Decoration Centre De Table Salle A Manger

Decoration Centre De Table Salle A Manger – This article is for those who have a real room with 4 walls for a dining room. Many articles on the Internet are devoted to small dining rooms in another room, such as the living room or kitchen. On the other hand, very few articles deal with the issue of a small dining room as a separate room. However, it is very common that the dining room in the residence is a separate room and does not have a large surface. Even if we stick to the concept of a limited area, it is not the same approach to arrangement or decoration. In the rest of this article, we will focus on the dining table, furniture, and surrounding decorations.

I start this article with the table because it is the center of your room. The room is used for eating, and the table. I think you see the link as I do. Since the table is the main element of the room, it is necessary to choose the right model: the one that suits your needs and the limited space you have available.

Decoration Centre De Table Salle A Manger

Decoration Centre De Table Salle A Manger

First, consider the size of your desk. It should meet your requirements and match the size of your room. If you are used to receiving relatives, or vice versa, this is a table that serves only as a family, the table will not have the same size or shape. Table dimensions are standard unless customized. I am not going to discuss this topic in this article. So, instead of thinking about the dimensions of the table, I invite you to think about the surrounding parts. The size of the table is strictly determined by the passage and retreat of the chairs. If you can no longer move and/or move chairs, it will make your life difficult. I return to these dimensions in the second big point of this article, a little further down.

Table En Marbre

You can choose an evolutionary model to decorate your small space. With an expansion system, the table can be adapted to your specific needs. Every day, there will be less mess on the table. When choosing your new desk, remember that you still need to be able to move around with the extension attached. (Because it’s nice to say you can use extension cords, but that shouldn’t compromise your comfort. It’s nice to be able to walk around the table without moving all your guests!)

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Decoration Centre De Table Salle A Manger

Round or oval tables are often recommended for arranging a small dining room. They can also be updated, that’s not a problem. The interesting thing about these table models is that they are warmer and nicer than the classic rectangular table and take up less space.

Yes, before I talk about the shape of the table. On the other hand, this is not the only aesthetic feature to consider when choosing a new table for a small dining room.

Decoration Centre De Table Salle A Manger

Salle à Manger Bord De Mer

The first piece of furniture you see is the dining table top. Legs are mostly covered by chairs. The table top is more or less thick and more or less visually appealing. A thin table is more suitable for a small room. It doesn’t/doesn’t help the feeling of disorder. Let’s think of a sloping table top where the visible edge is thicker than the middle. This solution is interesting considering the strength and durability of the table.

Foundations also play a role in the concept of space. With a round table, we often have a central base. It’s interesting because in the end we don’t see it. With an oval, square or rectangular dining table, the base is more impressive. It is better to choose a table with a thin and light base. Let’s think of a thinner metal than some wooden models. For a little “fantasy” you can choose a compass or hairpin table base.

Decoration Centre De Table Salle A Manger

The materials of your desk can also affect the way you feel. Table shape, size, color and materials. This is a set. Wood is warm, but sometimes very attractive. (That’s where the choice of thin tops and table legs comes in!). Glass makes the table a little heavier, but it is more “grinding” and afraid of scratches. Melamine can be a solution, especially for low and medium models and white tops.

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Idées Pour Faire De Votre Table Un Atout Déco

Dining room furniture is more than just the table. Even if you like minimalism, other dining room furniture will 1/ create storage 2/ contribute to the decorative atmosphere of your space.

Decoration Centre De Table Salle A Manger

As I mentioned above, the passage in the dining room is an important feature, in terms of comfort and the feeling of discomfort. We make sure we have enough space:

Therefore, 45 cm to 60 cm of seat back and 70 cm of passage should circulate around the table. If your table has 4 legs, this is something to consider because you cannot place a chair at leg level. If you put the table on its side, you can 1/ move it 2/ push the chair back 3/ open the board doors. Generally, in a small room, we will place a sideboard or other type of storage at the back of the room to avoid movement problems.

Decoration Centre De Table Salle A Manger

Idée Déco Table De Noël

As you can see, the concept of decluttering is important in the context of decorating and organizing small spaces. Low cabinets are fun because they offer storage without clutter and bulk. The difference between a wheel and a wheel is simple. less than the board side. When it comes to tables, the base, materials, and size of your board/stand will all play a role in the ambiance of your room. There should be enough space to store your utensils and/or papers. Moreover, if you do not store dishes in the dining room furniture, consider a model that includes doors and drawers. You will find dishes on the side of the door, papers or other small things on the side of the drawer.

Obviously, a small dining room can be furnished with a chest of drawers. We completely avoid large models. On the other hand, a narrow model can be the most beautiful effect in a small dining room. (eg with a small console to place a lamp…) What interests me about the chest of drawers is that we can play with the visible/invisible glazed part. What you plan to store in the dresser showcase can also be a decorative element. This display case will break up the cluttered, busy part of the entire furniture.

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Decoration Centre De Table Salle A Manger

Although furniture can decorate and influence the decorative atmosphere of your room, it is not the only thing to consider. Just place the furniture to decorate a room and it will be famous! Decorating a small room is different than decorating a “normal sized” room. I assure you, the approach is slightly different, but not impossible.

Façons Simple De Transformer Une Table à Manger

The first thing to consider when planning the decoration of a small dining room is the issue of crowding. I’m still a fan, but good, and I talk about it often on the blog. And in a small space that needs to be decorated, it makes perfect sense. Ask yourself how to decorate your room with a few elements to maximize the meaning of the space. For example, instead of placing a stack of frames on top of a sideboard, you can choose a triptych of 3 aligned, larger frames. The same is true of plants. If you want to bring life to the dining room, plants are ideal. On the other hand, there is no need to turn your small room into a replica of a tropical jungle. Choose several plants that you like and of different sizes. That will be more than enough.

Decoration Centre De Table Salle A Manger

Color is essential in a decorating scheme. I also had the opportunity to tell about this in the article, I put the link at the bottom of this page. In most cases, it is better to use light colors in a small room. This advice

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