Decoration Table Anniversaire Cars

Decoration Table Anniversaire Cars – I suggest you make a fun table or a CARS-themed gourmet table. Click on the sentence that corresponds to the image you have chosen to be able to create your own decoration.

Toppers: Cut out circles then glue to the back and front, inserting a toothpick into both. Your toppers are ready to stick on your cups. (See cake recipe)

Decoration Table Anniversaire Cars

Decoration Table Anniversaire Cars

Flags: Cut the flags and fold them in half, then attach toothpicks or straws to make toppers.

Beautiful Disney Cars Lightning Mcqueen Birthday Theme Party Supplies Decor

Napkin Rings: Cut them and then glue the ends. Now you can place the folded napkin on its napkin ring.

Decoration Table Anniversaire Cars

Small bottle labels: Sticking in place of original labels for soda, fruit juice, lemonade, water…

Pennants: To make a graduation of pennants, cut out triangles and then glue the top to the ribbon or string, dividing them in half.

Decoration Table Anniversaire Cars

Bohemian And Folk Wedding: All The Decor For The Party!

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If you’re hosting an event soon, here are sweet and savory recipes for your buffet, as well as animation ideas for modeling and print support. Guaranteed success! Party wonderfully

Decoration Table Anniversaire Cars

Blog hosted by CanalBlog | Legal mention | Sitemap | Family and Kids Blog Created on 05/06/2012 | Contact the author | Preferred Cookies | GTC | Report abuse The kids haven’t been back to school for a week and have already thrown out their first invitations to their friends’ birthday parties! And this summer, due to the cinematic success of the third opus of Cartoon Cars, I would not be surprised to hold a birthday party themed on this theme!

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Racing Car Party

This gives me the idea to present ideas for decorations, animations and birthday cakes with themes around cars and motor racing in general. This was the theme chosen by Lulu, for her 5th birthday – almost 3 years ago… If you like the article, I can give you the idea of ​​other birthday themes chosen, in the next two years: Her Superheroes. 6th birthday and his 7th Pokemon.

Decoration Table Anniversaire Cars

We decided to do as much as we could – but we chose to buy the invitations and all the dishes and utensils. An online store full of ideas and products to organize, decorate and celebrate all kinds of events, you will find everything you need (and more!) at Fetemix.

For the decoration, we used the main colors of the cartoon cars: red and yellow, complemented by black and white (from the famous checkered flag).

Decoration Table Anniversaire Cars

Lol Surprise Party Invitations With Envelopes 8pcs

We made a “Happy Birthday” mug necklace from a mug design we found on the net. Ingeniously, I just printed this trophy template on white, red, and yellow paper, lettered “Happy Birthday”, attached everything with string, and all that was left to do was hang our trophy from the ceiling.

On the table, a red table, plates, glasses and napkins and a picture of the film, small small cars placed here and there (they are not visible in the photos because Loulou prefers to save them two minutes before the arrival of the guests. Some will be thought by her friends to go home. Fear drives them away! So much that she appreciates her little machines !

Decoration Table Anniversaire Cars

From the many photos of cakes found on the internet, I turned the “Number 5” cake into a runner. Twice the first cake but very easy to make.

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Avengers Party Ideas

She made five of two cakes – for me a simple chocolate cake, baked in a saverin mold and a loaf pan. Then thanks to chocolate icing and sweets (smarties and cat tongues or bands), we prepare for the race track. For the final touch, add small flags stuck on toothpicks.

Decoration Table Anniversaire Cars

To finish and please the gourmets, I made a brownie, I cut small cakes to make “a few tricolors” skewers cake. Here again, the assembly is simple: chocolate icing on each small piece of cake and three colored smarties before setting the icing. Taken from the racing podium – made of two cardboard boxes and wrapped in paper.

A classic of shows that confirm the birthday animation: Chembule-tout. It was made from milk bottles, washed, dried and cut, and there we stuck to the racing cars, with Loulou’s colors and the black and white checkerboard. If necessary, you can print our template.

Decoration Table Anniversaire Cars

Shop Cake Toppers Meri Meri At Folk Interiors

Another classic, the donkey sports a tail, but it has been adapted and modified into a “race car” version. The aim of the game: to put the donkey’s tail on the steering wheel, blindfolded, in the given time (or not) and in the right place in the car. how to do it Draw a car on a large piece of cardboard (then paint it) and hang it on a wall or piece of furniture. Also cut one or more cardboard discs for shuttlecocks, where we can stick the shuttlecocks with tape or fixed paste and make as many places as the children want. Don’t forget to bring a blindfold.

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A big DIY lover, Loulou also wanted a creative workshop to live her birthday: I found molds in the decoration shops of Hema, to make small plaster cars, to paint. I’m not sure if the store still offers them, but in any case the craft had an impact – the little guests were happy to walk away with their race cars. You can provide coloring pages on the theme of cars or car racing – you can easily find them on the Internet.

Decoration Table Anniversaire Cars

Many other activities and entertainment are also possible: quizzes on cartoons, small gifts on themes (small cars, tattoos, rubber in the shape of cars, etc.), games of musical seats on musical films, car courses, races and all kinds, … your imagination and your child Call the spirit!

Car Birthday Decorations

Are you ready to organize a birthday party in this theme?! Share your best ideas in the comments!

Decoration Table Anniversaire Cars

Send me ( photos of your dishes or creations from blog ideas. I would be happy to show them!

I always enjoy discovering all kinds of new things. For any partnership request, go to the “About” section at the top of the menu.

Decoration Table Anniversaire Cars

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Decoration Table Anniversaire Cars

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