Decoration Table Des Mariés

Decoration Table Des Mariés – Here you are at the most important time: designing your plan! While you are still in the middle of preparing the room, start wondering how you can decorate the headboard. Like the D-Day stars, it’s important that your table is visually recognizable. Here are 7 ideas that make all the difference, whatever the wedding theme.

Arrange the wedding table on the stage to look at the church and all the guests can see the new one. If the room doesn’t have one, there’s nothing stopping you from installing one for the event you’re renting, a great thing that will instantly add more room to your reception look!

Decoration Table Des Mariés

Decoration Table Des Mariés

This is the last thing that makes your wedding planning! If all the other tables are round, arrange a rectangular table for your party. But, if you want, you can also easily change the size of your table so that it is bigger than others.

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Sort your desk for its purpose! In order not to talk to a guest, don’t you enter the entrance hall in front of other people?

Decoration Table Des Mariés

It’s an easy, fun and bow-friendly way to update your main table by adding a twist to your decor! Place signs on the back of the chairs and don’t hesitate to add a touch of humor, for example arrows showing: “this is my husband” and “this is my wife”, “Mr” and “Mrs”. “, etc.

When you created your seating plan, you probably gave names to each of the selected areas. For your table, instead of numbers, you want a name that leaves no room for doubt, like “La table de l’amour” or “All you need is love.”

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Decoration Table Des Mariés

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To put effort into the decoration of the wedding room and make your table stand out from the others, there is nothing better than color! Choose one of the types of wedding and change it to a small version of the body, adding flowers with volume and color, for example.

Finally, choose to add decorative elements such as long ribbons, candles, a long table, bright flowers, XXL letters with your letters or tables with love sticks.

Decoration Table Des Mariés

Make sure that your wedding table decoration is different from others, so you don’t have to worry about it matching with other parts of your environment. Depending on the theme chosen for your wedding, it’s easy to have fun mixing up ideas to create a head table when you’re around all your guests!

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