Decorating With Picture Frames On Tables

Decorating With Picture Frames On Tables – The impeccably designed console table will effectively decorate the hallway or hallway. Want to learn how to update a cluttered or empty console? Check out how the interior designers at Dering Hall decorated the beautiful table with books, vases and other items here.

In this vignette by Gil Walsh Interiors, the bright red of a vintage console contrasts with Roy Lichtenstein’s modern piece, Landscape with Boats.

Decorating With Picture Frames On Tables

Decorating With Picture Frames On Tables

A sleek modern console paired with a fuchsia upholstered bench and stack of books designed by Liz Caan & Co.

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Emphasize gold tones, from brass lanterns to lemons. Warm the wooden console in the space with the 2to5 design.

Decorating With Picture Frames On Tables

This transitional design was made possible by the combination of contemporary art and antique console tables, designed by Woody Argal Designs.

A collection of vases and artwork decorate this vintage console table design in this space by John Willey | LLC “Willy Designs.”

Decorating With Picture Frames On Tables

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Glass and white accessories add shine to the PURVI PADIA DESIGN console table.

The Jean de Merry console looks pretty simple here. Pair it with decadent Art Deco accessories, including mirrors, artwork and ornate candlesticks, designed by Angela Free Design.

Decorating With Picture Frames On Tables

Natural minimalists dominate in this space by Abaca Interiors, where console tables find intricate decorations in matching vases, antlers, and slanted candlesticks.

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The spiky glass adds a special touch to this simple console cabinet. abacus interior design

Decorating With Picture Frames On Tables

The gallery wall can be used as an addition to a console table, designed by Alan Design Studio.

A simple console table makes room for tall design items, including stools, metal parts and custom art in this space by Wesley-Wayne Interiors.

Decorating With Picture Frames On Tables

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A beige glazed console matches the stone back wall in this hall design by Annette Frommer Interior Design.

A vintage console table recreates the inspired dressing room design in this room by Joshua David Home.

Decorating With Picture Frames On Tables

Bright hand-painted consoles contrast with dark objects above and around it, designed by Lisa Michael Interiors.

Nella Vetrina Visionnaire Ipe Cavalli Acer Designer Glass Coffee Table

The black and gold pieces pair perfectly with the matching console table in this design from Maureen Stevens Design.

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Decorating With Picture Frames On Tables

In this space by Scott Sanders, the nautical theme is complemented by a coral console table.

Brittany Cost | Chairish Brittany Coast Editor of Chairish Magazine writes about beautiful objects. Unique interior And the historical influence on contemporary design spotlights, but console tables are equally important. moreover because it is usually located at the entrance It’s important to create a good first impression. So keep reading to see how pros decorate their desks with 19 console table decorating ideas ahead. Trust us. easy These will bind all areas together.

Decorating With Picture Frames On Tables

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Sculptural, control and avant-garde accents are evident – ​​that’s what Athena Calderone’s living room is all about. A simple wooden console is the perfect surface for sculptural vases and versatile items. (in this case Palosanto) and a good place to set extra seating underneath is always a good idea in the owner’s entertainment area.

Use pages from Tamsin Johnson’s console table decoration books and use flowers that reflect the artwork. which is the best way to bring art to life. It’s even better if you arrange things in a cheeky vase like this. The contrast between playful elements and classic furniture revives the style.

Decorating With Picture Frames On Tables

The dining room is another great place for a console table. Because you can always use more space for more servings and flowers. Whether you opt for a classic console or a sideboard like Corey Damen Jenkins here (the latter is a popular choice due to its increased capacity), consider adding a lamp for a special event lighting that’s still available. keep style

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The space between the console table and the floor can be a little awkward when empty. Especially in neat and discreet spaces like the hallway in designer Mally Skok’s home, she decided to fill the space with two decorative baskets that complement the antiques on the counter while also adding a cozy feel.

Decorating With Picture Frames On Tables

Even the decorations in this space are stylish. You can also opt for more functional parts, such as a bench. Here, Katherine Kwong chose a bench that fits snugly under the console table. so that it can be tucked away when not in use. so as not to clutter between the walkways The angled glass at the top draws attention to the stylish console. This is the perfect use of the empty space under the stairs.

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The unexpected and eye-catching hot pink walls deserve an equally gorgeous console. This 19th-century Brooklyn townhouse by Jonathan Berger accomplishes classic style with intricate mirrors and gilded consoles. Traditional chinoiserie-style vases filled with very tall cherry blossom branches and chandeliers, modern armchairs mimic the waves of decorative bark. Together they work wonders for pleasant surprises.

Decorating With Picture Frames On Tables

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Just no place for a console table? Instead, try a pedestal. Designed by Corrine Mathern Studio, this adobe-style home in Santa Barbara fits perfectly behind the stairs and adds extra appeal without looking too big. Perfect when the front door leads to the living room, kitchen or even bedroom.

Tamsin Johnson opted for a rustic squat console that can double as a bench. with a thinner shape They are ideal for tight spaces while also providing additional surface for decoration. The glass back wall expands the space to be more open and airy. Oversized photographs leaning against the wall, modern lamps and a minimalist orchard. All add brightness and elegance.

Decorating With Picture Frames On Tables

You don’t like the look of your console, do you? Or maybe you just want to make a difference? Notice this in the Reath Design entry. They cover the existing console with gingham. Maintain the eclectic tone and style of the rest of the home. The pendant at the top and the metal vase make the vignette even more gorgeous.

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The 2-tier console table has the added benefit of additional space for extra coffee table books. And the top shelf can be reserved for essentials, like a light for those coming home late and everything for keys. Tip: Hang a long mirror horizontally to mimic the proportions of a console table, as designer Heidi Calle did.

Decorating With Picture Frames On Tables

If you don’t have a two-tier console table, you can still make room for additional books and decorations. Get creative and use an accent chair when not using it as a seat.

Or this is the third idea that doesn’t require any additional furniture at all. Just drop the book from the floor to the end of the table, like Nick Olsen did here. It’s amazingly stylish and keeps things organized. Then use the top of the console as a tray for essentials. Especially in the study room, home office or living room.

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Decorating With Picture Frames On Tables

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Decorate the skirted console table in the same way that flower ledges, decorations and candlesticks are used to create atmosphere. The linen draped over the table in this living room by Heather Hilliard Design adds a traditional and subtle touch to this modern playful green coffee table.

The Demilune (French for “half moon”) is the perfect console table for small apartments or nooks. Plus, its rounded crescent shape is softer than some angular console table designs. Here, Danielle. Colding Design makes things It’s even easier by adding two design books and a clear vase that takes up minimal visual space.

Decorating With Picture Frames On Tables

If you work from home a lot Consider bringing your console table as a desk or dressing table in Tom Shearer’s bedroom. The side table has space for additional stationery and bedroom essentials. while the adjustable lamp is perfect for both reading at your desk and reading in bed.

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The basket at the bottom of this console in a Reath-designed space is perfect for casual items like scarves and sweaters. but looks classy

Decorating With Picture Frames On Tables

If you want something in the hallway that looks like a console table but has the added benefit of storage space. Opt for sleek drawers at Raji Radhakrishnan. interior designers do Drawers help you hide unsightly essentials.

If you only have space for a slim console table in a small hallway. Style details became more important. Because this is your only chance to impress. Here, the vintage console strikes a wonderful balance between luxury and sophistication. It’s practical and inexpensive. This is made even more evident by the polished framing and classic portraits. (great pairing with dog-toothed runners) lazily leaning on the ground.

Decorating With Picture Frames On Tables

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