas! It brings back a lot of good memories. And we hope for you too.

Decorating With Fake Presents On The Table

A sideboard or chest of drawers located near your dining table should really show a consistent theme. But the beauty of a buffet table is that you can display larger, more decorative moments that are just too overpowering on a dining table. It’s always good to have one big moment in the middle of the dresser (green LED trees on top are a good idea) and then place one smaller moment on each side of the medium look.

Creative Ideas For Decorating A Mantel For Christmas

Just make sure you leave some space above the buffet table for serving food if you intend to use it this way.

Decorating With Fake Presents On The Table

Ah, my favorite Christmas decorating theme here is the Scandi theme. There’s something charming about this look, isn’t there? I have adopted this for the past few years and love it. I love the inclusion of wood because it’s a traditional element that you can add over time. For example, we were on vacation in Europe in 2019 and brought back some nice little wooden ornaments from a shop in Prague. I love the memory tree, how about you?

I know this Scandi theme isn’t for everyone. Many people think that neutral colors do not seem festive enough. I guess I can see where they’re coming from, but can I add that you can add color to this look to give it a Scandi vibe but make it a little brighter? Red would be a nice addition to this scheme. In fact, I’ve designed a beautiful Scandi Christmas theme with red here if you want to take a look. In my opinion, it’s the best of both worlds.

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Decorating With Fake Presents On The Table

How To Make A Front Porch Christmas Tree

Lots of finds suitable for the table in this one, but of course you can go much further on mantels and dressers too. Now this color palette might remind you of the movie

(now the song is stuck in your head). But can I say I gave it a good shake before the movie came out? I switched to this theme after traditional, and before the recent move to Scandi and can attest to how magnificent it can look throughout the home.

Decorating With Fake Presents On The Table

Never underestimate the power of a donut cluster. People are stuck with the idea that donuts are only for Christmas trees, but they are so much more. On a console table, for example, you can fill a glass dome with a collection of donuts and proudly place guests at your entrance. A regular glass bowl/vase/container will do just as well. I like to think it gives visitors a hint of what to expect in your home when they walk by and hit your living room where the tree is.

Creative Christmas Tree Decorations And Decor Ideas

If you love these feminine ideas for Christmas table decorations, buffets and more, you’re just one click away from knocking them all off. This is a magnificent look full of charm and whimsy. I called it feminine, but honestly, let’s not get caught up in labels. I think any and all genders can and should rock this one. It looks stylish and fun at the same time, so dive right in and make the most of it.

Decorating With Fake Presents On The Table

I’m not suggesting you move everything off the coffee table and make it a festive moment (okay, you can, but I know that’s too much for some people). What you can do instead is keep all but one of your existing pieces like a gem on a pile of books.

Replacing just that one ornament with a holiday ornament can be enough to add a festive touch to your tree. You can also wrap a stack of books on a coffee table with tape. I’m just saying 😉

Decorating With Fake Presents On The Table

The Best Way To Care For A Potted Christmas Tree So You Can Plant It Afterward

There are so many beautiful items on this mood board and they feel so rustic yet sophisticated. I love that this aesthetic is gaining local momentum. I put it down to the latest (and very popular) trend in Australian interior design. It is a majestic look and its Christmas version is equally divine. If you’re currently in a rustic or Scandinavian mood in your home, you’ll need some of the products above to make it Aussie Chrissy themed.

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Christmas is expensive, I get that. This is why I don’t recommend running out and buying an entire dinner set consisting of plates, glasses, tablecloths, glasses, glassware (the list goes on). Honestly, use your existing cookware, but make it bigger. For example, when setting the dinner table, you can wrap existing cutlery with twine or ribbon and decorate it with a mini doughnut. It is cheap but effective.

Decorating With Fake Presents On The Table

I hope you found these Christmas table, console and mantel decorating ideas useful. Now it’s over for you. I would like to know which of the above topics is your favorite and which one are you in your place this year? Also, feel free to share any Christmas decorating tricks you do at home to make your space festive.

Pros And Cons Of A Real Christmas Tree Vs. Artificial Christmas Tree

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Decorating With Fake Presents On The Table

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Decorating With Fake Presents On The Table

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