Decoration Ideas For Buffet Table In Kitchen

Decoration Ideas For Buffet Table In Kitchen – 5 Helpful Tips to Help You Decorate a Buffet Without the Guessing Game + Wayfair’s “Save Big, Give Back” sale to donate the proceeds to Feeding America.

Remember Betty White? No, not the actual person (although that’s basically who I want to be when I grow up), but the buffet we prepared and lovingly named “Betty White” a month ago?

Decoration Ideas For Buffet Table In Kitchen

Decoration Ideas For Buffet Table In Kitchen

Until this morning, it had sat completely empty because I was completely at a loss as to how to style the top so that it wouldn’t hide the large wall of vintage antique mirror behind it.

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But since we’ve been home for oh…forever…I finally thought long enough and designed this beauty!

Decoration Ideas For Buffet Table In Kitchen

I scrolled through Wayfair for probably hours trying to disentangle myself until I found the perfect vase between traditional and rustic with a blue and white print to tie in the other shades of blue in our dining room.

Wayfair is currently having a “Save Big, Give Back” sale, and they will be donating 10% of the proceeds to Feeding America for COVID-19 Relief. So I picked up some other discounted items from the sale to knit.

Decoration Ideas For Buffet Table In Kitchen

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In my case, the beautiful blue and white vase. I often prefer to put the tallest element at one end, not in the middle.

When you look at a group of decor elements, they should look like a triangle. You see it? It is the most pleasing to the eye. (But hey, go crazy breaking the rules once you learn that. It’s just a nice “safe” zone.)

Decoration Ideas For Buffet Table In Kitchen

Looking at the buffet, arrange the items in groups of three. So, for example, the vase and the black bowl at one end are a group. The pair of jugs and beads at the other end is a group. And the wooden bowl in the middle pile of books is a group.

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It could be a bouquet of flowers, a potted plant, stems in a vase or moss in a bowl, but whatever it is, a little foliage brings a space to life.

Decoration Ideas For Buffet Table In Kitchen

Try to incorporate 3-4 different types of materials: glass, stone, wood, metal, paper, basket weaving, etc. In this case, I’ve incorporated ceramics (vases), wood (beads and bowl), paper (books) and granite (black bowl) to add texture. I stuck to neutrals to keep it earthy, but hit it with the blue print to make it more of a focal point.

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This is it! Maybe this helps? It’s been far too long since I’ve done a simpler decorating post, but I hope these are helpful for those little areas of your home when you’re feeling stuck and need some rules of thumb to rely on them.

Decoration Ideas For Buffet Table In Kitchen

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If you’re planning to shop Wayfair’s “Save Big, Come Back” sale, you can save up to 80% off almost everything in your home here. Home Design may earn commissions for purchases made through links on our website. See our disclosure policy.

Side tables are a classic piece of furniture that has continued to evolve to meet the needs of modern style, and if you don’t have one, you might be missing out. A dresser side table is a low profile cabinet used to store everyday tableware or tableware for special occasions. Traditionally, the part of the table is used to hold several plates of food so that guests can be served more easily, although it is also an attractive platform for decoration. We’ve rounded up 51 side table buffets of all sizes and styles so you can find the perfect design for your next dinner party.

Decoration Ideas For Buffet Table In Kitchen

Red and White Teak Sideboard: Inside this attractive four-door sideboard there are two adjustable shelves, allowing plenty of space to store your favorite crockery and even large plates. w serve Choose from a selection of finish options to suit your interior theme. Lightweight MDF side tables like this don’t have to become a permanent part of your dining room decor – this piece can easily be moved to a living room, office or bedroom as your storage needs change over time.

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Mid-Century Solid Wood Side Table – Framed in solid poplar with a traditional mahogany finish, this lovely mid-century design is a solid investment piece. This sideboard features two spacious cabinets with cable cutouts, allowing you to store electronics inside if needed. Three drawers in the middle allow space to store smaller items such as napkins, cutlery and other dining room essentials.

Decoration Ideas For Buffet Table In Kitchen

Acacia Side Table with Marble Top – Solid wood and genuine marble make this side table a lifetime investment. The design draws on mid-century modern influences made exceptional by the beauty of its rich wood grain and gleaming brass hardware. The marble top makes this piece perfect to use as a real buffet, able to display all the dishes to be served, durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of all your most loved dinners.

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Wood sideboard buffet table with gray drawers: A lovely gradient of drawers helps modernize this mid-century inspired buffet table design. This piece is constructed from a combination of solid rubber wood and engineered wood for durability at an extremely affordable price.

Decoration Ideas For Buffet Table In Kitchen

Distressed Sideboard Table

Retro Sideboard Buffet – Rounded edges make this sideboard buffet stand out as an instant statement piece with a playful retro twist. Only 15 inches deep, this shallow design is suitable for smaller dining rooms that could still benefit from the extra storage of its spacious cabinets and drawers. Choose from four bold yet easy to coordinate color combinations.

Side table with black walnut slats: A beautiful dark walnut laminate gives this substantial side table a high-end look while maintaining an affordable price. This piece features immediately striking slatted cabinet doors, with four drawers without hardware offering organizational possibilities for smaller items. The charcoal black top and legs add a pop of contrast that allows this piece to suit a variety of interior themes from mid-century to industrial to rustic and more.

Decoration Ideas For Buffet Table In Kitchen

Suar and Okume Sideboard: High-end veneers of suar and okume wood paint a dazzling scene on the cabinets of this spectacular Urbia sideboard. Each cabinet door opens to reveal short shelves inside, with some sections fitted with drawstring cutouts to accommodate a range of storage needs.

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Small Sideboard with Wine Storage – Smaller sideboards like this are commonly called “servers” and since this piece is 36 inches tall, it provides extremely convenient access to the table for serving drinks or appetizers. This piece features a built-in wine storage rack and wine glass hangers within the cabinet, making it particularly suitable for use as a small home bar.

Decoration Ideas For Buffet Table In Kitchen

Small Sideboard Buffet Server with Artificial Marble: Wine bottle storage, two cabinets and a small drawer allow this budget buffet server to accommodate all your drinking and dining needs. The legs are finished in polished brass and the top is finished in faux marble for a luxurious high-end look.

Modern black and wood side table: The high contrast design makes this side table a real statement piece and a worthy focal point for your dining room. The black top is finished in gray over black stripes for a contemporary look, and the lower half is finished in walnut veneers for a mid-century feel.

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Decoration Ideas For Buffet Table In Kitchen

Best Sideboards & Buffets

Black Faux Marble Sideboard: Marble-like details give this low side table an exceptionally rich and luxurious look. There is a cabinet on either side of each end and a drawer runs from the top centre. Underneath the drawer, two doors open to reveal a smaller storage area. This piece sits on black-finished metal legs that cut a sharp, modern profile.

Art Deco buffet side table: Available as part of TOV Furniture’s Gatsby Collection, this sophisticated buffet table combines an Art Deco feel with an elegant contemporary appeal. The frame is constructed of solid acacia wood with a dark black finish, the cabinet doors are made of tempered glass with brass accents.

Decoration Ideas For Buffet Table In Kitchen

Rose Gold and Black Sideboard: Rose gold metal hardware pops against the rich black finish of this compact sideboard. The cupboards open to reveal crockery storage and a five-bottle wine rack, both with silent-glide drawers for a smoother storage experience. Use this piece to complement a smaller dining room or combine multiples to increase storage space as needed.

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Blue Steel Sideboard Buffet Table – Blu Dot’s unique Dang Console offers elegant modern style combined with smart, advanced functionality. The perforated part of the cabinet allows for remote controls to any electronics inside, ideal for any smart home device or music player you might use in the dining room. The brass hardware pops against the dull blue finish.

Decoration Ideas For Buffet Table In Kitchen

Industrial metal side table: With its riveted metal details, mesh cabinet faces, and heavy wood-look shelves, this side table is a natural fit for industrial or rustic interior themes. The transparency and openness of the storage is ideal for holding attractive tableware that longs to be displayed.

Industrial wooden side table with mirror – This side table features a unique combination of materials that make it perfect for rustic, farmhouse and industrial interior themes, enhanced with a sleek and contemporary touch by adding mirrors. Mirrored cabinet faces reflect light to help sense the surrounding room

Decoration Ideas For Buffet Table In Kitchen

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