Decorating With Table Mirrors

Decorating With Table Mirrors – He cannot be right about folding console tables and round mirrors. Their rounded shape has a way of softening the table’s sharp corners, and this combination is my favorite entry – especially one that can really shine. Mirrors can reflect light and make a room appear larger, and who doesn’t want both in their home ?!

(Note: I wrote a full article about using mirrors in the home, so if you want to read more about it,

Decorating With Table Mirrors

Decorating With Table Mirrors

Console tables are a great entry piece for a number of reasons: they make a first impression, provide a place to fall down when you enter the door, and create a focal point for that space without taking up too much of your actual view. real estate due to their exit.

Decorating With Mirrors Farmhouse Style

When choosing a mirror / console kit, consider the size. One thing that worries me is that the mirror looks a little too small for the size of the input table. Larger is always better in this case – the only thing I usually recommend is avoiding larger diameter glass.

Decorating With Table Mirrors

Than the width of your console table. The result is the opposite of the tacky mirror problem – instead, you’ll end up with a clunky-looking console table. 😉

That being said, large sunglasses are really on trend right now and I must say I love this look. If you go this route, make sure your console table can hold a large glass!

Decorating With Table Mirrors

Entryway Styling Ideas For A High End Look

In addition to considering the scale, once you have the mirror in your hand, make sure you hang the mirror at the correct height. Most console tables are 30 inches tall (double check that yours is correct!) And you want the center of the mirror to hang at eye level. Suspending it at this height looks good and works – you want to be able to

A mirror to check your teeth before you go out the door, right? 🙂 The average eye level is around 60 inches above the floor, which can be used as a good rule of thumb when hanging anything on the wall if it is above a piece of furniture that is at least 30 inches high or nothing below it.

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Decorating With Table Mirrors

As the mirror hanging method doesn’t hit the center, you’ll need to do a bit of math to figure out where to put the nail / photo hanger to make sure the center is 60 inches above the floor. round mirror, take the radius of the mirror and subtract the distance from the hanger to the edge of the mirror then add 60 to that number. This is where the nail / photo hanger should be.

Simple Scandinavian Entryway Decor Ideas

So! This is my two cents for the magic of connecting the mirror and the console. If you have questions, feel free to ask in the comments! For fun, here are some of my favorite mirrors that work beautifully over console tables:

Decorating With Table Mirrors

Two of these ways to enter! Since you only need a few items in this area, it’s a simple, low-cost renovation that you can easily complete in one afternoon. It will make a huge impact on that little part of your home and make a great first impression when your guests walk through the door!

PS Are you looking for more inspiration? I always add new images to my Pinterest boards – follow me! If you are a child of the 90s, the idea of ​​upholstered tables may seem strange and weird. At a time when beige was the preferred color, and when simple, straight lines and strict geometric shapes defined a modern style that quickly became the norm, there was no room for something bright and shiny. But like everything else, the circle of fashion and design has brought styles such as vintage, retro, Art Deco and even the Hollywood Regency to life. With this revival, decorative designs have also found a place in homes around the world.

Decorating With Table Mirrors

Creative Ideas For Styling A Console Table

Add more than beauty to your living room and bring functional value to small living rooms. Reflecting light in all directions, the glass coffee tables enliven the room they decorate, making it spacious and attractive, creating a pleasant visual experience. Available in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, today we take a look at 30 amazing glass coffee tables.

It’s easy to fall in love with this beautiful glass coffee table displayed in the store, but bringing it home and making it part of the living room, sunlit or even family room is a different story altogether. One of the styles that this fashionable piece of furniture works best with is the Hollywood Regency with a touch of modernity. You don’t have to go all out with Hollywood flair and you can easily combine the black and white striped rug and coffee table with simple décor elements to create a mix of classic and casual.

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Decorating With Table Mirrors

Two glass coffee tables add a small seating area [Design: Wormald Homes at Monocacy Park]

Ways To Decorate A Console Table

If you’re adding a framed coffee table to your living room, it’s a good idea to use shiny, mirror surfaces or even shiny silvery tones elsewhere in the room. Recycling gives a room a great look and this method works well in elegant modern living spaces where there is only a glass coffee table above the fireplace and a small glass framed mirror that can make a big difference to the overall atmosphere.

Decorating With Table Mirrors

A polished, polished finish doesn’t have to be the only feature of your coffee table, and you can take your living room style quotient to a new level by adding that it also offers geometric variations. Coffee tables with geometric shapes outside the rectangle and square always attract attention, and the interesting ones also reflect the light of the interior in an even more surprising way. If a textured coffee table isn’t for you, you can also consider silvery, modern alternatives that provide the same shine without actually applying a textured finish.

One of the first things to consider when considering bringing home a coffee table is your living room movement and your lifestyle. Homes filled with young children are not always suitable for a glass coffee table. In addition to the obvious slenderness issues, there is also the challenge of keeping a shiny coffee table shiny and dust-free every day. Fingerprints are also a problem with solid furniture, so it’s not a solution for someone who hates cleaning and constant maintenance. Those who are happy to take extra responsibility should consider the style of the living room.

Decorating With Table Mirrors

Interesting Ways To Decorate With Mirrors

Contrary to popular belief, the described coffee table goes perfectly with a variety of styles, from strict minimalism to shabby chic and even bohemian. The finish of the coffee table (you can look at glass coffee tables with different frames), the overall silhouette and the geometric shape will determine which style it suits best. An elegant coffee table with an antiqued wooden frame can be combined with rustic, shabby chic, country and even industrial styles, even those presented above. The futuristic design, on the other hand, has a sophisticated aura, perfect for high-end bachelor boots that flow with minimalism.

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Contemporary living room at home in Toronto with a glass coffee table and side table [Source: Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer]

Decorating With Table Mirrors

Modern living spaces with a set of coffee tables are sure to stand out from the crowd. As open-plan seating is a step forward for many, this stylish coffee table can define and even create a smart living space while offering a subtle Art Deco touch without deviating from a modern atmosphere. Small living spaces benefit greatly from the beauty shown, as they visually enlarge the space and give it a pleasant appearance. Try it and you will surely fall in love with it!

Reflection Of Style

Pascual coffee table in the heart of a small living space [Project: Carlyn And Company Interiors + Design]

Decorating With Table Mirrors

The striking mirrored coffee table is the focal point of the living space [Source: Martha O’Hara Interiors / James Kruger, LandMark Photography]

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Decorating With Table Mirrors

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