Decoration Table Abeille

Decoration Table Abeille – Bee Decorations Spring Craft Wooden Bees Table Decorations 48pcs – Planter Table Decorations – Buy Cheap Online

Um, mm, m… you can hear it in the garden. – Busy bees set out to collect nectar.

Decoration Table Abeille

Decoration Table Abeille

You can take home these beautiful bees from VIANA quality brand without any worries. Carefully carved wooden figures with many filigree details invite you to start decorating.

Décorations De Fête, Centres De Table En Nid D’abeille Des Années 90, Décorations Rétros à Thème Disco Des Années 80, Décor De Décoration Hip Hop Anniversaire 70

Yellow and white splashes are especially suitable as an element to decorate your table in spring, Easter and summer. Combine busy honey collectors with flowers and other scattered characters like butterflies or dragonflies. – Our store has a wide range of cheap scatter ornaments for you.

Decoration Table Abeille

Glue the bees to a wooden stick and glue a small cork to your flowers or as decoration for cupcakes and cakes. You can tie a ribbon through the wings and hang large bees from a bouquet of spring-like cats. – The bee pendant is also beautiful as a gift tag!

Bees can be used as a table decoration or as a sprinkle in glass jars or decorative trays. Add honey-colored candles and a pot of early bloomers, and spring decorations are ready for birthdays or Easter. For Easter, you can make arrangements with beautiful bees or spring bouquets. Hot glue the saws to your pieces or use wire to attach them. A large bee sculpture comes into its own in a door hanging wreath, see our range.

Decoration Table Abeille

Honeycomb Christmas Characters (x 10)

Wooden saws are sorted for you in a set of 48 in two colors. You get 24 yellow bees and 24 white bees. Wooden spray figures are approximately 3 cm high and approximately 5 cm wide. The thickness of diffusion elements is about 2 millimeters.

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DIY box dried flowers Hook dried meadow flowers Ø35cm 24, 75 € * 19, 80 € * You save 20% (4, 95 €)

Decoration Table Abeille

School of fish decoration, coral decoration, wooden fish decoration H48, 5cm 54, 10 € * 43, 20 € * You save 20% (10, 90 €)

M Décoration D’art Pastorale D’abeille En Métal, Ornement De Tenture Murale D’animal De Fer De Clôture 3d

Bee stopper Flower stopper Wooden bee decoration 8cm/32cm 12pcs €13.35 * €10.05 * Save 25% (€3.30) €0.84 per piece

Decoration Table Abeille

Large wooden seahorse decoration, sea decoration H38cm 43, 80 € * 29, 35 € * You save 33% (14, 45 €)

Christmas Scented Candle Cinnamon Red Clove Scented Glass Candle Ø8cm €9.00 * €4.50 * Save 50% (€4.50)

Decoration Table Abeille

Centre De Table Nid D’abeille 3 Ballet

Macrame flower basket hanging decorative swing 40x15cm €53.05 * €37.15 * Save 30% (€15.90)

Macrame flower basket Swing flower hanging basket 40×15 cm €68.50 * €47.95 * Save 30% (€20.55)

Decoration Table Abeille

Garden lamp, metal lantern Ø8,5cm H23/18,5/14,5cm Set of 3 45, 70 € * 31, 95 € * You save 30% (13, 75 €).

Cute Abeille Sunflower Gnome Plush Sans Face Elves Elves Poll Abeille Mnage Festival Table Figurines Decorations Black Yellow

Fish stand, marine decoration, decorative fish made of silver metal, natural color H23cm 10, 25 € * 5, 15 € * Save 50% (5, 10 €)

Decoration Table Abeille

Ceramic frog decoration figure, frog prince summer decoration 10.5×5.5×7cm 4pcs €16.10 * €11.45 * You save 29% (€4.65) €2.86 per piece

Coconut in shell, natural vegetable bowl, suspended cocoa Ø13, 5/11, 5cm, 2 7, 45 € * 5, 20 € set * You save 30% (2, 25 €) 2, 60 € per piece.

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Decoration Table Abeille

Balsacircle 12 Pieces Clear Votive Candle Holders Favor Centerpiece Party Centerpieces

Sprinkle only a small amount of table decorations. Seasonal items cannot be rearranged! Last time

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Decoration Table Abeille

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