Decoration De Table Pour Anniversaire De Mariage

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You and your significant other love literature: you devour novels in no time and can’t get enough of them! Have you thought about choosing a wedding book theme? She looks like you after all. There are many book-based wedding decorations out there. Simple to make, they are also inexpensive wedding decorations: recycle some of your old novels and make them the star of your wedding! By reading these few lines you will find original ideas for wedding decorations with books, quickly discovering all the possibilities!

Decoration De Table Pour Anniversaire De Mariage

Decoration De Table Pour Anniversaire De Mariage

This table decoration is very easy to create: all you have to do is stack old books to make small centerpieces for the table. If you find the result a little sad, brighten up the stack of books by placing pretty little succulents in the pots. To set up a tower of books, make 3-5 novels. You can order them in a row or offset from each other. For a rustic wedding decor, stack books on a burlap or linen table runner.

Comment Réaliser Une Décoration De Table D’anniversaire élégante ?

Immerse your guests in the heart of a story that takes them back in time: Place old-looking Planisphere books everywhere, some open, some closed. Your friends and family will immediately know that they are getting ready for a vintage wedding. Annotate little secret words or travel stories, your guests will be intrigued and will have the impression that they are experiencing an adventure worthy of the most beautiful travel novels. You can also leave a large Planisphere book and use it as a travel-themed guest book. Place a small mailbox nearby to receive postcards from guests. Stick to your theme to the end by selecting the highlight of the show, the wedding cake on the world map!

Decoration De Table Pour Anniversaire De Mariage

You can easily find many books from all over the world at garage sales or flea markets. Place them anywhere in the reception hall: it’s up to you to arrange them or provide a little corner for each country you choose. Put something on a small old table or side table: to deepen the theme, hang a large clothespin with a postcard from a distant country above the books!

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Why settle for just one globe for a travel-themed wedding? There are hundreds of models: colorful, old, big, small… put them next to old decorative books to remind your guests how much they love to travel! You will surely be delighted with this world map to plan your next trip or dream about heavenly and exotic places.

Decoration De Table Pour Anniversaire De Mariage

Décoration Anniversaire Thème Chasse

If you find the books you have too impersonal, print them in small words: words of love and quotes that fit your partner, sentences written in other languages, a small note to invite friends to sign the book d’or. These personal guestbooks are also perfect for decorating the table in your old guestbook!

You may still be skeptical, but dictionaries can be really fashionable wedding accessories. How much fun can these big books be? It’s very simple: put something on the table with a small piece of paper asking you to circle the words that describe your wedding day! Your guests will be delighted to take part in this little evening entertainment and enjoy looking through the dictionary for the first time! Re-reading this guest book with your significant other will surely be amazing, what words best describe your wedding day?

Decoration De Table Pour Anniversaire De Mariage

Do you have old books that you no longer use and are damaged? Don’t throw them away, they can serve you and be a very original wedding decoration! Turn your old novels into books by cropping them down to page level to make words. In fact, you can do whatever you want: patterns, letters, sentences… If you want to make them yourself, know that a good dose of skill and creativity is required (or disaster guaranteed). Rest assured, if you have no artistic talent or little time to devote to this type of activity, these books trimmed to the level of pages can be purchased already made.

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Ma Décoration De Table Thème Pampa Et Terracotta

Books are really multi-purpose: you can use them to mark table numbers. Original, right? Your guests will not have to look for their table for long minutes: because the books are very large, they will have no problem finding a place to sit and will be able to find their table even from a distance.

Decoration De Table Pour Anniversaire De Mariage

Use old books in shades of brown to create vintage table decorations. To do this, make a pile of novels, and on top place beautiful, colorful flower arrangements, placed under glass jars or surrounded by lace ribbons in bright colors. Setting up this floral wedding decoration on each table will take you no more than a few hours and will cost you very little money. For a sophisticated effect, add some candles and gold glasses, voila! You’ll be proud to tell your guests that you designed it all yourself!

Some children’s novels have very colorful covers. For a country wedding, choose books with covers in pastel shades: sky blue, pale pink, delicate green, chic yellow… Arrange small flowers and bouquets of flowers of the same light shade in transparent vases on tables and tables. Appreciate the results. : It is undeniably festive and brings a touch of freshness to the wedding evening! Feel free to surround your vases with gorgeous bows in pastel ribbons…

Decoration De Table Pour Anniversaire De Mariage

Top 10 Des Meilleures Idées Cadeaux Pour Décoration De Table

Cutting out pages from a book can break your heart, but for good reason. Choose an old book that you no longer read or that you don’t like, arm yourself with scissors and start cutting confetti on the pages of the book. For a day of love, why not cut out a beautiful heart-shaped confetti? Alternatively, you can make attractive cones from torn out book pages. Fill them as you like: confetti, flower petals…

Include books everywhere in your wedding decor! You can place them vertically on the table, for example, in front of a bouquet of flowers. This will give the illusion of an original vase! You can also slip in some fresh flowers to stick to the books before putting them on the table at reception.

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Decoration De Table Pour Anniversaire De Mariage

Your family and friends will be thrilled if you stick to the theme of the wedding until the end: give them original book-sized dragee boxes before they leave! Of course they will be happy to put their little sweets in such a beautiful box!

Décorer Une Table D’anniversaire De Mariage

Having trouble finding the original guest book? We found something you need: this guestbook contains small envelopes in which your guests can wish you their best wishes. Once the party is over, when you get home, you’re sure to have a great time exploring their contents with your significant other!

Decoration De Table Pour Anniversaire De Mariage

Create a wedding entertainment that will preserve the best memories of those present on this beautiful day: Leave a Polaroid at the guests’ disposal for a commemorative photo. They can then put their picture in a nice book and leave you a note. Pretty cool, right?

Here’s a special way to thank your guests: Take a picture of your couple holding an open book with a message, such as the thank you note the bride and groom wrote on the open book. Place these beautiful photos next to your guest book, for example in a beautiful frame on an easel. You now know many tips for incorporating books into your wedding decor! Of course, you can follow many of these tips to create 100% book-based wedding decorations, and adapt these ideas to create decorations that suit you. Valentine’s Day Promotion: Gift in your basket with a purchase of € 60 | Free delivery within France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium

Decoration De Table Pour Anniversaire De Mariage

Sur Chemin De Table

Want to make your spouse happy on your wedding anniversary? You want to prepare a romantic dinner in memory of the most beautiful

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